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Monster Conversion Guide

Gosei Sentai Dairanger VR Troopers Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Gorma XV Gorma XV Concept Art
ゴーマ十五世 (#20-49)
Commander Shadam Commander Shadam Concept Art
シャダム中佐 (#1-50)
Shadam (metal-form)
Mondo the Magician
Shadam (armor-form) Shadam (armor-form) Concept Art
Gorma XVI Gorma XVI Concept Art [hybrid component]
ゴーマ16世 (#49)
Commander Gara Commander Gara Concept Art
ガラ中佐 (#1-49)
Gara (metal-form)
Wraith Gara Wraith Gara Concept Art
生き霊ガラ (#41)
Lieutenant Commander Zydos Lieutenant Commander Zydos Concept Art
ザイドス少佐 (#1-48)
Zydos (metal-form)
Giant Zydos Giant Zydos Concept Art
巨人ザイドス (#48)
Chief of Staff Kaku Chief of Staff Kaku Concept Art [hybrid component]
“Virtual Dungeon Guard”
Lieutenant Shiryu Lieutenant Shiryu Concept Art
子竜中尉 (#45-46)
Gorma Temple Guard (1) Gorma Temple Guard (1) Concept Art
ゴーマ宮近衛兵 (#49)
Gorma Temple Guard (2) Gorma Temple Guard (2) Concept Art
ゴーマ宮近衛兵 (#49)
General Tenpou
田豊将軍 (#17-48)
Akomaru Akomaru Concept Art
阿古丸 (#17-2244)
Demon-Fist Master Jin Matoba Demon-Fist Master Jin Matoba Concept Art
魔拳士ジン (#26-28, 35, 39, 47-48)
Garouki Garouki Concept Art
餓狼鬼 (#39)
Cotpotros Cotpotros Concept Art
コットポトロ (#1-50)
Daizinryu Daizinryu Concept Art
大神龍 (#37-38, 42-44, 49-50)
Baron String Baron String Concept Art
紐男爵 (#1-2)
Purse Monk Purse Monk Concept Art
ガマグチ法師 (#2)
Key Jester Key Jester Concept Art
鍵道化師 (#3-4)
Lipstick Songstress Lipstick Songstress Concept Art
口紅歌姫 (#5-6)
Archbishop Saw Archbishop Saw Concept Art
ノコギリ大僧正 (#7-8)
Jaws of Destruction
Iron Face Chouryo Iron Face Chouryo Concept Art [hybrid component]
鉄面臂張遼 (#7-8)
Master Makeup Mirror Master Makeup Mirror Concept Art
鏡化粧師 (#9)
Mirror Maniac
Cherry Blossom Viscount Cherry Blossom Viscount Concept Art
サクラ子爵 (#10)
Terror Blossom
Magnet Priest Magnet Priest Concept Art
磁石神父 (#11)
Tofu Hermit Tofu Hermit Concept Art
豆腐仙人 (#12)
Kabuki Boy Kabuki Boy Concept Art
歌舞伎小僧 (#13-14)
Bad Bookala
Kabuki Monster Kabuki Monster Concept Art
歌舞伎怪人 (#14)
President Gravestone President Gravestone Concept Art
墓石社長 (#15, 24, 40, 47-48)
Telephone Sensei Telephone Sensei Concept Art
電話先生 (#15, 24, 40, 47-48)
General Kamikaze General Kamikaze Concept Art
神風大将 (#15, 24, 40, 47-48)
Funeral Figurine Ventriloquist Funeral Figurine Ventriloquist Concept Art
ハニワ腹話術師 (#16)
Vase Face
Lady Ring Lady Ring Concept Art
指輪官女 (#17-22)
Nimrod the Scarlet Sentinel
Lady Necklace Lady Necklace Concept Art
ネックレス官女 (#17-20)
Lady Earring Lady Earring Concept Art
イヤリング官女 (#17-18)
Hooded Heat Haze Hooded Heat Haze Concept Art
陽炎頭巾 (#23)
Gorma Four Heavenly Kings Gorma Four Heavenly Kings Concept Art
ゴーマ四天王 (#20, 28-31)
Copy Empress Copy Empress Concept Art
コピー女帝 (#25)
Pot Taoist Pot Taoist Concept Art
壷道人 (#26-27)
“Party Crasher” (non-canon monster)
Fast-Talking Wanderer Fast-Talking Wanderer Concept Art
早口旅ガラス (#29-30)
Combined Four Heavenly Kings Combined Four Heavenly Kings Concept Art
合体四天王 (#31)
Birdcage Vagrant Birdcage Vagrant Concept Art [hybrid component]
鳥カゴ風来坊 (#32)
Media Magician Media Magician Concept Art
メディア魔術師 (#33)
Showbiz Monster
General Cactus General Cactus Concept Art
サボテン将軍 (#34)
Sergeant Cannon Sergeant Cannon Concept Art
大筒軍曹 (#35)
Count Kaleidoscope Count Kaleidoscope Concept Art
万華鏡伯爵 (#36)
Great Famous Pachinko Player Great Famous Pachinko Player Concept Art
パチンコ大名人 (#37-38)
Ikazuchi Ikazuchi Concept Art [hybrid component]
イカヅチ (#42-44)
Silver Horns
New Gorma Monster
新ゴーマ怪人 (#50)
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