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Green with Evil Part II

Revisiting Power Rangers compares, frame-by-frame, the original airings of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (which ran on Fox Kids in 1993) with the reversioned airings (which ran on ABC Kids in 2010), seeking to document any striking visual differences between the two.

For the most part, it is left to the fan to form their own personal opinions on this reversioning.

Watch the complete reversioned versions on YouTube.  (off-site link)

Today on Power Rangers:

Close on Finster at clay workspace, motioning right arm as he talks and nods. Shot fades to flashback of Evil Knight fighting with Zordon’s soldier thousands of years ago. Shot fades to slightly rotating shot of Sword of Darkness with green glow. Shot fades to close on Finster, nodding as he stands at his clay workspace.

Reversion: Before fade to second shot begins, frame zooms out to frame outlined as if part of an old-fashioned storybook. Before fade to fourth shot begins, frame zooms in to end old-fashioned storybook effect.

Warning! The video clip above violates the three-flashes-per-second rule and as a result may cause seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy.

In the alley, a green and yellow cloud appears, vanishing to reveal Tommy.

Reversion: Additional electricity effect is added to the cloud.

Close on Tommy’s face as he smirks, his eyes briefly flashing with green energy. Far shot exterior of Rita’s Lunar Palace.

Reversion: Additional commercial break inserted between two scenes. Camera fades to black in to commercial break. Camera fades from black out of commercial break.

Medium shot of Tommy on the beach as he is hit by a green and yellow beam, enveloping him in a green and yellow cloud and causing him to disappear. Distant downward shot of the beach as a green and yellow cloud appears, dissolving to reveal Tommy.

Reversion: Additional electricity effect is added to the beam and cloud.

On his back and with knees to chest, Tommy kicks a Putty upward then quickly rolls out of the way and stands up as the Putty crashes down into the beach.

Reversion: A green energy effect is added to Tommy and pushed outward with the kick, dissipating just before the Putty falls.

Tommy avoids a high swiping Putty kick, grabs the Putty’s arm and flips it over and then punches it in the torso on the ground, before posing as the camera zooms in.

Reversion: As Tommy flips the Putty, a green energy trail follows his hand through the flip. A green energy trail follows his fist as Tommy winds up and punches the Putty.

Close on Tommy’s clenched fist as camera pans left to show Tommy staring at it and then turning his head to see a Putty looming in the background.

Reversion: Tommy’s fist has an added green energy glow effect.

Tommy leaps into the air, splaying out legs as he reaches the camera.

Reversion: At full leg extension, the scene freezes briefly in a skewed frame, with a striped, circular gradient behind him.

On the beach, Tommy practices swinging his Sword of Darkness and, as the camera slowly zooms out, he stops to admire it, before holding it up slightly, green electricity finally shooting upward out of it.

Reversion: A green energy trail follows the Sword of Darkness as Tommy swings it about.

As Jason walks away down the hallway at Angel Grove High, he is hit in the back by a green and yellow beam, enveloping him in a green and yellow cloud and teleporting him upward and away with white light streaks.

Reversion: Additional electricity effect is added to the beam and cloud and a comic-style stamp reading “BETRAYED!” is superimposed over him.

Tommy retracts his extended hand holding his Power Coin, glances down at it, then looks up, speaks, and smirks.

Reversion: After retracting his arm, a group of five hexagon shapes appear on the right of the screen, each with a static shot of the head of a helmeted Ranger; Red’s is then crossed out with a red “x”.

Close on Jason’s back as he reaches frantically for his not-present Power Morpher, pan right to show Goldar and then zoom in on his left hand holding the Morpher. Fade to a zoom in closeup shot of the Power Morpher in Goldar’s hand.

Reversion: In the second shot, a striped, circular gradient appears behind the Power Morpher, as the Tyrannosaurus Power Coin glistens.

Medium on a scared Jason, gulping.

Original: Camera fades to black in to commercial break.

Reversion: Before the break, a bumper focusing on the Red Ranger: three frames with roughly painted black outlines in the upper-left show Jason posing in the front of his class, the Red Ranger in his standard pose, and the Red Ranger dropping down after completing the Power Blaster, with stylized red-and-black Tyrannosaurus Power Coin in the background. Slight zoom out to reveal a cut-out Red Ranger as text is typed on screen - Red Ranger. Weapons: Blade Blaster, Power Sword. Zord: Tyrannosaurus. Camera fades to black in to commercial break.

Zoom in on Jason as he fiercely poses.

