Power Rangers Power Playback


Ordinary teenagers are chosen to save the world from Evil Space Aliens. Using special Power Morphers, the teens call on the spirits of the ancient dinosaurs and transform into incredible Power Rangers with the ability to summon the mighty Power Zords.

4600 8″ Power Rangers

4610 Battle Bikes

4615 Megazord with Detachable Dinozord Legs

4616 Dragon Dagger

4620 Deluxe Ninja MegaFalconzord

4622 Ninja Rangers

4630 Battle Borgs

4640 Deluxe Shogun Megazord

4645 Shark Cycles

4655 8″ Sound And Action Zeo Rangers

4665 Zeo Jet Cycles

4675 8″ Repeat Action Turbo Rangers

4685 Turbo Carts