Episode Airings for “The Rangers’ Leap of Faith”

“The Rangers’ Leap of Faith” Episode Guide

Airing NumberAiring DateNetwork
# 1,464Saturday, October 24, 1998Fox Kids
# 1,465Tuesday, October 27, 1998Fox Kids
# 1,499Wednesday, December 9, 1998Fox Kids
# 1,560Tuesday, February 9, 1999Fox Kids
# 1,659Wednesday, May 19, 1999Fox Kids
# 1,759Wednesday, August 25, 1999Fox Kids
# 2,850Tuesday, December 3, 2002ABC Family
# 3,208Friday, April 18, 2003ABC Family
# 4,965Monday, February 14, 2005ABC Family
# 5,650Friday, July 22, 2005ABC Family
# 9,196Wednesday, October 18, 2006Toon Disney
# 11,243Thursday, August 23, 2007Toon Disney

Disclaimer: The “Today In Power Rangers History” guide is the most complete guide to airings in Power Rangers history, but it is not 100% complete. Records for much of 1994 as well as portions of 1993 and 1997 are incomplete. Accordingly, “total airings” counts for episodes which premiered before 1998 should be interpreted as the minimum number of documented airings.