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When three average kids enter the Haunted Murren Estate, little do they know that their lives are about to change forever. They accidentally unleash a funtastic Phasm who grants them each one wish, and they all choose to become their favorite comic book heroes, BeetleBorgs. But this Phasm’s magic also releases the evil Vexor and his evil Magnavors from the comic book. Now, our three heroes must use their new super powers to defeat the fiendish Magnavors and restore peace to their hometown.

5220 6″ Evil Magnavors

[SRP: $6.75; Case Count: 12]

5264 6″ Action Feature BeetleBorgs

[SRP: $6.75; Case Count: 12]

5280 6″ Action Feature Magnavors

[SRP: $6.75; Case Count: 12]

5340 AstralBorgs Action Figures

[SRP: $6.75]

5360 6″ BeetleBorg Metalix Action Feature Figures

[SRP: $6.75; Case Count: 12]

5395 6″ Beetleborgs and B-Force Beetleborgs

[SRP: $8.00]

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