Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015)

Power Rangers Dino Charge toy line logo.

On pre-historic Earth, an alien entrusted powerful Energems to 12 dinosaurs for protection, but when the dinosaurs went extinct the gems were lost. Now an intergalactic bounty hunter is determined to reclaim the gems and destroy our planet. A new team of Power Rangers must find the lost gems and use their Dino Chargers to power an arsenal of dino-fueled weapons, zords and Megazords to save the world.

42070 Dino Cycles

Zord Builder logo [SRP: $14.99; Case Count: 6]

42080 Mixx N Morph Figures

[SRP: $9.99; Case Count: 6]

42120 12″ Figures

[SRP: $11.99; Case Count: 6]

42200 5″ Action Figures

[SRP: $9.99; Case Count: 12]

42250 Dino Charger 2-Packs

[SRP: $7.99; Case Count: 12]

97020 Toys R Us-Exclusive Legacy Figures

[SRP: $16.99; Case Count: 12]