Kyutama Checklist

Kyutama (キュータマ) are mysterious items possessed by the 41st Super Sentai team, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. When inserted into a transformation device such as the Seiza Blaster (セイザブラスター), some Kyutama allow a member of the Kyuranger to transform as well as summon their individual Voyager mecha. Others allow access to special attacks.

Kyutama are also the collectible gimmick released by Bandai starting with the premiere of Uchu Sentai Kyuranger in 2017.

Name Constellation # DX Candy Gashapon
Shishi Kyutama Leo constellation Leo  (off-site link) 01
Sasori Kyutama Scorpius constellation Scorpius  (off-site link) 02
Ookami Kyutama Lupus constellation Lupus  (off-site link) 03
Tenbin Kyutama Libra constellation Libra  (off-site link) 04
Oushi Kyutama Taurus constellation Taurus  (off-site link) 05
Hebitsukai Kyutama Ophiuchus constellation Ophiuchus  (off-site link) 06
Chameleon Kyutama Chamaeleon constellation Chamaeleon  (off-site link) 07
Washi Kyutama Aquila constellation Aquila  (off-site link) 08
Kajiki Kyutama Dorado constellation Dorado  (off-site link) 09
Ryu Kyutama Draco constellation Draco  (off-site link) 10
Koguma Kyutama Ursa Minor constellation Ursa Minor  (off-site link) 11
Houou Kyutama Phoenix constellation Phoenix  (off-site link) 12
Orion Kyutama Orion constellation Orion  (off-site link) 13
Tokei Kyutama Horologium constellation Horologium  (off-site link) 14
Ushikai Kyutama Boötes constellation Boötes  (off-site link) 15
Hebi Kyutama Serpens constellation Serpens  (off-site link) 16
Pump Kyutama Antlia constellation Antlia  (off-site link) 17
Hercules Kyutama Hercules constellation Hercules  (off-site link) 18
Rashinban Kyutama Pyxis constellation Pyxis  (off-site link) 19
Bouenkyou Kyutama Telescopium constellation Telescopium  (off-site link) 20
Kani Kyutama Cancer constellation Cancer  (off-site link) 21
Ooguma Kyutama Ursa Major constellation Ursa Major  (off-site link) 22
Uo Kyutama Pisces constellation Pisces  (off-site link) 23
Tate Kyutama Scutum constellation Scutum  (off-site link) 24
Futago Kyutama Gemini constellation Gemini  (off-site link) 25
Ohitsuji Kyutama Aries constellation Aries  (off-site link) 26
Ikkakuju Kyutama Monoceros constellation Monoceros  (off-site link) 27
Mizugame Kyutama Aquarius constellation Aquarius  (off-site link) 28
Yagi Kyutama Capricornus constellation Capricornus  (off-site link) 29
Kanmuri Kyutama Corona Borealis constellation Corona Borealis  (off-site link) 30
Centaurus Kyutama Centaurus constellation Centaurus  (off-site link) 31
Kujaku Kyutama Pavo constellation Pavo  (off-site link) 32
Pegasus Kyutama Pegasus constellation Pegasus  (off-site link) 33
Kaminoke Kyutama Coma Berenices constellation Coma Berenices  (off-site link) 34
Ite Kyutama Sagittarius constellation Sagittarius  (off-site link) 35
Perseus Kyutama Perseus constellation Perseus  (off-site link) 36
Kujira Kyutama Cetus constellation Cetus  (off-site link) 37
Cassiopeia Kyutama Cassiopeia constellation Cassiopeia  (off-site link) 38
Tokage Kyutama Lacerta constellation Lacerta  (off-site link) 39
Andromeda Kyutama Andromeda constellation Andromeda  (off-site link) 40
Genbikyo Kyutama Microscopium constellation Microscopium  (off-site link) 41
Ryoken Kyutama Canes Venatici constellation Canes Venatici  (off-site link) 42
Kirin Kyutama Camelopardalis constellation Camelopardalis  (off-site link) 43
Tobiuo Kyutama Volans constellation Volans  (off-site link) 44
