Power Rangers Turbo (1997)

Power Rangers Turbo toy line logo.

Space pirate Divatox visits Earth and kidnaps an alien wizard named Lerigot. The Power Rangers upgrade to Turbo Powers and use their Turbo Zords to destroy Maligore. Furious, Divatox swears vengeance on the Rangers, and returns to terrorize Angel Grove with detonators and monsters.

2766 5-inch Action Feature Evil Space Aliens

[SRP: $6.75; Case Count: 12]

2780 5-inch Key Double Action Turbo Rangers

[SRP: $6.75; Case Count: 12]

2790 5-inch Turbo Shifter Action Figures

[SRP: $6.75]

2950 5-inch Action Feature Turbo Zords

[SRP: $6.75; Case Count: 12]

2971 Turbo Carts & 4-inch Turbo Rangers

[SRP: $11.00; Case Count: 12]

2980 8-inch Repeat Action Turbo Rangers

[SRP: $11.00]

2993 5-inch Triple Action Turbo Rangers

[SRP: $6.75]

3073 Real Metal Turbo Vehicles

[SRP: $4.50]