Power Rangers in Space (1998)

Power Rangers in Space toy line logo.

Feeling defeated after losing their Turbo Megazords and having their Power Chamber destroyed by Divatox, the Power Rangers leave for space in search of the original team’s old mentor, Zordon. While Divatox planet hops to hid Zordon from the Rangers, Astronema and Ecliptor attack Earth to keep them busy saving the planet instead of trying to find Zordon.

3100 5-inch Lightstar Power Rangers

[SRP: $6.75]

3150 8-inch Talking Power Rangers

[SRP: $10.00]

3160 Deluxe Galaxy Cycles

[SRP: $10.00]

3210 5-inch Astro Power Rangers

[SRP: $6.00]

3280 4″ Lunar Power Rangers

[SRP: $4.99]