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It’s the Power Rangers to the rescue at turbo speed in their all-new motion picture adventure. Imbued with new turbo powers and driving custom-designed turbo zords, the five superheroes battle an evil space pirate to save a wise and gentle alien—and the planet Earth—from almost certain destruction.

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Written by
Shuki Levy & Shell Danielson
Directed by
David Winning and Shuki Levy
Domestic Release Date
1 hour, 39 minutes
Divatox, Elgar, Lord Zedd, Maligore, Piranhatrons, Putrid Pods, Rita Repulsa, Rygog


  • When Lerigot teleported to Earth, his energy streak was shown approaching the Earth far earlier than he should have actually arrived; later, a second arrival was shown, one which was properly-timed for his arrival while it was daytime in Africa but nighttime in California. (03:48)
  • Lerigot’s gold energy streak was shown flying toward South America, but his streak would soon be shown approaching the Earth a second time, this time heading toward Africa, where he would actually land. (03:48)
  • When Lerigot’s energy streak flew to Earth (the first time), the planet appeared to be rotating with the poles moving clockwise, with South America as a possible axis of rotation. (03:48)
  • As Tommy, Adam, and Rocky practiced for the upcoming national championship, a girl in a blue shirt, talking with someone down below, was seen standing beside several sides of the ring, all at once. (03:59)
  • Throughout the movie, Kat wore a considerable amount of eyeshadow, giving her a look she didn’t have at any time other than in the movie. (04:33)
  • Rocky’s jump for his kick wasn’t strong enough to send him flying out of the ring as he did. (05:11)
  • A massive fireball exploded from Lerigot’s landing spot in an African jungle, but he was then shown in an eagle nest with two baby eagles; it seems that his fireball should have killed any nearby animal and plant life. (08:26)
  • After a lion had scared Lerigot, Lerigot and the lion calmly approached each other, and gold sparks streaked from Lerigot’s extended hand and fizzled in front of the lion’s face, scaring it away and seeming to make Lerigot sad. (09:43)
  • After Zordon had called the teens to the Power Chamber and Rocky had told the four to get going, Adam told Rocky that they’d let him know what was up, but it wasn’t until “Shift Into Turbo, Part I”, perhaps weeks later, that the teens would tell Rocky about their adventure. (11:42)
  • The Power Chamber’s exterior now looked identical to the Command Center exterior from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie; it would only appear this way in the movie, as it would have its original appearance back starting with “Shift Into Turbo, Part I”. (12:14)
  • When Zordon told Tommy and Kat to equip themselves with the Power Boxes, the eastern Power Chamber doors opened to reveal a closet-sized area containing the five Power Boxes on the wall, with green, pink, and red on the top row, and yellow and blue on the bottom row; these doors were not, however, supposed to lead into a closet, but rather a hallway. (12:37)
  • After Zordon had told them about Lerigot, Adam and Tanya remained in the Power Chamber to keep an eye out for Lerigot’s pursuer while Tommy and Kat went to Africa to find Lerigot; it’s unknown why Tanya, who had experience with Africa, wasn’t among the people to go. (12:48)
  • Divatox’s subcraft was shown approaching the planet during the day (much earlier than her arrival should have been), then later, at night, the subcraft approached once more, now at the proper time. (15:23)
  • The scene with Lt. Stone, Bulk, and Skull at the ballpark was shown later than it should have been, since at that point in the movie, it was supposed to be nighttime in California; their scene took place earlier in the day when it was still daytime. (15:26)
  • No mention was made of the detective agency or Bulk and Skull’s trip to France. (15:38)
  • In the jungle, Tommy offered Kat some water from his Power Box, and she pushed in a gray circle about the size of a silver dollar, in the upper right corner of the back of Tommy’s Power Box; a tiny canteen, barely long enough for Kat to get all of her fingers around, popped out, and after Kat had drunk from it, she handed it to Tommy, who drank some as well; the mini-canteen, however, was much to small to contain any decent amount of water. (19:33)
  • When Kat summoned her Zeonizers while hanging off the edge of a cliff, she summoned the right Zeonizer and then the left; the wrist-twist motions were not accompanied by any energy effects, but rather the Zeonizers merely appeared on her wrists between similar camera shots. (20:18)
  • In the shot of Kat first falling from the cliff just after the Zeonizer had been pulled off her wrist, both Zeonizer wristbands were firmly attached to her wrists. (20:36)
  • While falling from a cliff, Kat was able to grab her Zeonizer from midair above her after it had gotten stuck on a branch and been pulled off her wrist; if the Zeonizer had been stuck, even for just a moment, it would not have remained close enough to Kat for her to reach it during her fall. (20:37)
  • When Kat connected her Zeonizers while in free-fall from a cliff, pink (rather than green) light shone out from the connected Zeonizers just before the morph began; additionally, she kept her arms in the Zeonizer-connection position throughout the morph rather than lowering her arms to her sides as she normally had done. (20:41)
  • The floatation device vanished from Kat’s neck between shots as she and Tommy were getting out of the water. (22:26)
