• Close-up of Guitardo’s right wing.
  • Close-up of Guitardo’s left side face.
  • Close-up of Guitardo’s guitar.
  • Zoom out as Guitardo stands there, saluting with his right claw.
  • Side angle on Guitardo, pointing to our right, patting guitar, spinning around, pointing and motioning claw, then playing the guitar.
  • Zoom out as Guitardo gets down in his guitar shredding, the Rangers looking at one another in disbelief.
  • Guitardo ceases strumming, lowers guitar, and points forth, motioning claw at the team, then whips guitar back into his claws and begins strumming, dramatic zoom in as he fires green energy notes.
    [Partially slowed.]
  • Guitardo continues jamming, getting down on one knee, dramatic zoom in as he strums like mad, jumping up, spinning, finally shooting off a wave of green energy notes.
    [Partially slowed.]
  • Guitardo lowers guitar, points and waves claw, then picks it back up and walks slowly forth.
  • Guitardo stops walking, points forth, then dramatic zoom in as he plays the guitar.
    [Partially slowed; Fades to black.]
  • Green Ranger leap kicks over the ducking Guitardo, then turns and kicks, it’s blocked, then gets sparkily slashed by the guitar, twice, before the monster uses the instrument to flip him over and press down with his weapon on the Ranger.
  • Sharp zoom out as Green Ranger, on his back, blocks the guitar with his hands, keeping Guitardo at bay long enough to kick the monster away.
  • Guitardo staggers over to the side, clutching his shoulder.
  • Zoom out as Guitardo gestures guitar forth, steps back, then crosses arms, teleporting away just before Green & Pink Rangers dash in, switching places as they look from side to side, finally turning and looking up at their teammates.
    [Teleportation effect added.]
  • The curtains on the stage in front of the outdoor auditorium open up, out steps Guitardo, zoom in as he comes out on stage, curtains closing behind him.
  • Upward close on Guitardo, raising arms, and making a bowing motion before his audience of one.
  • Guitardo is partially in frame, as Green Ranger stands in between the bleachers, reacting.
  • Close on Guitardo, picking up guitar, then motioning claw all about.
  • Green Ranger lands on stage, Guitardo dodging him, blocking his Dragon Dagger with his guitar, then blocking kick, then lunging at Green, who rolls to a crouch and is just about to get up when the monster shoves his guitar into him.
  • Reverse angle, as Green Ranger holds off guitar, finally shoving it back, only for the monster to jab, smack, and slap him with the guitar, knocking him off the stage.
  • Zoom in past Green Ranger, to Guitardo on stage, lowering guitar and motioning claw about.
  • Guitardo begins strumming guitar, jumping up, spinning around, then firing off a wave of green energy notes.
  • Zoom in sharply on Guitardo, shocked.
  • Close on Guitardo, hopping down from stage, motioning claws about to our slight left.
  • Dramatic zoom in on Guitardo as he strums his guitar and releases a wave of green energy notes.
    [Partially slowed.]
  • Zoom out as Guitardo steps into frame, continuing to play guitar as Green Ranger rises up, struggling.
  • Guitardo strums his guitar while tapping his foot.
  • Guitardo slowly walks forth, pointing claw tauntingly.
  • Close on Guitardo, quickly turning to our left.
  • Guitardo jerks arm to the side in reaction to the remaining Ranger’s appearance.
  • Guitardo readies claw, then begins to quickly strum on guitar.
  • Facing each other down the slope of the aisles, Pink fires off a wave of pink energy notes, striking Guitardo’s green energy notes, each one of her’s overpowering the monster’s, striking him with blue flashes until he spark bursts.
  • Guitardo spark bursts brightly, knocking him backward, up and off his feet.
  • His smoking guitar falling, Guitardo falls and rolls away, but gets up and holds out claw.
  • Zoom out as Guitardo comes into partial view, as Pink & Green Rangers pose.
  • Close on Guitardo, motioning claw, anxiously moving about, then rushing forth.
  • Pan up along Guitardo as he runs at us, waving his claws out in a rage, hopping at end.
  • Guitardo hops up and sparkily slashes Green Ranger, Pink dodges his next strike, Green kicks but gets knocked back, Pink blocks his kick, kicks back, misses, he sparkily claws her away, turns to grab Green’s arm, then leads him around to the other side.
  • Guitardo sparkily slashes Green Ranger away.
  • Guitardo crosses claws, then gestures to head, steps forth and fires yellow-white beams of energy from each eye.
  • Zoom out as Guitardo slowly approaches the Green & Pink Rangers, making intimidating motions with his claws.
  • As Green Ranger poses, Pink prepares Power Bow, pulling back on Dragon Dagger, causing it to glow green, firing it like an arrow. Pan right as the glowing dagger strikes Guitardo, causing him to repeatedly burst with sparks, fall over, then explode brightly, leaving only a few fading, floating sparkles behind.

Single frames marked “Unused Footage” are frames which were not used on Power Rangers.
Single frames marked “Original Footage” are frames that were only used in a modified form on Power Rangers.

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