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Revisiting Power Rangers compares, frame-by-frame, the original airings of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (which ran on Fox Kids in 1993) with the reversioned airings (which ran on ABC Kids in 2010), seeking to document any striking visual differences between the two.

For the most part, it is left to the fan to form their own personal opinions on this reversioning.

Watch the complete reversioned versions on YouTube.  (off-site link)

Today on Power Rangers:

Kimberly continues to chew on a piece of Trini’s torte a la escargot as Billy translates and then gulps, Kimberly turning to him and ceasing chewing.

Reversion: Four comic-style question marks and four comic-style exclamation marks, all in blue, shake into view around Billy’s head.

Squatt and Baboo turn and look at each other, then face forward again, shrugging shoulders in confusion. Camera fades to black in to commercial break.

Reversion: As fade to black begins, fade to shot of Rita laughing as she stands behind her Repulsascope and camera zooms in on lens featuring superimposed shots as lens is circled in blue. Zoom in as five Rangers pose with Bladeblasters. Blue beam shines down upon Rockstar, causing him to surge and spark. A Putty stands frozen as blue beam shines through it, causing it to burst with sparks and crumble into pieces. Red and Pink Rangers flip over the camera in front of stylized Power Coins. Zoom out from Red Ranger as he and Pink Ranger pose. Zoom out from close on Scorpina, holding up boomerang and talking in front of Squatt, Baboo, and Rockstar as Putties appear around them. Close on Jeremy pulling plug on glass bottle with map. Iris effect turns lens black then camera fades to black.

Bulk smashes a slice of pizza into Skull’s laughing face.

Reversion: As Bulk smashes the slice, a comic-style “SMOOSH!” grows over the center of the screen.

Jason and Jeremy practice martial arts on the beach, turning around to face a rock formation in the background just before five Putties appear on top.

Reversion: The teleportation effect has an added electrical effect, including after the usual yellow-outline effect.

Close on Jeremy pulling plug on glass bottle with map, causing yellow energy effect to flow out. Shot of Jason and Jeremy as the energy effect surrounds them like a swarm of bees.

Reversion: Energy effect is greatly increased in intensity.

Warning! The video clip above violates the three-flashes-per-second rule and as a result may cause seizures in those with photosensitive epilepsy.

Zoom out from Rita’s happy face as she talks, walking to balcony railing while gesturing arm forth, Baboo, Scorpina, Goldar by her side. Fade to slow zoom in on silver knight as he pulls Mirror of Destruction out of large chest in hazy shot. Briefly close on Mirror of Destruction as it opens and unleashes blue energy gleam in hazy shot. Knight gets struck by blue beam from Mirror of Destruction, causing him to spark burst and explode brightly in hazy shot. Fades to close up of Squatt in workshop, pointing up with his right index finger, then up higher, before doing the same with his left hand, then back to the right.

Reversion: Flashback shots all appear in black outlined frame on marble-like surface. Large energy effect emerges from large chest.

Close on Scorpina as she talks, holds up boomerang, standing in front of Squatt, Baboo, and Rockstar. Zoom out before group of Putties magically appear out of thin air around her, and rush forth when she gestures weapon forth.

Reversion: After Putties appear and land, shot is frozen with cloud-like effect and rotating gradient behind the villains. Last 38 frames cut, eliminating Putties rushing forth. Runs an additional nineteen frames.

Jason is hit in the gut by a large boulder from Rockstar (off-screen), causing him to fall down backwards onto the sandy beach.

Reversion: As the boulder comes into view, a comic-style “POW!” in red-outlined white writing follows closely behind, shaking vigorously when the boulder hits Jason, and then following him to the ground.

Jason, pinned down on the beach by two of Rockstar’s boulders, cringes as he catches a third boulder.

Reversion: Additional blue electricity and spots added to Rockstar’s boulders. Runs an additional sixty frames, during which blue electricity and spots continue with additional red speckled effect appearing around Jason and skewing outward.

A stylized lightning bolt drops in from the top of the screen, causing lightning to crackle once it hits its final destination.

Original: Lightning bolt is from 1993 MMPR logo.

Reversion: Lightning bolt is from 2010 MMPR logo.

Zoom out from Red Ranger as he and Pink Ranger pose.

Reversion: Near end, shot freezes with Rangers cut out from now pink-and-red background with a pink heart shape behind Pink and a spinning pinwheel shape behind Red. Last three frames cut. Runs an additional thirty frames.

Red & Pink Rangers flip over camera at alternating angles.

Reversion: Blue sky background is replaced with a Ranger-colored textured background. A stylized black-and-white Tyrannosaurus Power Coin drops in as Jason begins his flip, gleaming briefly, then quickly rotating into a Pterodactyl Power Coin, also gleaming briefly.

