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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999)

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy toy line logo.

Five teens from a newly created space colony, Terra Venture, are seeking a new world that resembles Earth. They find five mystical swords (the Quasar Sabers) on a jungle planet called Mirinoi. The weapons transform them into Galaxy Power Rangers to help battle the evil Scorpius and Trakeena.

3040 Navigator [SRP: $28.00]

3200 Digizord

4240 Talking Galaxy Power Rangers

4255 5″ Action Zords

4265 Astro Cycles

4275 Morpher Assortment [Case Count: 6]

4280 Weapon Assortment

4285 Intermediate Zord Assortment

4290 Deluxe Galaxy Megazord

4291 Deluxe Defender Torozord

4292 Exclusive Die-Cast DX Gingaioh

4295 Deluxe Micro Playsets

4300 5″ Conquering Power Rangers

4310 5″ Armored Power Rangers

4320 4″ Explorer Power Rangers

4330 5″ Blasting Power Rangers

4340 10″ Auto Morphin Power Rangers

4344 Talking Silver Ranger Deluxe Set

4346 Deluxe Gold Galaxy Megazord

4348 Deluxe Super Galactic Megazord

4350 Jet Jammers

4360 Galactic Speeder

4365 Magna Rotator

4366 Power Ranger Mega Packs

4369 Deluxe Zord Assortment

4373 Battery-Powered Deluxe Megazords

4375 Weapon Assortment

4390 Capsular Cycles

Style Key

  • Items for which photos are needed are depicted in YELLOW.
  • Unreleased items, historically or as-yet, are depicted in RED.
  • Unconfirmed assortment and item numbers are depicted with ?????.