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Monster Conversion Guide

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger Power Rangers Wild Force
Duke Org Yabaiba Duke Org Yabaiba Concept Art
デュークオルグヤバイバ (#1-51)
Armored Yabaiba Armored Yabaiba Concept Art
装甲ヤバイバ (#27-31)
Duchess Org TsueTsue Duchess Org TsueTsue Concept Art
デュークオルグツエツエ (#1-42, 47-51)
Armored TsueTsue Armored TsueTsue Concept Art
装甲ツエツエ (#27-31)
Highness Duchess Org Onihime Highness Duchess Org Onihime Concept Art
ハイネスデュークオルグオニヒメ (#25)
Highness Duke Org Shuten Highness Duke Org Shuten Concept Art
ハイネスデュークオルグシュテン (#3-14, 47-49)
Highness Duke Org Ura Highness Duke Org Ura Concept Art
ハイネスデュークオルグウラ (#14-24, 26-31, 47-49)
Ultimate Form Ura Ultimate Form Ura Concept Art
ウラ究極体 (#30-31)
Super Nayzor
Highness Duke Org Rasets Highness Duke Org Rasets Concept Art
ハイネスデュークオルグラセツ (#32-44, 47-49)
Ultimate Org Hyakkimaru Ultimate Org Hyakkimaru Concept Art
百鬼丸 (#23, 33, 37)
Master Org
Ultimate Org Senki Ultimate Org Senki Concept Art
究極オルグセンキ (#49-51)
Master Org
Duke Org Rouki Duke Org Rouki Concept Art
デュークオルグ狼鬼 (#15-23, 26, 30)
Orgettes Orgettes Concept Art
オルゲット (#2-51)
Turbine Org Turbine Org Concept Art
タービンオルグ (#1)
Turbine Org
Plugma Org Plugma Org Concept Art
プラグマオルグ (#1)
Plug Org
Barbwire Org Barbwire Org Concept Art
ハリガネオルグ (#2)
Barbed Wire Org
Camera Org Camera Org Concept Art
カメラオルグ (#3)
Camera Org
Shrine Bell Org Shrine Bell Org Concept Art
ツリガネオルグ (#4, 42-43)
Bell Org
Tire Org Tire Org Concept Art [hybrid component]
タイヤオルグ (#5, 42-43)
Tire Org
Wedding Dress Org Wedding Dress Org Concept Art
ウェディングドレスオルグ (#6)
Wedding Dress Org
Boat Org Boat Org Concept Art
帆船オルグ (#7, 43)
Ship Org
Signal Org Signal Org Concept Art
シグナルオルグ (#8)
Signal Org
Cell Phone Org Cell Phone Org Concept Art
携帯電話オルグ (#9)
Cell Phone Org
Bulldozer Org Bulldozer Org Concept Art
ブルドーザーオルグ (#10)
Bulldozer Org
Samurai Doll Org Samurai Doll Org Concept Art
武者人形オルグ (#11)
Samurai Org
Copy Org Copy Org Concept Art
コピーオルグ (#12)
“Copier Org” (non-canon monster)
Freezer Org Freezer Org Concept Art
フリーザーオルグ (#13)
Freezer Org
Vacuum Cleaner Org Vacuum Cleaner Org Concept Art
掃除機オルグ (#15)
Vacuum Cleaner Org
Bus Org Bus Org Concept Art
バスオルグ (#17)
Bus Org
Clock Org Clock Org Concept Art
時計オルグ (#18, 42-43)
Clock Org
Glasses Org Glasses Org Concept Art
メガネオルグ (#19)
“Glasses Org” (non-canon monster)
Bike Org Bike Org Concept Art
バイクオルグ (#20)
Motorcycle Org
Scooter Org Scooter Org Concept Art
原付きオルグ (#20)
Scooter Org
Human Body Specimen Org Human Body Specimen Org Concept Art
人体標本オルグ (#21)
“Skeleton Org” (non-canon monster)
Lawnmower Org Lawnmower Org Concept Art
芝刈り機オルグ (#22)
Lawn Mower Org
Chimera Org Chimera Org Concept Art
キマイラオルグ (#24)
Quadra Org
Karaoke Org Karaoke Org Concept Art
カラオケオルグ (#25)
Karaoke Org
Vase Org Vase Org Concept Art
ツボオルグ (#27)
“Vase Org” (non-canon monster)
Bowling Org Bowling Org Concept Art
ボウリングオルグ (#28)
Bowling Org
Tombstone Org Tombstone Org Concept Art
墓石オルグ (#29, 43)
Tombstone Org
Duke Org Kyurara Duke Org Kyurara Concept Art
デュークオルグキュララ (#32-33)
Duke Org Propela Duke Org Propela Concept Art
デュークオルグプロプラ (#32-33)
Charcoal-Grill Org Charcoal-Grill Org Concept Art
炭火焼オルグ (#34)
“Charcoal Org” (non-canon monster)
Blacksmith Org Blacksmith Org Concept Art
カジヤオルグ (#35)
“Anvil Org” (non-canon monster)
Magic-Flute Org Magic-Flute Org Concept Art
魔笛オルグ (#36, 42-43)
Flute Org
Juggling Org Juggling Org Concept Art
ジャグリングオルグ (#37)
Animal Tamer Org Animal Tamer Org Concept Art
猛獣使いオルグ (#38, 42)
Lion Tamer Org
Monitor Org Monitor Org Concept Art
モニターオルグ (#39)
Monitor Org
Tinplate Org Tinplate Org Concept Art
ブリキオルグ (#40)
Toy Org
Kurushimemas Org Kurushimemas Org Concept Art
クルシメマスオルグ (#41)
“Christmas Org” (non-canon monster)
Duke Org Dorodoro Duke Org Dorodoro Concept Art
デュークオルグドロドロ (#42-43)
Kage Rangers
影レンジャー (#43)
Shadow Rangers
New Year’s Org New Year’s Org Concept Art
正月オルグ (#46)
“New Year’s Org” (non-canon monster)
Steam Engine Org Steam Engine Org Concept Art
蒸気機関オルグ (#47)
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