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Revisiting Power Rangers compares, frame-by-frame, the original airings of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (which ran on Fox Kids in 1993) with the reversioned airings (which ran on ABC Kids in 2010), seeking to document any striking visual differences between the two.

For the most part, it is left to the fan to form their own personal opinions on this reversioning.

Watch the complete reversioned versions on YouTube.  (off-site link)

Today on Power Rangers:

Reversion: [Added footage recycled from Day of the Dumpster.] Fade in from black to a space shuttle flying toward a celestial object. Astronauts walk on the surface of the celestial object, with landed space shuttle, Earth & Moon behind them. POV of astronauts, seeing gleaming red in distance. Pointing astronauts start running. Astronauts approach space dumpster. Red gem on space dumpster gleams, astronaut grasps it then lets go. Top of space dumpster is pulled off, and colored streaks land on horizon becoming Goldar, Finster, Squatt, and Baboo, with lightning. Standing next to the space dumpster and now frightened, the two astronauts begin to run away. Zoom out from the space dumpster, revealing Goldar, Finster, Squatt, and Baboo standing on the horizon. Squatt reacts excitedly to being freed from the space dumpster. Astronauts, who have since fallen to the ground, attempt to escape and right themselves at the same time. Squatt walks up to and then shouts into the space dumpster. Rita rises up from inside space dumpster, stretching out arms happily. Squatt, with hands over mouth, turns to look up toward Rita, then fumbles in satchel as Baboo walks up and smacks him on the head. Close-up on Finster, who facepalms and talks before shaking self straight. Medium on Squatt and Baboo, with latter talking and then walking over to help Rita out of space dumpster. Rita stumbles upon escaping, turning to Baboo irritatedly. Rita turns view to space dumpster cover as camera pans and zooms in. With her minions standing behind her and the astronauts still visible in the distance, Rita uses her wand to blast and destroy the space dumpster, causing the monsters to briefly cheer. (Recycled) Astronauts, who have since fallen to the ground, attempt to escape and right themselves at the same time. With space dumpster remains in the foreground, monsters continue cheering. Rita turns to talk menacingly to the astronauts. Monsters also turn toward astronauts as Rita continues. Rita and her minions turn to their right as the camera quickly pans towards the Earth in the sky. Overlay appears in upper left over shot of Earth, showing “Goldar, Sinister Space Simian”. Overlay appears in upper right over shot of Earth, showing “Baboo & Squatt, Half Rate Henchmen”. Overlay appears in lower left over shot of Earth, showing “Finster, Master Monster Maker”. Overlay appears in lower right over shot of Earth, showing “Putties, Cosmic Clay Cohorts”. Overlay appears in center over other overlays, showing “Rita Repulsa, Evil Sorceress”. Center overlay enlarges as screen fades to black.

Zoom in on Maria, with right arm extended and holding on to water valve. With Zack in the background with towel around neck and Trini pointing, Kimberly turns from facing Trini as they both say “Maria”, Kimberly shaking head slightly.

Reversion: Shot freezes on Maria, who is cut-out from black background with flames, gaining drawn red pointed beard and horns. First 26 frames of the teens reacting cut.

Rita’s face lights up with a smile, lifting her right hand from balcony rail, speaking, before turning and exiting balcony to our left as camera zooms out. Camera fades to black in to commercial break.

Reversion: Last fifty frames of Rita cut. Seventy-five frames before that, frame shrinks to reveal dark blue polka dots on blue background. Frame rotates counterclockwise like a gear, revealing frame of Rita on her flying penny-farthing. Frame rotates counterclockwise like a gear, revealing floating Chunky Chicken with scissors, threating to cut rope holding suspended Maria. Frame rotates counterclockwise like a gear, revealing giant Chunky Chicken running toward camera. Frame rotates counterclockwise like a gear, revealing giant Chunky Chicken sparkily kicking Megazord in the chest. Frame rotates counterclockwise like a gear, revealing giant Chunky Chicken dropkicking the camera.

Baboo, Squatt, Rita, and Goldar appear out of thin air in the cave, facing treasure chest in foreground. Rita steps forth a little and Goldar lowers sword.

Reversion: Frame freezes as dotted texture wipes diagonally across screen, revealing floating white skull graphics. Runs 38 frames longer.

Zoom in on treasure chest from Rita and gang’s POV.

Reversion: Runs twenty-two frames longer, all duplicates of the final frame.

Close up of Finster nodding while standing at clay workspace. Rita, finishing walking up, smiles and widens arms, speaks briefly, Finster nods, then she motions to her chest, pleasantly speaking.

Reversion: Six frames cut at end of first scene and fifty-four frames cut at beginning of second scene.

Static shot of Earth from the Lunar surface. Fade into aerial circling view of Angel Grove Park. Fade into shot of Maria walking up to picnic blanket with Trini and Kimberly.

Reversion: Second fade begins 29 frames earlier, and entire clip runs 58 frames shorter.

Kimberly turns around to face our slight left, pulling Maria downward and out of the way of a Putty’s swinging attack.

Reversion: A comic-style “DUCK!” in pink lettering appears as Kimberly grabs Maria, then folds downward and shrinks away.

Trini blocks a Putty’s strike then grabs its left arm and flips it over, before posing.

Reversion: A comic-style “TWIST!” in yellow lettering appears as Trini blocks, then does a roll before shrinking away as the Putty is flipped.

Kimberly does a backflip then kicks a Putty.

Reversion: A comic-style “KICK!” in pink lettering somewhat follows Kimberly’s flip and then is paired with a pink starburst as the Putty is hit, pulsing then disappearing.

With Trini standing battle-ready, Kimberly runs up to join her, both raising and lowering hands hopelessly. Lunar Palace exterior, quick zoom onto tower area.

