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Playskool Heroes (2019)

Playskool Heroes toy line logo.

E5865 Power Morph Megazords [SRP: $29.99] [Case Count: 2]

E5866 Feature Zords [SRP: $12.99] [Case Count: 4]

E5867 Morphin Zords [SRP: $19.99] [Case Count: 3]

E5868 Figure 2 Packs [SRP: $7.99] [Case Count: 8]

E5869 Mega Mighties [SRP: $10.99] [Case Count: 4]

E5870 Blind Bag Assortment [SRP: $2.99] [Case Count: 16]

E5871 Morphin Megazords [SRP: $59.99]

E6359 Role Play [SRP: $14.99]

E6361 Mega Mighties [SRP: $14.99]

Style Key

  • Items for which photos are needed are depicted in YELLOW.
  • Unreleased items, historically or as-yet, are depicted in RED.
  • Unconfirmed assortment and item numbers are depicted with ?????.