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Ending Credits

Revisiting Power Rangers compares, frame-by-frame, the original airings of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (which ran on Fox Kids in 1993) with the reversioned airings (which ran on ABC Kids in 2010), seeking to document any striking visual differences between the two.

For the most part, it is left to the fan to form their own personal opinions on this reversioning.

Watch the complete reversioned versions on YouTube.  (off-site link)

Original: End credits roll up, over all clips. Zoom out from Tyrannosaurus Dinozord as it and its fellow Dinozords race along the horizon. Close up of Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord’s roaring head. Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord folds down into leg mode. Bulk tosses a pie at our left during a food fight. Already messy Skull gets hit in the face with a pie. Bulk gets pink goo in his mouth and on his face from Billy’s volcano. Bulk falls backward into a box of balloons. Kimberly ties a balloon while looking from her left to straight while smirking. Tyrannosaurus Dinozord locks onto Sabertooth Tiger & Triceratops Dinozord legs electrically. Mastodon Dinozord floats in component mode as, rapidly intercutting with next shot, Jason twirls Kendo stick. Mastodon Dinozord connects with Tyrannosaurus Dinozord electrically. Lights turn on in the Megazord cockpit. Zordon talks to our left. Megazord Tank Mode charges forth, locked with camera, eyes flashing.Kimberly, Jason, Billy, and Trini rise up from behind Juice Bar around Ernie. Zoom in on Red Ranger in Megazord cockpit as he raises his fist forth then grabs control stick. Rita, beside flame, raises her wand and looks through hole in it. Camera pans around as teens first step into the Command Center’s central area, Billy admiring the consoles. Alpha vision of Billy and friends. Megazord folds up into standing position.

Reversion: Segment is removed in its entirety.

Saban Entertainment logo of gold disc floating in space into marble slab.

Thanks to SirStack’s Morphylogeny  (off-site link) for the use of some clip descriptions.