Masked Rider


Masked Rider toy line logo.

Dex, a teenage boy from a world light years away, is forced to flee his planet in the wake of devastation caused by Count Dregon, the surpreme warlord of the universe. His next target destination: planet Earth. Using newly acquired powers, Dex can transmutate into the powerful Masked Rider or the nearly invincible Masked Rider Super Gold.

3600 3″ Collectable Figures

[Case Count: 24]

3601 5.5″ Masked Rider

[Case Count: 12]

3606 5.5″ Mutant Marauders

[Case Count: 12]

3611 Masked Rider Talking Bikes

[Case Count: 12]

3650 Super Charged Gyro Action Dash Racers

[Case Count: 12]

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