Peace, Love and Woe

Revisiting Power Rangers is a project which compares the video of the original airings of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with that of the reversioned ones which aired on ABC Kids in 2010. For the most part, we leave it to the fan to make their own (educated) decisions on whether the changes are improvements or not.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993).versusMighty Morphin Power Rangers (2010).
Opening credits, featuring 5 Rangers posing in front of Power Coin symbolsDespite having a production number greater than that of the Green With Evil saga, this episode originally aired prior to the introduction of the Green Ranger. In 1993, obviously, no mention was made of Tommy, who isn’t in the episode. In 2010... well, they already changed the intro, so let’s keep using the new one?[Scene Missing]
Bulk is accidentally kicked in the rearKICK![Scene Missing]
Kimberly does a flipFLIP![Scene Missing]
Bulk falls face-first into the sheet cake Ernie is carryingSPLAT[Scene Missing]
MargeThe new Pink Ranger?[Scene Missing]
Billy and Marge bump headsThe new Pink Ranger?[Scene Missing]
Billy and Marge again bump headsBONK![Scene Missing]
Billy looks at Marge as the other teens in the background laughBinary love[Scene Missing]
Madame Woe performs an incantation on the rocky beachRandom colorful effects[Scene Missing]
Madame Woe floats toward the cameraRandom colorful effect[Scene Missing]
Marge is kidnapped and taken to a wavy dimensionAn additional swirly effect[Scene Missing]
Putties appear in the parkPutty cut-out[Scene Missing]
Putties appear in the park and rush forwardPutty cut-out which hides the Putties running about[Scene Missing]
Fade to black for a commercial breakCommercial break[Scene Missing]
Fade to black for a commercial breakCommercial break[Scene Missing]
Fade to black for a commercial breakCommercial break[Scene Missing]
Fade to black for a commercial breakCommercial break[Scene Missing]
Fade to black for a commercial breakCommercial break[Scene Missing]
A Putty kicks BillyKICK![Scene Missing]
The other four teens arriveCoin symbols[Scene Missing]
The original pre-morph sequence lightning bolt graphic.Lightning bolt.[Scene Missing]
Four Rangers pose on rocky beachCutout Rangers[Scene Missing]
Blue Ranger looks to our slight rightA new commercial break inserted in the middle of a scene, so just throw up a shot of Madame Woe’s crystal.[Scene Missing]
The Rangers unite their powers into a blue ball of lightTriceratops coin[Scene Missing]
Red Ranger flips over the cameraRed Ranger flips.[Scene Missing]
Black Ranger flips over the cameraBlack Ranger flips.[Scene Missing]
Yellow Ranger flips over the cameraYellow Ranger flips.[Scene Missing]
Pink and Yellow Rangers flips over the camera?![Scene Missing]
Pink Ranger flips over the cameraPink Ranger flips.[Scene Missing]
Black Ranger prepares Power Axe for Power Blaster formationMastodon logo[Scene Missing]
Pink Ranger prepares Power Bow for Power Blaster formationPterodactyl logo[Scene Missing]
Yellow Ranger prepares Power Daggers for Power Blaster formationSabertooth Tiger logo[Scene Missing]
Blue Ranger prepares Power Lance for Power Blaster formationTriceratops logo[Scene Missing]
Red Ranger prepares to leap up and complete the Power RangerGlowing with power.[Scene Missing]
Red Ranger completes the Power Blasterand Tyrannosaurus logo over a team weapon.[Scene Missing]
Power Rangers stand ready to fire the Power BlasterShiny Rangers![Scene Missing]
Power Blaster blast flows across screenOriginally, a sustained blast continues to hit Madame Woe. Now, a SECOND blast fires.[Scene Missing]
BillyBilly Fangirls rejoice[Scene Missing]
BillyThe new Pink Ranger?[Scene Missing]
Bulk’s dirt-covered foot, with money between toesA dirty bank...[Scene Missing]
Bulk extends dirty money to Ernie, near face...yields dirty money.[Scene Missing]
Ernie collapses, face-first, into sheet cakePLOP![Scene Missing]
Teens move to dancefloor to danceEnd credits now run over the last act of the episode to save time. Compared to the old way, the credits are arguably more readable now.[Scene Missing]
Freeze frame with Executive Producer creditsCOLORS![Scene Missing]