Long shot as Jeremy walks away from the camera and toward a large rock. Overhead shot as Jeremy kneels down, moves a rock and then begins pushing dirt around. Close on Jeremy, looking downward off-screen, moving arms as he pushes dirt around. Overhead shot as Jeremy picks up oddly flat stone to reveal now uncovered Mirror of Destruction. Close on Jeremy, looking downward off-screen with amazement, then lifting Mirror of Destruction into view.

Reversion: Additional commercial break inserted. Shot of Jeremy lifting up Mirror fades to a bumper focusing on the Red Ranger: three frames with roughly painted black outlines in the upper-left show Jason posing in the front of his class, Jason breaking boards with his fist switching to a shot of the Red Ranger in his standard pose, and the Red Ranger dropping down after completing the Power Blaster, with stylized red-and-black Tyrannosaurus Power Coin in the background. Slight zoom out to reveal a cut-out Red Ranger as text is typed on screen - Red Ranger. Weapons: Blade Blaster, Power Sword. Zord: Tyrannosaurus. Camera fades to black in to commercial break. Camera fades from black out of commercial break to repeat of five shots before commrecial break.

Zoom out as five Rangers pose with Bladeblasters, then dash ahead with them.

Reversion: Shortly after zoom out, shot freezes with Rangers growing toward the camera, cut out from now color-changing, textured background with the stylized lightning bolt from the show logo dropping in. Last 23 frames cut, eliminating Rangers dashing ahead. Runs an additional thirty frames.

The five Rangers get into formation, lower Bladeblasters, raise right arms, and summon their Zords together.

Reversion: As the Rangers arms reach full extention, Ranger-colored-and-white stylized Power Coins fly in from off-screen and onto their hands, before flying back off in the direction of the summoned Zords with Ranger-color streaks (Black’s streak is white).

Crack in the ground spreads open, releasing a fireball, shown from within the crack. Tyrannosaurus Dinozord rises straight up amid flames and smoke.

Reversion: Updated red comic-style narration box with stylized Tyrannosaurus Power Coin slides in on lower left, reading “Red Ranger Tyrannosaurus!”.

Mastodon Dinozord surfaces from its icy domain. Mastodon Dinozord exhales its icy breath.

Reversion: Updated black comic-style narration box with stylized Mastodon Power Coin slides in on lower left, reading “Black Ranger Mastodon!”. Alternate cuts of both shots.

Triceratops Dinozord appears within the sands of the desert. Triceratops Dinozord opens its mouth while dashing through the dirt.

Reversion: Updated blue comic-style narration box with stylized Triceratops Power Coin slides in on lower left, reading “Blue Ranger Triceratops!”. Alternate cut of second shot.

Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord sprints through the jungle. Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord leaps out of the greenery.

Reversion: Updated yellow comic-style narration box with stylized Sabertooth Tiger Power Coin slides in on lower left, reading “Yellow Ranger Sabertooth Tiger!”. Second shot ends part-way through with second portion replaced with close-up on Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord roaring.

Volcano erupts. Pterodactyl Dinozord flies out of the smoking volcano and disturbs trees upon reaching them.

Reversion: Updated pink comic-style narration box with stylized Pterodactyl Power Coin slides in on lower left, reading “Pink Ranger Pterodactyl!”.

Megazord Tank Mode folds up into body of the standing Megazord.

Reversion: Multiple white beams emerge from center behind the now-standing Megazord and rotate clockwise as a static fireball rises from bottom-to-top in front of a yellow, roughly-painted surface.

Close on the Mirror of Destruction as its cover doors open, revealing Megazord being reflected within, trying to cover face when it notices.

Reversion: The Mirror has an additional bright blue glow as it opens.

Close on Scorpina opening Mirror of Destruction, as Goldar notices his reflection in it. She quickly tosses it up.

Reversion: The Mirror has an additional bright blue glow as it opens.

Jason, sitting at a table at the Juice Bar, smirks as Jeremy steps into frame with his back to the camera. Close on Jeremy as he continues talking about his experience, then asks Jason where he was during the battle. Close on a now concerned Jason. Side angle shot of Jeremy leaning on the table, Zack and Kimberly looking to Jason for his response. Side angle shot showing Billy and Trini, similarly waiting. Jason looks at his communicator, then points, and explains that he has a martial arts class he needs to go teach, then motions for Jeremy to come with him.

Reversion: End credits run over bottom half of frame during final scenes of the episode, rather than the :30 second outro.

Wide shot as Jason and Jeremy exit the frame, the other Rangers leaning in and laughing together. Freeze frame.

Original: After freeze frame, Executive Producers credit fades in over center of frame. Fade to black at end.

Reversion: End credits continue running over bottom half of frame. After freeze frame, the Mirror of Destruction drops in behind the Rangers from above and opens up, producing a bright white light and an increasing yellow particle effect.

Episode Segment Lengths
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Thanks to SirStack’s Morphylogeny  (off-site link) for the use of some clip descriptions.