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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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After a construction crew accidentally cracks open a gigantic egg that has imprisoned evil maniac Ivan Ooze for centuries, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers prepare to face their most formidable foe yet. The vengeful Ooze kills their elderly mentor, Zordon, and with him the source of the Rangers’ power. Stunned by Zordon’s death, the Rangers struggle to contain Ooze without the help of the Zords, the giant mechanical robots they have grown to depend upon in battle.

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Story by
John Kamps and Arne Olsen
Directed by
Bryan Spicer
Domestic Release Date
1 hour, 35 minutes
Goldar, Hornitor, Ivan Ooze, Lord Zedd, Mordant, Oozelets, Rita Repulsa, Scorpitron


  • Before skydiving, Tommy told the teens they were fifteen seconds from the drop zone, and at least thirty-five seconds later, Billy announced that they were three seconds from the drop zone. (01:31)
  • Bulk and Skull jumped out of the plane just barely after Bulk had slipped his other arm through his parachute; Skull never fastened his helmet. (05:57)
  • When the teens sequentially jumped over something while rollerblading, they landed in a different order from which they had jumped: Billy jumped first but landed third, behind Tommy and Kim. (06:32)
  • When the teens sequentially jumped down into a construction site, their order again changed, with Aisha (absent during the jump) being inserted between Rocky and Adam after landing. (06:53)
  • Zordon could have saved precious time in the crisis with Ivan’s release by debriefing the teens via communicator rather than having them teleport to the Command Center for debriefing. (09:35)
  • It was many hours later before the teens were ever shown teleporting to the location of the hyperlock chamber. (14:42)
  • At the beginning of the fight with the ooze beings, Tommy landed in a direction impossible for the manner in which he had jumped off a small cliff. (16:59)
  • As the teens morphed while facing straight ahead, the ooze beings left the scene, somehow without being seen leaving by the teens. (19:21)
  • When Ivan solidified, the ooze on the door behind him looked nothing like it had when he was oozing in; it also appeared to have already dried. (20:05)
  • Zordon’s tube was missing from several shots as Ivan was blasting the Command Center. (21:17)
  • Zordon’s head was missing from several shots as Ivan was blasting the Command Center. (21:39)
  • The design of the sabertoothed tiger face on Yellow Ranger’s helmet was quite different while the Power Beams were on. (22:28)
  • The Power Beams were not particularly bright and did little to illuminate the dark building. (22:31)
  • When the Red and Black Rangers kicked either side of an ooze being’s head, it temporarily squished in with a cartoon effect. (25:08)
  • The Stegastinger’s cables were bare upon shooting out, but they had metal ends as they wrapped around the beam above. (25:19)
  • Blue Ranger used the Stegastinger grappling hook device to pull himself up to an upper level to which it seems he could have jumped just as easily. (25:23)
  • A total of only ten ooze beings were shown destroyed. (26:56)
  • As the teens entered the ravaged Command Center, Aisha wondered what had happened there, even though Billy had already pointed out the ooze on the door. (27:55)
  • The moon appeared to have an atmosphere of some sort. (30:39)
  • The teens were shown streaking toward the dark side of Phaedos, but where they appeared, it was daytime; this same inconsistency occurred again as the Rangers teleported away from Phaedos. (34:00)
  • The Tengu were able to fly through the vacuum of space at the same velocity as the teens had teleported to Phaedos. (37:23)
  • Dulcea’s sticks didn’t have handles at first, then they did after she’d been twirling them, then didn’t when she reassembled her staff. (39:25)
  • As a crowd of children was just beginning to receive their free jars of ooze, Fred, in the very back of the crowd, was curiously examining a jar of ooze that he’d somehow already obtained. (42:19)
  • When the hypnotized Mr. Kelman walked out of his house, he joined a large number of fellow hypnotized parents in the street, yet moments earlier when Mr. Kelman had driven up to his house, the hypnotized parents had not been there. (44:33)
  • A TV reporter announced that Angel Grove police had been fielding hundreds of calls from concerned citizens as the number of missing parents continued to grow, yet these supposedly missing parents were all walking in trances down public streets. (44:55)
  • There appeared to be white cuffs on Dulcea’s owl legs. (48:35)
