Power Rangers Operation Overdrive


Power Rangers Operation Overdrive toy line logo.

The “crown of the Gods” have been discovered & the dark forces are searching for the seven missing jewels. Five brave teens known as Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive, set out on an exciting global treasure hunt to track down & find these long-lost jewels.

29000 5″ Operation Overdrive Power Rangers

[SRP: $6.99]

29020 5″ Battlized/Mach-Morph Figures

[SRP: $8.99]

29030 9″ Battery Operated Figures

[SRP: $10.99]

29040 Mega Power Rangers Mini Vehicle Sets

[SRP: $7.99]

29050 Trans-Cycles with Power Ranger

[SRP: $10.99]

29090 Mega Talking Power Rangers

[SRP: $14.99]

29105 Operation Overdrive Weapons

[SRP: $14.99]

29170 Power Rangers 15th Anniversary 6.5″ Red Ranger Figures

[SRP: $9.99]

94010 Zord Armor Power Rangers

94070 Power Rangers Academy Training Sets

[SRP: $14.99]

94080 Power Rangers Electronic Hand Gear

[SRP: $9.99]

94155 Disney Store-Exclusive Weapon-Morpher Sets

94165 Disney Store-Exclusive Power Rangers Figures

[SRP: $9.99]

94180 Disney Store-Exclusive Mega Figure Sets

94195 Disney Store-Exclusive Action Machines

94255 Disney Store-Exclusive Special Edition 5.5″ Red Power Rangers

94315 Special Edition 8″ Red Power Rangers with Special Metallic Armor

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