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Episode Guide

# Fanon Episode Name
1 Resurgence! Wicked Sushi?!
2 The Red Rash Of Courage
3 The Invincible Big Jelly Strikes!!
4 The Insect And The Prey
5 Arise! The Fallen Brother’s Spirit
6 Buzz! Stinging Nuisance
7 Double Squawk! Flapping Destruction
8 Prank Of The Tricky Crow
9 Macho! The Vandalized Cars
10 Dangerous Pumpkin Harvest
11 Argue! Sibling Indifference
12 Decisive Soccer Match!
13 Evil American-Football Game!
14 The Horrible Taskforce Strikes Back?!
15 Terror Below The Waves
16 Great Revolt! The Fish Puppeteer
17 The White Baboon Of Mimic
18 Burn! The Scaly Reptile
19 Blossoming Jealousy
20 The Squid’s Thieving Jar
21 Scramble For The Scarab!
22 Deadly Trap Of The Flytrap!
23 The Brother’s Sword Of Hope
24 Hark! Musical Cicada Attacks!!
25 Tempered Shell! Burai Dies Again...

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