• Close on Lizzinator punching through wall, and passing through it.
  • Lizzinator finishes exiting through the wall, turns to his left, motions arm annoyed, then steps out from it completely, notices the metal girder to his right, grabs it and pushes it over.
  • Extreme close-up on Lizzinator’s head as he leans forth while debris falls from behind him.
  • As Lizzinator roars and slashes arms about, debris falls behind him.
    [Partially altered to fit in Viewing Globe.]
  • Lizzinator walks into the debris-strewn alleyway, and bends over, motioning his arms.
  • Close on Lizzinator doing intimidating arm gesturing, then spotting something to his right and heading that way.
  • Lizzinator walks up to a red car, raises his arms in surprise, then begins to sparkily slash against its roof.
  • Lizzinator picks up the red car and slowly raises it over his head, as the Red Ranger appears on the scene, calling out to him.
  • Zoom in past Red Ranger, onto Lizzinator as he slowly turns the raised car around so that it’s between him and the Ranger.
  • Close on Lizzinator shoving the raised car away from himself.
  • Close on Lizzinator, motioning arms up and out fiercely.
  • Close on Lizzinator wiggling his clawed fingers as he awaits a confrontation.
  • Red Ranger leaps onto and off of the hood of the car, slashing at Lizzinator with Bladeblaster, but he ducks. Red then roundhouses, it’s avoided,
  • Red Ranger remains against the car, as Lizzinator slaps his chest then raises hands fiercely, prompting the Ranger to raise his weapon.
  • Red Ranger strikes at Lizzinator, he blocks his arm, grabs it, then bends down and grabs the Ranger’s right inner thigh with the other hand, and lifts him over his shoulders.
  • Lizzinator gives Red Ranger an airplane spin, spinning around before throwing him off.
  • Lizzinator does his fierce arm motions, then stomps forth, grabbing the crouched Red Ranger by his shoulders and dragging him up roughly into a standing position.
  • Face to face, Red Ranger struggles as Lizzinator raises him higher above him.
  • Close on Lizzinator’s feet as Red Ranger’s dangling boots slowly elevate, as he kicks in the air futilely.
  • With Red Ranger up high enough, Lizzinator uses his free hand to punch into his stomach.
  • Lizzinator waves hand like something stinks, spreads arms, pats chest, then raises arms a few more times, before teleporting away.
    [Teleportation effect added; fades to black.]
  • Really distant shot of Lizzinator approaching an abandoned black & white car in a quarry.
  • Lizzinator motions arms up, then grabs trunk of car, pushing it slowly to our left.
  • Close on the edge of a cliff, as the car is pushed toward it, pan left as it stops, Lizzinator pausing his trunk-shoving as the five Rangers appear in the background.
  • Lizzinator turns from the car’s trunk, steps forth, points, then gestures hands to face, unleashing red energy beams from his eyes to our right.
  • Zoom out as Lizzinator raises his arms and a gang of Putties appear in front of him. He then points forth and they rush ahead.
  • While the Rangers are busy with Putties in the distance, Lizzinator turns his attention back to the car, and resumes shoving its trunk.
  • Red Ranger bounces off of Lizzinator’s shoulders, dazing the monster.
  • Zoom out as Red Ranger lands atop the moving car’s roof, while it passes by Lizzinator, who stands there watching.
  • Lizzinator motions hands to face then releases while stepping forth, firing red eye beams to our right.
  • Red Ranger rises, zoom in past him as Lizzinator rushes forth, stops, makes double fists, then points at his enemy.
  • Lizzinator throws his arms up fiercely, then prepares to kick a small boulder.
  • Close-up of Lizzinator’s right foot kicking the small boulder to our left.
  • Close-up of Lizzinator’s left foot kicking another small boulder to our left.
  • Lizzinator picks up a larger boulder and hurls it to our left.
  • Lizzinator covers his face as the boulder crashes into him, sending him falling and rolling.
  • Lizzinator gets up and spreads his arms in anger, then rushes forth.
  • Pan up Lizzinator as he rushes at us, raising arms.
  • Zoom in as Green Ranger and Lizzinator race at one another, the Ranger cyclone kicking over the monster, who ducks, then shrugs off each of Green’s kicks into his arms.
    [Transitions out to non-Zyu2 clip via downward pixel effect.]
  • Continued, Green Ranger & Lizzinator remain locked, spinning around to switch positions.
    [Transitions in from non-Zyu2 clip via horizontal bar effect.]
  • Close on Green Ranger’s feet as they come together and jump up.
  • Green Ranger leaps up and kicks both feet into Lizzinator’s chest at the same time.
  • Extremely close shot of Lizzinator getting sparkily struck.
  • Lizzinator falls and rolls across the quarry, finally sitting up to a lean.
  • Sharp zoom out as Green Ranger lands, fist pointed for a moment, while Lizzinator remains sitting in foreground, and the Rangers approach their teammate.
  • Lizzinator gets up, clutches smoking chest, points, steps forth, points, then spreads arms up and out, before curling down into a ball on the ground.
  • Lizzinator grows gigantic amid continuing updraft of smoke.
  • Lizzinator stomps giant foot down, causing the Rangers to dive away in various directions.
  • Lizzinator beats on his chest, then spreads arms up and out fiercely, before slowly stomping forth, gesturing arms as shot zooms in.
  • Lizzinator ducks under the tail, then kicks, Dragonzord blocks, Lizzinator slaps at him, he dodges, but the second one makes sparking contact.
  • Lizzinator snags Dragonzord’s tail between both of his arms.
  • Dragonzord expresses discomfort via his hands as he’s led around by his tail by Lizzinator, who switches positions with him.
  • Lizzinator gets a better grip on the tail, then hoists it up higher.
  • Dragonzord limply slumps over as Lizzinator lifts him up by his tail and slowly begins to swing him around overhead.
  • Lizzinator swings Dragonzord around one more revolution before releasing his tail.
  • Lizzinator raises arms fiercely, then starts marching forth, before stopping, doing the fierce arm thing again, as shot zooms in on his hands.
    [Transitions out to non-Zyu2 clip via four-edged page effect.]
  • Lizzinator sparkily bashes both Dragonzord & Megazord in the chests at once, they stagger back. Dragonzord whips up tail, Lizzinator rolls under, sparkily slashes Megazord away,
  • Lizzinator spreads arms up and around, then gestures against face.
  • Close-up side angle on Lizzinator as he releases his hands from his face and opens jaw wide, spewing a mist breath to our right.
  • Lizzinator stands to the foreground side spewing his breath at Dragonzord & Megazord, it ceases just as they spark burst, followed by a massive blast directly in front of them.
  • Close pan up Lizzinator’s body from his stomping feet, as he points right hand, then raises his arms up three times.
  • Close on Lizzinator as he jerks head in surprise, shaking arms as he begins to back up, zoom out while he raises his arms fiercely once more.
  • Lizzinator gets a fireball burst superimposed over him.
  • Continued from previous shot, with a fireball burst superimposed over him, which flares out, Lizzinator twirls amid sparks before falling and exploding.

Single frames marked “Unused Footage” are frames which were not used on Power Rangers.
Single frames marked “Original Footage” are frames that were only used in a modified form on Power Rangers.

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