Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Season 2

Episode #
Written by
Jerry P. Jacobs
Directed by
John Stewart
U.S. Premiere
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Last U.S. airing
Friday, May 28, 1999
(on Fox Kids)
Tokusatsu footage
  • Zyuranger # 22
  • Dairanger # 1, 9, 23, 36
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Flamehead, Goldar, Lord Zedd, Z Putties


  • After Bulk’s overloading of a plug, Aisha reminded the class that water and electricity didn’t mix, but Bulk’s overloading of the plug had had nothing to do with water. (04:40)
  • The fire safety flyers in Tommy’s back pocket disappeared briefly during the Putty fight. (06:35)
  • After his, Rocky’s, and Adam’s fight with the Putties, Tommy ran back to the Youth Center just to tell the others about the Putty attack. (07:30)
  • Upon his foot coming into contact with Flamehead, White Ranger no longer appeared to be wearing his White Ranger boot but instead was shown wearing a white tennis shoe, along with white pants and a red sock. (11:54)
  • After White Ranger had kicked Flamehead off his horse, the monster’s hood switched between off and on the monster’s head before Flamehead put it back on. (11:56)
  • Zordon told Aisha that he had let her go to the park to learn an important lesson about teamwork, but she hadn’t learned a thing from the experience. (15:30)
  • Flame Head no longer had his hood upon growing. (17:08)
  • White Ranger held up his arm to summon his Zord with the other Rangers, but the Tigerzord never came. (17:13)
  • When the Thunderzords arrived after being summoned, each Dinozord was first shown transforming into its respective Thunderzord in the mountains. (17:17)


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