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The Trouble with Shellshock

Revisiting Power Rangers compares, frame-by-frame, the original airings of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (which ran on Fox Kids in 1993) with the reversioned airings (which ran on ABC Kids in 2010), seeking to document any striking visual differences between the two.

For the most part, it is left to the fan to form their own personal opinions on this reversioning.

Watch the complete reversioned versions on YouTube.  (off-site link)

Today on Power Rangers:

Squatt does a happy dance in response to what he’s seen.

Reversion: At end of shot, Squatt is cut out from background which closes vertically to center, revealing large “SQUATT” heading with filling, labelled progress bars: “Strength”: 100% full, “Speed”: 50% full, and “Intelligence”: filling backwards, roughly -20% full.

Slow zoom from Rita, sleeping and rocking in chair, as Baboo & Squatt tiptoe into workshop in background. “Written by Stewart St. John & Julianne Klemm” card fades in and out at bottom of screen.

Reversion: As Rita sleeps, multiple white “Z”’s fly outward from her and the balcony.

Baboo opens cabinet and pulls out Shellshock clay mold, holding it up as shot zooms in on it.

Reversion: As Baboo holds the Shellshock mold forward, multiple green “?”’s pop up on screen.

Shellshock stands alive beneath the Monstermatic exit tube as smoke clears and he moves his arms. Close up of Shellshock’s spikey shell back, with two large yellow zeros painted on. Close up of Shellshock’s traffic signal, yellow, red, then green each flashing briefly.

Reversion: Before last shot ends (two frames cut), two metal panels close horizontally to the center of the screen and then re-open to reveal a cut out Shellshock on the left and information on the right - under a heading of “Shellshock”, three filling progress bars: “Intelligence” 25% full, “Strength” 50% full, and “Armor” 100% full. Second shot is cut in its entirety. Third shot runs one frame longer as first frame is duplicated.

Just as the basketball rolling into the grass comes to a stop, five Putties teleport in, the middle one looking around, picking it up, and then taking a step forward.

Reversion: As the Putties materialize, a large semi-transparent energy orb surrounds them and then quickly shrinks to the center of the screen.

As a Putty spins around after missing a swipe at Billy, Zack spins around and bounces the basketball off of the Putty’s head.

Reversion: As the basketball hits the Putty in the head, a comic-style “FOUL!” in white lettering appears over it.

As a Putty flies through the air, Tommy thrusts the basketball into its gut.

Reversion: As Tommy moves his arm, a comic-style “PASS!” in white-lettering follows along and stretches out when it hits the Putty.

Zack finishes flying through the air, dunking the basketball in the hoop and briefly hanging from the rim.

Reversion: As Zack makes the basket, a comic-style “SCORE!” in white, LED-style lettering appears and stretches out over the lower half of the screen.

As Zack drops down and the five Putties nearly surround him, the other teens rush up, Jason attempting a spinning attack as the Putties teleport away.

Reversion: As the Putties begin to telport away, a large semi-transparent energy orb quickly grows from their location to fill the screen and then quickly shrinks away.

Bulk & Skull begrudgingly push the hotdog cart away from the camera as the cart operator continues to berate them angrily, Skull pausing briefly to squirt mustard on Bulk’s back.

Reversion: In the right distance, a comic-style “EPIC FAIL” in green block letters drops in and remains for the duration of the scene.

A stylized lightning bolt drops in from the top of the screen, causing lightning to crackle once it hits its final destination.

Original: Lightning bolt is from 1993 MMPR logo.

Reversion: Lightning bolt is from 2010 MMPR logo.

As the five Rangers stand posing on the basketball court, a greenish beam strikes the Yellow Ranger from the upper-left corner of the frame, causing her to begin running in place.

Reversion: The beam intensity is increased and the glow around Yellow Ranger when she is hit is much more intense.

Close on Yellow Ranger as she turns around and begins to run off into the distance.

Reversion: A blur effect is added to the Yellow Ranger specifically and the entire shot in general.

Upward shot of Red, Black, Blue, and Pink Rangers flipping over camera.

Reversion: A five-dinosaur “tribal coin” shape appears in the background, growing toward the camera and changing colors to match as each Ranger flips over it.

Zoom out as four Rangers land and pose across from the trio of Evil Space Aliens, who pull themselves back up.