Reversion: Scene freezes at end with Dark Dimension bars in the background glowing red, Jason shaking about slightly as red particles fly upward behind him.

Zoom in on Goldar as he fiercely poses.

Reversion: Scene freezes at end, Goldar cut-out from background of slanted frame as radial light beams fly out behind him.

A stylized lightning bolt drops in from the top of the screen, causing lightning to crackle once it hits its final destination.

Original: Lightning bolt is from 1993 MMPR logo.

Reversion: Lightning bolt is from 2010 MMPR logo.

Green Ranger lands, Pink Ranger dodges his strike, he then blocks Yellow’s Bladeblaster attack, doing the same to Black, ducking under his high kick before sparkily slashing him, then turns and blocks Blue’s kick with his sword and slashes him sparkily aside, then blocks both Yellow & Pink’s Bladeblasters at once with his sword, knocking theirs up before slashing both in the chest sparkingly. Close on Green Ranger’s feet as they’re pressed together for a leap. Side shot as Pink & Yellow Ranger are both kicked in the chest by Green. Zoom out as Green Ranger poses victoriously, and Yellow & Pink flip over defeatedly, Blue & Black crossing behind Green. Zoom out as Green Ranger turns to face remaining pair, doing a reverse cyclone kick, causing Black to duck and roll, then hitting Blue with butt of sword before slashing him down; Black Ranger strikes, but his Bladeblaster is blocked by the sword, giving Green a chance to flip him over, and once he’s back up, Black is sparkily slashed back down.

Reversion: After Green Ranger blocks Yellow & Pink’s Bladeblasters, the rest of the shot is cut (53 frames). Second, third, and fourth shots are cut in their entirety. Fifth shot is pushed up and plays through until the end, at which point it resumes playing again at the point the scene originally was. (This was not an intentional edit.)

Green Ranger stabs Sword of Darkness into the ground, sending a wave of bursting dust that reaches the four Rangers in the distance, exploding sparkily around them.

Reversion: As the sword is stabbed into the ground, green concentric circles radiate outward. As the sparks fly, a comic-style “BOOM!” in orange letters appears in the sky above the Rangers, a comic-style “BOOM!” in yellow letters appears on the ground below the Rangers, and comic-style kanji characters (プーム) appear over the Rangers, each shaking about.

Mastodon Dinozord surfaces from its icy domain. Mastodon Dinozord exhales its icy breath.

Reversion: Updated black comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Black Ranger Mastodon!”.

Triceratops Dinozord appears within the sands of the desert. Triceratops Dinozord opens mouth in desert breeze.

Reversion: Updated blue comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Blue Ranger Triceratops!”.

Close up of Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord’s legs running through jungle. Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord sprints through the jungle.

Reversion: Updated yellow comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Yellow Ranger Sabertooth Tiger!”.

Pterodactyl Dinozord soars upwards amid lava lights. Pterodactyl Dinozord flies straight up out of now-active volcano.

Reversion: Updated pink comic-style narration box slides in on lower left, reading “Pink Ranger Pterodactyl!”.

In the Dark Dimension, Jason throws a kick at Goldar, then rolls toward the camera over a sword swipe. Close on Jason’s Power Morpher as he quickly scurries to reach it. Goldar twirls his sword and then swipes downward. Close on Power Morpher as Jason is reaching for it, only for Goldar’s sword to come down between the two. Upward angle on Goldar as Jason gets up slightly and is kicked in the chest. Jason lands on the ground, clutching his chest. Close on Goldar, ready to strike again. Medium, angled shot of Goldar as he readies his sword and speaks. Jason, on the ground with his hands raised defensively, watches as Goldar’s sword moves back and forth. Medium, angled shot of Goldar as he slowly raises sword, preparing to strike.

Reversion: End credits run over bottom half of frame during final scenes of the episode, rather than the :30 second outro.

Jason lays on the ground with his hands raised defensively. Freeze frame.

Original: After freeze frame, “TO BE CONTINUED...” fades in and out over bottom of frame followed by Executive Producers credit fading in over bottom of frame. Fade to black at end.

Reversion: End credits continue running over bottom half of frame. Before credits end, “To Be Continued” fades in over middle of frame. After freeze frame, Jason is cut-out from background, gaining a comic-style speech bubble reading “I NEED DINOZORD POWER!”, all while a red radial starburst spins in the background.

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Thanks to SirStack’s Morphylogeny  (off-site link) for the use of some clip descriptions.