Sentai Gear Checklist

Sentai Gears (センタイギア) are mysterious items which each contain the condensed powers of one of the 45 Super Sentai teams. When some specific Sentai Gears are inserted into a transformation device such as the GearTlinger (ギアトリンガー), they allow a member of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger to transform.

Sentai Gears are also the collectible gimmick released by Bandai starting with the premiere of Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger in 2021.

# Name DX Candy Gashapon
01 ZenKaiser
(Metallic Version)
02 Zenkai Juran
Zenkai Juran
(Metallic Version)
Zenkai Juran
(Gold Version)
03 Zenkai Gaon
Zenkai Gaon
(Metallic Version)
04 Zenkai Vroon
05 Zenkai Magine
Zenkai Magine
(Metallic Version)
06 Goranger
(Super Red Version)
08 Battle Fever J
11 Sun Vulcan
17 Maskman
18 Liveman
22 Jetman
23 Zyuranger
24 Dairanger
25 Kakuranger
26 Ohranger
28 Megaranger
29 Gingaman
32 Timeranger
33 Gaoranger
34 Hurricaneger
41 Go-onger
42 ZenKaiser
(Gold Version)
48 Shinkenger
50 Gokaiger
51 Go-Busters
53 ToQger
57 Lupinranger
(Super Red Version)
58 Patranger
(Super Red Version)
59 Ryusoulger
60 Kiramager
(Super Red Version)
?? TwoKaiser
?? TwoKaiRikki
?? TwoKaiKattanar
?? Let's Play with GearTlinger