Reversion: At end of shot, now darkened frame shakes violently briefly, a slight radial gradient spinning in the background.

Multiple bursts of sparks and smoke erupt around Baboo, Shellshock, and Squatt, who all fade teleport away. Camera fades to black in to commercial break.

Reversion: As they are hit, comic-style “BOOM”’s in both orange and yellow lettering as well as kanji characters (プーム) appear on screen.

Tyrannosaurus Dinozord’s head slowly rises from the molten red ground.

Reversion: Updated red comic-style narration box with stylized Tyrannosaurus Power Coin slides in on lower left, reading “Red Ranger Tyrannosaurus!”.

Tommy practices with his bo staff at the Youth Center Gym, spinning it about.

Reversion: As Tommy motions about, green energy trails follow the ends of the weapon.

Close on the Yellow Ranger’s extended right hand as a yellow ball of light drops in, shortly thereafter fading away to reveal the Deandra flowers, which Yellow Ranger pulls close as she walks into frame before running off to our right.

Reversion: As the ball of light drops in, a stylelized white Sabertooth Tiger Power Coin drops in on the right before quicking fading away.

Red Ranger flails arms about as cockpit shakes violently, before twisting to our left until it’s nearly upside down. In the Youth Center Gym, Tommy picks his towel up off his gym bag, wipes off his forehead, puts it back down, and then reaches into the bag and pulls out his Communicator, pauses, then checks behind to see if anyone else heard it.

Reversion: Additional commercial break inserted between shots - before end of first shot, camera fades to black in to commercial break. Camera fades from black out of commercial break to aerial establishment shot of the Youth Center. Shot fades to zooming in establishment shot of external Angel Grove Youth Center Gym and Juice Bar sign. Shot fades to original second shot.

A stylized lightning bolt drops in from the top of the screen, causing lightning to crackle once it hits its final destination.

Original: Lightning bolt is from 1993 MMPR logo.

Reversion: Lightning bolt is from 2010 MMPR logo.

Side angle of Dragonzord slowly lumbering to our left in the ankle-deep ocean.

Reversion: Updated green comic-style narration box with stylized Dragonzord Power Coin slides in on lower left, reading “Green Ranger Dragonzord!”. In the middle of the shot, frame pauses briefly with Dragonzord cut out from the background with a spinning green radial gradient.

Camera fades from black out of commercial break to shot of Zack shooting (and missing) on the basketball court as the other teens watch.

Reversion: Before returning from break, a bumper entitled “Bulk & Skull’s Greatest Hits”: title card drops in over scenes in school hallway from Teamwork. Shot of Bulk & Skull after switching brains from Switching Places. Comic-style writing reading “These hits take the cake... or pie!” overlays the first shot of the scene where Bulk chops a pie from For Whom the Bell Trolls. Shots from scene of Bulk & Skull arguing with the teens and Bulk rushing forward, tripping on a weight, and falling into a cake and later shoving some cake in Skull’s face from A Pressing Engagement. Shots from the beginning of the food fight from Food Fight. White-on-black card with comic-style writing reading “Time to split!”, with the spacing between letters of the last word growing over time. Shot of Bulk & Skull running down the airport runway from Foul Play in the Sky. Camera fades to black. Runs for over fifty seconds in total.

Billy gives Zack a playful push on the shoulder and then prepares to guard Zack, quickly stealing the basketball as Zack tries to go by him. Long shot as the two switch positions, the other teens now in view and cheering them on. Parodying Zack from earlier, Billy lists off the ridiculously long name of his upcoming shot. Billy passes by Zack and jumps into the air. Billy dunks the basketball.

Reversion: End credits run over bottom half of frame during final scenes of the episode, rather than the :30 second outro.

The other teens cheer for Billy’s successful dunk, Trini offering a double high-five. Freeze frame.

Original: After freeze frame, Executive Producers credit fades in over center of frame. Fade to black at end.

Reversion: End credits continue running over bottom half of frame. After freeze frame, Billy and Trini are cut out from the background which now features an off-white quadrilateral with five Ranger-colored polygons behind its upper right corner. A comic-style speech box reading “HIGH 5!” is added to Trini.

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Thanks to SirStack’s Morphylogeny  (off-site link) for the use of some clip descriptions.