  • Gatekeeper #4 was on a cliff attacking Billy but was then immediately down below attacking Adam with Gatekeeper #2. (63:53)
  • Ninjetti Billy used a vine over a tree branch as a pulley, leaping off the branch holding one end, hoisting up Ninjetti Adam, who was holding the other end; it seems as though the friction of the vine against the branch should have prevented the pulley system from working, given the two relatively equal weights of Adam and Billy. (64:08)
  • Only moments later, Gatekeeper #4 was then chasing Rocky without its axe weapon; Billy nor Gatekeeper #2 were within sight. (64:18)
  • Adam, Aisha, and Rocky fought the final Gatekeeper on the ground, and Kim, Tommy, and Billy were in the trees, yet in a previous shot, Billy was on the ground and Adam was up near the trees. (64:29)
  • As the teens watched the golden mini-Ninjazords fly around them after the Great Power had been unleashed from the monolith, their awed gazes didn’t follow the actual flight paths of the mini-Ninjazords. (66:23)
  • Ivan exclaimed that it was inconceivable for the Rangers to have returned, but he’d earlier hurried the completion of his Ectomorphicons because he suspected Dulcea would lead them to the Great Power. (68:35)
  • Teleporting back to Earth after obtaining the Great Power, the Rangers materialized in the trashed downtown Angel Grove, at which time Adam suggested they go to the Command Center; why they teleported downtown first is unknown. (68:49)
  • There was a “Gowings” sign in downtown Angel Grove; this is actually a clothing store in Australia (Melbourne and Sydney, to be exact). (70:36)
  • Three minimissiles were shown shooting from the Falconzord’s left wing, yet the shot from behind the Falconzord only showed two missiles flying from each wing, for a total of four. (71:57)
  • The building into which the Bear Ninjazord was blasted hadn’t been shown anywhere near the Zord in the previous shot from behind Hornitor. (73:05)
  • The Bear head surrounding the cockpit in shots of the cockpit didn’t look like the actual Bear’s head. (73:06)
  • Yellow Ranger’s bear chest symbol was missing from her suit after her Zord had been blasted into a building. (73:08)
  • When the six Ninjazords closed in on Hornitor, Tommy said the street was a dead end, but the street actually went back a considerable distance, and Hornitor, at least after Ivan had later merged with it, was flight-capable. (75:47)
  • During the assembly of the Ninja Megazord, the Crane was locked on when the Wolf and Ape docked with the Bear (which was already docked with the Frog), but then the Crane locked onto the Bear a second time immediately afterward, after the arms were already connected. (77:19)
  • The Ninja Megazord appeared to be wielding the Shogun Megazord Saber, a sword belonging to zords that were dormant and had been dormant for many years. (77:35)
  • The monorail train smoothly crossed the broken track over the Falconzord’s back without even a slight bump or loss of power. (78:09)
  • Tommy called the Ninja Megafalconzord the “Ninja Falcon Megazord”. (79:04)
  • As the Ninja Megafalconzord and Hornitor-Ivan flew by the moon palace, the Earth was too small from the moon’s perspective. (81:39)
  • Despite the moon being shown covered with giant stalagmites protruding from its dark surface, it looked normal from afar. (82:01)
  • “Ryan’s Comet” was a flaming mass which passed between the moon and the Earth; comets are ordinarily much larger, pass much further away from the Earth, travel at much greater velocities, and are made of ice. (82:26)
  • When Aisha broke in the red “For emergency use only” glass, she was pushing the red button inside, as it was shown coming back out when she pulled her hand back; she then mashed it again, activating it. (82:37)
  • Both before and after Bulk and Skull activated the crane, they were almost simultaneously up and down the hill. (83:19)
  • When the Rangers spread out around Zordon’s tube, they left their helmets along the front of the edge of the crystal bed, but when the Rangers’ symbols projected, each Ranger had his helmet directly in front of him. (85:07)
  • In the overhead shot of the Rangers’ symbols merging on Zordon, the helmets were nowhere to be seen. (85:16)
  • When the neon-ring columns were coming back together, the Rangers were absent from Zordon’s area. (85:33)
  • In the shot of the columns coming back together and going upright, the Command Center lights were on, but in all other shots before the Command Center was fully restored, the lights were still dark. (85:33)
  • In the shot of Zordon, the helmets were all near the front again, with a gap between the White and Pink helmets which was not there when it switched to Zordon’s perspective looking down at the Rangers. (86:10)


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