  • Tommy and Kat switched sides after rounding a corner in the jungle just before spotting Lerigot. (23:50)
  • Only after Divatox thought Lerigot had reached Zordon did she have the mindblock briefly removed from Yara so that she would contact Lerigot and hopefully cause him to surrender himself. (27:18)
  • The large arm over the patient’s face on the medical table was stationary and would have prevented a patient from lying back or sitting up without hitting his head on it. (27:29)
  • The green human-shaped display on the side panel of the medical table had the patient facing the other way. (27:37)
  • Zordon called the Viewing Screen the “Viewing Globe,” even though the flat screen was no longer even circular. (28:03)
  • Jason said it didn’t look like there was any way out of the bilge, but he neglected to mention the large round panel in the wall which the two teens would eventually remove, or the flimsy panel in the ceiling which led into the subcraft’s bridge. (29:17)
  • When Lerigot, in the Power Chamber with the four teens, prepared to surrender in response to Divatox’s ultimatum, the teens didn’t seem clear on what their plan was: Kat said they couldn’t let Lerigot surrender, but then Adam defended Lerigot’s choice, since it was his family and they’d do the same for each other; Tommy planned for them to get Kim and Jason out first and then go after Lerigot’s family (presumably by surrendering Lerigot), but Adam then reassured the others that if anyone could get through this ordeal, it was Jason and Kimberly. (30:37)
  • At the beginning of the Turbozord creation scene in the Power Chamber, Tanya was smiling just before the camera panned away from her; the scene wasn’t supposed to be amusing. (35:36)
  • Zordon said that individually, the Turbozords were formidable fighting machines, but the individual Turbozords had no apparent weapons systems. (36:09)
  • All of the Turbo Morpher keys were unfolded in the initial shot, but in the close-ups of the keys, only the Red Ranger’s key was unfolded. (37:06)
  • Upon being morphed into the Red Turbo Ranger, Tommy said he’d never felt anything like this; how the Turbo powers could have felt drastically different from the Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger powers, White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger powers, White Ninja Ranger powers, and Zeo Ranger Five powers is unknown. (37:34)
  • The Turbozords’ cockpits appeared to be much more spacious than could have been fit into the car-sized Zords, especially in the cases of Red Lightning and Wind Chaser. (38:48)
  • All of the car-sized Turbozords but Wind Chaser were shown to have standard driver’s-side doors through which the teens could enter and exit their vehicles, yet none of the cockpits had space for a side doorway. (40:11)
  • Tommy spotted the Ghost Galleon, but how the other teens had failed to see the enormous, conspicuously backlit galleon is unknown. (40:38)
  • A crooked key (Adam’s) corrected itself between shots. (43:09)
  • At night, three pulsating pods were stuck to the side of the Ghost Galleon; some time later, one pod was lying on the upper deck in plain sight, and two more were lying on crates nearby; how the pods had gotten onto the ship is unknown. (46:22)
  • When Kat came up the stairs from the galleon’s lower level, she should have seen the pulsating pod (a growing Putrapod) which was lying just beside the stairs; when she headed back downstairs a few minutes later, she most certainly should have seen the pod, now much larger and continuing to grow, as it lay directly in front of her; both times, however, she failed to react to the pod in any way. (47:53)
  • At night, the four teens were studying a map on a table downstairs, seemingly in the cargo area, yet the Turbozords were nowhere to be seen. (48:06)
  • Jason used the dive computer on his wrist to determine that they were at a depth of 435 feet, but the dive computer wasn’t submerged in water, making it impossible for it to get any sort of reading on their true depth. (51:24)
  • Jason’s plan was to wait until the subcraft had risen to 100 feet, but he and Kim then began loosening the hatch, allowing water to begin pouring in too soon. (51:45)
  • Jason and Kim struggled to hold the water back until they crossed through the Nemesis Triangle, but the pressure from the water outside the subcraft would have been far too strong for two people to hold back. (52:23)
  • Divatox’s supposed eel actually appeared to have a short fish body as it leapt out of its container in the loot pile when the subcraft approached the Nemesis Triangle. (53:00)
  • Tommy switched positions relative to Justin in between shots. (53:37)
  • After the subcraft had passed through the Nemesis Triangle, Jason and Kim then struggled to pry the panel off, but in the previous scene, they were just barely able to hold it on. (55:25)
  • When Bulk asked if they were going swimming, Jason whirled around and screamed furiously, “Would you guys be quiet?!! I’m trying to get us out of here!!”; this was the first time in two days that Bulk or Skull had been shown saying anything. (55:54)
  • It is unknown why no one in the subcraft’s bridge heard all the splashing and yelling of the escaping captives, since the grating which connected the bridge and the bilge was most definitely not soundproof. (56:18)
  • Kat handed each teen a key, but since the keys had no distinguishing features from one another, it seems that she would have handed the teens random keys. (56:51)
  • After they’d removed the panel and the bilge had filled up with water, Jason and Kim merely turned the wheel on the door connecting their room with Bulk and Skull’s and then opened the door to let Bulk and Skull swim through; why they hadn’t opened this door sooner is unknown. (58:35)
