When is a Ranger not a Ranger?

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Season 2

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Judd Lynn
Directed by
Jonathan Tzachor
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Last U.S. airing
Saturday, July 3, 1999
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Zyuranger # 22
  • Dairanger # 1, 9, 36
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Mirror of Regret
Baboo, Goldar, Lord Zedd, Scatterbrain, Squatt, Z Putties


  • Adam gave a report on light refraction in Miss Appleby’s class, and he incorrectly used a kaleidoscope as an example of refraction of light “into a million pieces.” (01:15)
  • Miss Appleby was pleased with Adam’s report despite his apparently confusing a kaleidoscope with a prism. (01:23)
  • Since Scatterbrain could disintegrate Rangers, it remains a mystery why he bothered to reassemble them into their amnesic state. (04:14)
  • The amnesic Billy, Kimberly, and Tommy didn’t seem to see Scatterbrain, even though he was still standing directly ahead of them before teleporting away. (04:35)
  • Zordon said that Scatterbrain’s ray, like a kaleidoscope, broke its victims up into thousands of pieces, then reassembled them, but without their memories; Zordon seemed to confuse a kaleidoscope with a prism. (06:33)
  • Rocky sent Adam to take Billy to his garage to get the prisms Adam had thought to use while he and Aisha took the others to the “park” to try to stop Scatterbrain from entering the city; both of his orders to the teens disregarded Zordon’s having said that the amnesic three teens were too vulnerable to Zedd’s evil for them to leave the Command Center. (10:18)
  • Rocky said that he and Aisha would take Tommy and Kimberly to the “park” but they ended up in a desert plains area. (10:21)
  • When the teens had left the Command Center, Billy wasn’t touching his communicator, but when he and Adam appeared in his garage, he was. (11:15)
  • Adam asked Billy where he kept his prisms, but Billy had amnesia at the time and naturally didn’t know. (11:35)
  • Scatterbrain scrambled Billy and Adam while they were holding out the prisms from Billy’s lab, yet the prisms did nothing. (13:07)
  • When Scatterbrain scrambled the Red and Yellow Rangers, the two prisms they were reaching for went flying without any explanation over to where Bulk and Skull were. (13:43)
  • When the prisms flew up in the air after Bulk and Skull were scrambled by Scatterbrain, a stray beam somehow bounced off the prisms, after the monster had stopped firing, and struck the six teens, simultaneously morphing them back into Rangers and restoring their memories. (15:20)
  • Adam had not been in Ranger form when scrambled, but the stray beam morphed him into a Power Ranger. (15:27)
  • Scatterbrain’s beam didn’t have the same effect on Bulk and Skull; while they did not remember who the Power Rangers’ secret identities were, they still had all of their other memories intact. (15:50)
  • Though White Ranger held up his arm to summon his Zord with the other Rangers, the Tigerzord never came. (16:21)
  • When the Thunderzords arrived after being summoned, each Dinozord was first shown transforming into its respective Thunderzord in the mountains. (16:25)


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