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Revisiting Power Rangers

Revisiting Power Rangers compares, frame-by-frame, the original airings of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (which ran on Fox Kids in 1993) with the reversioned airings (which ran on ABC Kids in 2010), seeking to document any striking visual differences between the two.

For the most part, it is left to the fan to form their own personal opinions on this reversioning.

Watch the complete reversioned versions on YouTube.  (off-site link)

  • Day of the Dumpster Updated

    Rita Repulsa escapes after 10,000 years of imprisonment determined to conquer Earth but a team of teenagers with attitude stands in her way.

  • High Five Updated

    Trini must overcome her fear of heights to save Billy.

  • Teamwork Updated

    Kimberly and Trini gather signatures to close down a nearby dumpsite while convincing their teammates to work together more.

  • A Pressing Engagement Updated

    Jason battles King Sphinx while trying to break a bench press record at the Angel Grove Gym & Juice Bar.

  • Different Drum Updated

    Kimberly’s deaf friend is the only hope to rescue a group of girls captured by the Gnarly Gnome and his hypnotic accordion.

  • Food Fight Updated

    Bulk and his gang seek to ruin the food festival while Rita sends a gluttonous pig to eat everything on Earth.

  • Big Sisters Updated

    Kimberly and Trini look after a mischievous little girl named Maria.

  • Switching Places Updated

    Billy’s latest invention goes haywire causing him and Kimberly to switch bodies.

  • I, Eye Guy Updated

    Rita sends her monster Eye Guy to kidnap Billy’s bright young protégé.

  • Foul Play in the Sky Updated

    Kimberly is in trouble when her uncle Steve succumbs to a sleeping potion in the middle of flying an airplane with her on board.

  • For Whom the Bell Trolls Updated

    Trini’s favorite doll is brought to life by Rita Repulsa and commanded to capture the Rangers inside bottles.

  • Happy Birthday, Zack Updated

    Zack worries that his friends have forgotten today is his birthday while Rita sends him an unwelcome present.

  • No Clowning Around Updated

    The gang fights Rita’s minions at a carnival in order to save Trini’s cousin Sylvia.

  • Green with Evil Part I Updated

    Rita creates her own evil Green Ranger to beat the Power Rangers at their own game.

  • Green with Evil Part II Updated

    The Power Rangers work to restore Zordon and Alpha unaware that the new kid in school is actually Rita’s evil Green Ranger.

  • Green with Evil Part III Updated

    Femme fatale Scorpina joins Rita as the Green Ranger continues to battle the Power Rangers.

  • Green with Evil Part IV Updated

    An eclipse of the sun saps the Megazord’s power as Rita’s forces launch a full scale assault on Angel Grove.

  • Green with Evil Part V Updated

    The mighty Dragonzord awakes after thousands of years as the Rangers try to break the spell over the Green Ranger once and for all.

  • The Trouble with Shellshock Updated

    Squatt and Baboo create their own Shellshock monster to impress Rita.

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider Updated

    Zack must overcome his fear of spiders to face Rita’s newest monster.

  • Power Ranger Punks Updated

    Baboo sneaks a magic potion into Kimberly and Billy’s drinks that turns them into angry punks.

  • The Spit Flower Updated

    Rita and her evil Spit Flower monster set out to ruin Kimberly’s design for a float in the world peace parade.

  • Life’s A Masquerade Updated

    Rita’s Frankenstein monster crashes the Power Rangers’ Halloween costume party.

  • Gung Ho! Updated

    Jason and Tommy must learn to work together to stop Rita’s Super Putties.

  • Island of Illusion Part I Updated

    Rita traps the Power Rangers on a mysterious island where not all is as it appears.

  • Island of Illusion Part II Updated

    The Rangers must overcome their own fears to escape Rita’s Island of Illusion.

  • Wheel of Misfortune Updated

    Rita turns Kimberly’s grandmother’s spinning wheel into her dangerous new weapon.

  • Peace, Love and Woe Updated

    Billy draws on the powers of his friends to rescue the girl of his dreams.

  • Dark Warrior Updated

    Billy is inspired by Trini’s uncle Howard - a brilliant scientist and expert in martial arts.

  • The Rockstar Updated

    Jason and his cousin Jeremy find a map that leads to a powerful ancient mirror.

  • Calamity Kimberly Updated

    Kimberly’s day goes from bad to worse when the Samurai Fanman captures her.

  • A Star is Born Updated

    Tommy is called to rescue his friends while given the opportunity to audition for a martial arts commercial.

  • And Now a Message From the Producer

    Producer Dan Evans graciously answered a series of questions for us shortly after the Reversioning finished airing in 2010.