  • The four teens simultaneously took a breath at the top of the bilge and then, underwater, swam out the exit one at a time while the others waited without getting another breath; this was a waste of lung capacity. (59:11)
  • Even though Kim’s shirt got stuck on the opening on her way out and Jason had to help her, she kept going without going back up to the air in the bilge for another breath; Jason then finally tried to swim through (also without getting another breath), but Divatox sealed him in. (59:45)
  • Why the subcraft would need an emergency hatch to seal off a tunnel that was bolted shut from the inside of the bilge is unknown. (59:51)
  • After the water had been drained from the bilge (using the “bilge purge” button), what appeared to be the hatch which Jason and Kim had swiveled aside after bashing off its nuts was suddenly secure again. (60:26)
  • Seeing that only Jason remained in the bilge, Divatox said they’d have to make do with only one sacrifice, but she could have sent the Piranhatron-like warriors to recapture the escaped prisoners. (60:37)
  • In the crow’s nest after the Ghost Galleon had passed through the Nemesis Triangle, Justin used a pair of black binoculars to spot Muiranthias; moments later, however, after Justin had climbed down, the island appeared nearly as close with the naked eye as it had appeared in the binoculars. (61:26)
  • As the Ghost Galleon approached Muiranthias, Adam told the others that Zordon had said Maligore’s volcano was inside the Serpent’s Temple, but Zordon hadn’t mentioned anything about a volcano or a Serpent’s Temple in the Power Chamber. (61:32)
  • When Elgar pointed out that Lerigot wasn’t looking well, Divatox was upset, but she’d had the same reaction when Elgar had made the same observation two days prior. (62:03)
  • Looking into the right viewer on the sub console after the subcraft had surfaced near Muiranthias days later, Rygog was shocked that the radar had detected five humans approaching the island; in actuality, the radar was supposed to be broken. (62:12)
  • When he learned that five humans were approaching Muiranthias, Jason said he’d known that the Rangers wouldn’t let him down; he apparently assumed that the Rangers were there to save him rather than to save the universe from Divatox and Maligore. (62:17)
  • It’s a mystery why Rita and Zedd had apparently given up their attacks on Earth, since after they’d destroyed the Machine Empire in “Good As Gold”, they declared that they were back, and they were poised to take over. (62:59)
  • Some time later, Kim was lying exhausted on a shore of Muiranthias, but Bulk and Skull, hiding behind some trees nearby, were not exhausted. (63:38)
  • Adam had been wearing his Power Box when he went downstairs to get into Desert Thunder, but when he got into the Zord, he wasn’t wearing it. (64:48)
  • When Adam got in the driver’s side door of Desert Thunder, he sat on a gray seat on the driver’s side, as if it were a normal van inside, yet the cockpit interior was much more spacious, and it had a centered, green seat. (64:40)
  • Figuring that the teens were riding something, Divatox fired torpedoes; it’s unknown why she didn’t try this sooner. (65:42)
  • Although his hands had been empty while putting on his Power Box, Adam was suddenly holding a set of green digital binoculars. (66:06)
  • Elgar was supposed to be dragging Jason along by a chain as the villains walked toward Maligore’s temple, but in one shot, Elgar was walking with empty hands. (68:07)
  • The hole in Kim’s shirt caused by getting it caught on the way out of the subcraft was now, and would remain, on the wrong side. (69:30)
  • Justin, leading the Rangers, found an open cave entrance to the temple, making Lerigot’s unlocking of the front door for Divatox completely unnecessary. (73:46)
  • In the temple, Divatox was suddenly holding her eel, but she hadn’t been shown bringing it along. (74:58)
  • The design of Elgar’s head changed significantly, making him look meaner, during the fight scene. (76:10)
  • Kim called out for Tommy to hang on to Jason (whom Tommy was struggling to keep from falling into the lava pit), and she rushed forward, but she wouldn’t arrive at Tommy’s side until fourteen seconds later. (80:23)
  • After Tommy, Jason, and Kim had been knocked away from the lava pit in Maligore’s temple, Kat picked Tommy’s helmet up twice. (80:40)
  • When Tommy put his helmet back on, it didn’t appear to be split at any point, but if this had been the case, his head couldn’t have fit through the hole. (80:45)
  • Tanya called the Star Charges “Star Chargers.” (83:27)
  • Adam used the Turbo Thunder Cannon the wrong way, with its main barrel pointing behind him; nonetheless, the end he had pointed forward shot a green energy beam. (83:46)
  • The Rangers, in the Turbozords, shifted the longer of the two levers (with all of the levers now on the Rangers’ left sides); the red circle in the back of Red Lightning’s cockpit then opened like an iris, even though it had been open in all previous shots. (86:24)
  • The exhaust trail of a jet was visible in the sky above Muiranthias as the Turbo Megazord destroyed giant Maligore. (69:49)
  • Everyone seemed surprised that the Angel Grove team was declared the winner, even though it had been obvious that they had been winning. (83:02)
  • The announcer for the competition handed Tommy, Adam, and Jason an oversized gold novelty check already made out to the Little Angel’s Haven. (83:18)
  • The bank on the check was “Angel Grove National Bank.” (83:19)

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  • A
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