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Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000)

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue toy line logo.

Mariner Bay, California, is a nice town - too bad it was built on an ancient demon graveyard. When the demons threaten to rise, a government organization called Lightspeed, recruits five civilians to defend the city. A team assists the Rangers, who are headquartered at an underwater military compound. The demons fear water, keeping the base secure from attack.

4400 Lightspeed Power Rangers

4410 5″ Action Zords

4420 Vehicles

4428 Power Ranger Mega Packs

4430 Morpher Assortment

4435 Weapon Assortment

4440 Deluxe Weapon Assortment

4445 Intermediate Zord Assortment

4450 Deluxe Lightspeed Megazord

4455 Deluxe Supertrain Megazord

4460 Deluxe Micro Playsets

4470 Rescue Armor Power Rangers

4475 Mega Battle Power Rangers

4490 Deluxe Vehicle Assortment

4510 10″ Infralight Power Rangers

4520 Trans-Armor Cycles

4530 Deluxe Max Solarzord

4535 Deluxe Charging Omega Megazord

4555 Deluxe Omega Megazord

???? Deluxe Supertrain Playset

???? Deluxe Interactive Omega Megazord

Style Key

  • Items for which photos are needed are depicted in YELLOW.
  • Unreleased items, historically or as-yet, are depicted in RED.
  • Unconfirmed assortment and item numbers are depicted with ?????.