Karasu Kyutama Corvus constellation Corvus  (off-site link) 45
Jyogi Kyutama Norma constellation Norma  (off-site link) 46
Choukokushitsu Kyutama Sculptor constellation Sculptor  (off-site link) 47
Iruka Kyutama Delphinus constellation Delphinus  (off-site link) 48
Compass Kyutama Circinus constellation Circinus  (off-site link) 49
Saidan Kyutama Ara constellation Ara  (off-site link) 50
Otome Kyutama Virgo constellation Virgo  (off-site link) 51
Ooinu Kyutama Canis Major constellation Canis Major  (off-site link) 52
Sankaku Kyutama Triangulum constellation Triangulum  (off-site link) 53
Cepheus Kyutama Cepheus constellation Cepheus  (off-site link) 54
Koto Kyutama Lyra constellation Lyra  (off-site link) 55
Hakuchou Kyutama Cygnus constellation Cygnus  (off-site link) 56
Hae Kyutama Musca constellation Musca  (off-site link) 57
Hato Kyutama Columba constellation Columba  (off-site link) 58
Gaka Kyutama Pictor constellation Pictor  (off-site link) 59
Eridanus Kyutama Eridanus constellation Eridanus  (off-site link) 60
Kyoshichou Kyutama Tucana constellation Tucana  (off-site link) 61
Gyosha Kyutama Auriga constellation Auriga  (off-site link) 62
Kouma Kyutama Equuleus constellation Equuleus  (off-site link) 63
Cup Kyutama Crater constellation Crater  (off-site link) 64
Mizuhebi Kyutama Hydrus constellation Hydrus  (off-site link) 65
Koinu Kyutama Canis Minor constellation Canis Minor  (off-site link) 66
Umihebi Kyutama Hydra constellation Hydra  (off-site link) 67
Usagi Kyutama Lepus constellation Lepus  (off-site link) 68
Chokokugu Kyutama Caelum constellation Caelum  (off-site link) 69
Indian Kyutama Indus constellation Indus  (off-site link) 70
Table-san Kyutama Mensa constellation Mensa  (off-site link) 71
Fuuchou Kyutama Apus constellation Apus  (off-site link) 72
Minami Juuji Kyutama Crux constellation Crux  (off-site link) 73
Minami no Uo Kyutama Piscis Austrinus constellation Piscis Austrinus  (off-site link) 74
Minami no Sankaku Kyutama Triangulum Australe constellation Triangulum Australe  (off-site link) 75
Minami no Kanmuri Kyutama Corona Australis constellation Corona Australis  (off-site link) 76
Kojishi Kyutama Leo Minor constellation Leo Minor  (off-site link) 77
Reticle Kyutama Reticulum constellation Reticulum  (off-site link) 78
Rokubungi Kyutama Sextans constellation Sextans  (off-site link) 79
Hachibungi Kyutama Octans constellation Octans  (off-site link) 80
Tsuru Kyutama Grus constellation Grus  (off-site link) 81
Kogitsune Kyutama Vulpecula constellation Vulpecula  (off-site link) 82
Ro Kyutama Fornax constellation Fornax  (off-site link) 83
Ya Kyutama Sagitta constellation Sagitta  (off-site link) 84
Yamaneko Kyutama Lynx constellation Lynx  (off-site link) 85
Ho Kyutama Vela constellation Vela  (off-site link) 86
Ryukotsu Kyutama Carina constellation Carina  (off-site link) 87
Tomo Kyutama Puppis constellation Puppis  (off-site link) 88
Argo Kyutama Argo Navis  (off-site link) 89
Cerberus Kyutama Cerberus  (off-site link) 111
Saiko Kyutama n/a 315
Hikari Kyutama n/a SUN
Kyuranger Kyutama n/a SP
Ex-Aid Kyutama n/a KR
Dark Kyutama n/a
Black Hole Kyutama n/a
Christmas Kyutama n/a Xmas
Toy-Exclusive Kyutama
Name # DX Candy Gashapon
Ookami Kyutama
(Crystal Version)
Kyuranger Kyutama
All Voyager Kyutama SP
Super Sentai Kyutama
(Shishi Red Version)
Super Sentai Kyutama
(Sasori Orange Version)
Super Sentai Kyutama
(Houou Soldier Version)
Super Sentai Kyutama
(Shishi Red Orion Version)