Power Rangers S.P.D. (2005)

Power Rangers S.P.D. toy line logo.

In 2025, we are no longer alone in the universe. Aliens have arrived on Earth and live peacefully with humans. At least, they do until the Troobian Empire decides to destroy Earth. When the elite S.P.D. A-Squad mysteriously vanishes that leaves only the B-Squad Rangers to defend Earth.

20000 5″ Power Rangers

[SRP: $6.99; Case Count: 12]

20030 5″ Battlized Power Rangers

[SRP: $8.99; Case Count: 12]

20040 6.5″ Mega Morphin Power Rangers

[SRP: $10.99; Case Count: 12]

20050 S.P.D. Cycle Assortment

[SRP: $10.99; Case Count: 4]

20100 12″ Talking Power Rangers

[SRP: $14.99; Case Count: 4]

20140 Delta Armor Power Rangers

20170 S.P.D. Two-Figure Packs

90220 Power Rangers SPD Warrior Rangers