Reversion: Additional commercial break inserted - first shot fades out 29 frames before end and second shot starts 19 frames before fully faded in. Two total frames cut.

RADBUG flies through the sky, as an aurora flashes in the background.

Reversion: Halo effect added to RADBUG. Colorful particles float in the air. Runs at roughly half-speed, showing only roughly the first half.

RADBUG flies through the sky, turning to its right as it gets up close, as an aurora flashes in the background.

Reversion: Saturation of blue background is increased slightly, producing halo effect around RADBUG.

Static shot of back area inside Command Center as RADBUG drops in from above.

Original: RADBUG rocks slightly on landing, teens seen moving slightly inside.

Reversion: Beginning with the seventeenth frame, original portion of shot is identical. RADBUG cut out from background, with five-color light beams emitted from center and glistening light highlighting outline of RADBUG repeatedly. Runs 30 frames longer.

Exterior of cave with angel statue near it.

Original: Camera fades from black out of commercial break.

Reversion: A split screen with a stylized yellow Sabertooth Tiger Power Coin on the left and a stylized pink Pterodactyl Power Coin on the right splits open to reveal a yellow-and-pink textured background (eventually revealed to be the outline of the Rangers in Tower Formation) with individual, white-outlined frames flying in, the first three showing the five Rangers in the Tower Formation attack, a fourth with Trini and Kimberly kicking a Putty with a comic-style “KICK!” superimposed, a fifth with Pink Ranger shooting an arrow from her Power Bow, a sixth with Chunky Chicken deflecting the arrow with scisors, a seventh with Yellow Ranger posing with Power Daggers, an eighth with Yellow Ranger flipping in to attack Chunky Chicken, a ninth with close-on Yellow Rangers boots preparing to jump, a tenth with Yellow Ranger kickflipping off Chunky Chicken, and an eleventh with Pink and Yellow Rangers doing backflips, before the split screens close.

The RADBUG drives along a dirt road in the country.

Reversion: First 68 frames are cut.

A stylized lightning bolt drops in from the top of the screen, causing lightning to crackle once it hits its final destination.

Original: Lightning bolt is from 1993 MMPR logo.

Reversion: Lightning bolt is from 2010 MMPR logo.

Zoom out from Red Ranger’s helmet as team of morphed Rangers pose with Bladeblasters.

Reversion: Scene freezes on last frame with Rangers cut out from background featuring five stylized, red Power Coins and blue concentric circles all over a moving red-dotted landscape, with a yellow streak coming in from the right and going around the screen eventually exiting on the right. Runs an additional 90 frames.

Red Ranger comes into view, raises left fist, then holds up Bladeblaster against left forearm, sharp zoom out to show fellow Rangers copying him as they hold their Bladeblasters outward with right hands.

Reversion: Saturation of blue background is increased, creating a white halo around the Rangers. Scene freezes on last frame with Rangers and the ground cut out from background with moving white-dotted sky with green curves moving about. Runs an additional 60 frames.

Tyrannosaurus Dinozord’s head slowly rises from the molten red ground. Close up of Tyrannosaurus Dinozord’s hands as it rises up. Close up of Tyrannosaurus Dinozord’s knees as it rises up. Tyrannosaurus Dinozord rises up above flames and smoke, facing us.

Reversion: Comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Red Ranger Tyrannosaurus!”.

Mastodon Dinozord surfaces from its icy domain. Mastodon Dinozord exhales its icy breath. Close-on Mastodon’s legs as it begins walking to our left. Mastodon Dinozord stomps along the snowy surface.

Reversion: Comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Black Ranger Mastodon!”.

Triceratops Dinozord appears within the sands of the desert. Triceratops Dinozord’s wheels pass through the desert sands. Triceratops Dinozord raises its head and opens mouth while driving through the dusty desert.

Reversion: Comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Blue Ranger Triceratops!”.

Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord sprints through the jungle. Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord opens its mouth in a close up. Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord leaps out of the greenery.

Reversion: Comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Yellow Ranger Sabertooth Tiger!”.

A volcano erupts. Different angle on volcano spewing upward magma and smoke. Pterodactyl Dinozord soars upwards amid lava lights. Pterodactyl Dinozord flies straight up out of now-active volcano. Pterodactyl Dinozord raises and lowers head while continuing to fly amid molten lava lights. Pterodactyl Dinozord flies out of the smoking volcano and disturbs trees as it reaches them.

Reversion: Comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Pink Ranger Pterodactyl!”.

Megazord in Tank Mode rolls along, locked up against camera, as eyes of all five Zords light up. Megazord Tank Mode rumbles forth, semi-side view up close.

Reversion: Comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Megazord Tank Mode!”.

Patrons run right-to-left across the screen in foreground and background as Zack and Jason turn around looking. With Zack and Jason now in the foreground, patrons can be seen swarming the Juice Bar counter. Close on a bowl of chili being held high above the chaos, being moved right-to-left. Medium on Bulk, sitting at a table, enjoying a banana split. Close again on the moving bowl of chili, which suddenly tips and goes flying to the left. Medium on Bulk as the bowl of chili lands top down, directly on his head before flipping off, spilling chili all over him and his dessert. Close on Skull holding a salt shaker, laughing.

Reversion: End credits run over bottom half of frame during final scenes of the episode, rather than the :30 second outro.

Medium on Bulk, with spoon in right hand and chili bowl in left hand, staring at his dessert, then dipping spoon in and raising again slightly. Freeze frame.

Original: After freeze frame, Executive Producers credit fades in over center of frame. Fade to black at end.

Reversion: Freeze frame with Bulk and table cut out from background, heavily outlined in black, as bubbling chili piles up in the background.

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Thanks to SirStack’s Morphylogeny  (off-site link) for the use of some clip descriptions.