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Zyu1.5 Footage Guide

Zyu1.5 is a term used by Power Rangers fans to refer to the scenes filmed in Japan exclusively for use by Saban Entertainment shortly after they received the first batch of Zyuranger episodes for adaptation. According to the agreement (off-site link), these additional scenes were filmed over the course of two days and feature the original players of the Sorceress character and her disciples.

Unlike Zyu2, Zyu1.5 was shot based on the direction of Saban Entertainment for the express purpose of filling in gaps featuring the main villains, often allowing for extended scenes and dialogue in Rita’s Moon Palace.

Note: subsections of these scenes were used throughout Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and have been spliced back together for viewing here. Accordingly, there are often slight aspect ratio and saturation changes throughout the longer clips as the nature of finalized masters often varied from episode to episode.