Galvanax Rises

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Power Rangers Ninja Steel Season 25

Episode Title Card for "Galvanax Rises".
Episode # 852
Written by Chip Lynn, Becca Barnes, Alwyn Dale
Directed by Mike Smith
Original Air Date
Total U.S. airings 8
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Last aired February 8, 2018
(on Nicktoons)
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  • Basherbots
  • Cosmo Royale
  • Galvanax
  • Madame Odius


  • Despite posessing a device that could pull Ninja Power Stars through solid walls, Galvanax only attempted to collect the five Rangers’ Power Stars while leaving their Element Stars, Storm Star, and Zord Stars on their belts as they demorphed. (02:07)
  • Mick somehow still posessed a Mega Morphy Cycle Star, implying that this single Ninja Power Star was kept separated from all the others. (04:48)
  • As the Rangers performed their Ninja Nexus Morph attack, the “Power Rangers Samurai” instrumental theme played. (18:17)
  • After the Rangers defeated Galvanax, a “Power Rangers Dino Charge” music cue played. (18:53)
  • Akihiro “Yuji” Noguchi was incorrectly credited as the “2nd Unit Director 2nd Unit Director”. (23:06)


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