VR Troopers Episode Guides

VR Troopers
Episode NumberOriginal Air DateEpisode Name
11994-09-03The Battle Begins, Part One
21994-09-10The Battle Begins, Part Two
31994-09-14Error in the System
41994-09-15Lost Memories
51994-09-16Battle For the Books
61994-09-19Oh Brother
71994-09-20Grimlord’s Challenge
81994-09-21Computer Captive
91994-09-22Kaitlin’s Little Helper
101994-09-23The Virtual Spy
111994-09-26The Virtual V-6
121994-09-27No One’s Friend
131994-09-28Dogmatic Change
141994-09-30Searching For Tyler Steele
151994-10-03Save the Trees
161994-10-04A Dirty Trick
171994-10-05Kaitlin’s Front Page
181994-10-07The Dognapping
191994-10-10My Dog’s Girlfriend
201994-10-11Digging For Fire
211994-10-12The Great Brain Robbery
221994-10-14The Dojo Plot
231994-10-19Grimlord’s Greatest Hits
241994-10-25The Disappearance
261994-11-03Secret Admirer
271994-11-04Grimlord’s House of Fear
281994-11-07Three Strikes
291994-11-08Danger in the Deep
301994-11-09Small But Mighty
311994-11-14Defending Dark Heart, Part One
321994-11-15Defending Dark Heart, Part Two
331994-11-16Defending Dark Heart, Part Three
341994-11-17Defending Dark Heart, Part Four
351994-11-18Ghost Biker
361994-11-21Endangered Species
371994-11-22Field Goal
381994-11-23The Littlest Trooper
391994-11-29The Reality Virus
401994-11-30Friends in Need
411995-02-06Good Trooper, Bad Trooper
421995-02-07The Transmutant
431995-02-08Who’s King of the Mountain?
441995-02-09The Couch Potato Kid
451995-02-10The Old Switcheroo
461995-02-13Race to the Rescue
471995-02-14Fiddler on the Loose
481995-02-15Virtually Powerless
491995-02-20New Kids on the Planet
501995-02-22Message From Space
511995-02-27The Rise of the Red Python, Part One
521995-02-28The Rise of the Red Python, Part Two
531995-09-11Mutant Mutiny
541995-09-12Trooper Out of Time
551995-09-13Secret Power
561995-09-18Quest For Power, Part One
571995-09-19Quest For Power, Part Two
581995-09-20Quest For Power, Part Three
591995-09-21Quest For Power, Part Four
601995-09-22Quest For Power, Part Five
611995-09-25Fashion Victims
621995-09-26Game Over
631995-09-27Watered Down
641995-10-02The Negative Factor
651995-10-03Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass, Part One
661995-10-04Kaitlin Through the Looking Glass, Part Two
671995-10-09Kaitlin Goes Hollywood
681995-10-10Grimlord Takes Root
691995-10-11The Disk
701995-10-16Virtual Venom
711995-10-17New World Order
721995-10-18Grimlord’s Children
731995-10-24The Millennium Sabre
741995-11-02Grimlord’s Dark Secret, Part One
751995-11-03Grimlord’s Dark Secret, Part Two
761995-11-06On the Wrong Track
771995-11-07Forward Into the Past
781995-11-08Into Oraclon’s Web
791995-11-13Santa’s Secret Trooper
801995-11-14The Charmeeka Invasion
811995-11-15Dream Battle
821995-11-20A Hard Day’s Mutant
831995-11-21Magnetic Attraction
841995-11-27Get Me to the Lab on Time
851995-11-28Grimlord’s Big Breakout
861996-02-05Field and Scream
871996-02-06The Duplitron Dilemma
881996-02-07Despera Strikes Back
891996-02-12The Ghost of Cross World Forest
901996-02-13Grimlord’s Dummy
911996-02-20Time Out
921996-02-21Galileo’s New Memory