• The combined beam strikes Pumpkin Rapper, causing him to have a superimposed explosion erupt over him until he falls down.
    Appears In:
  • Primator is struck with the blast from the Power Blaster.
    Appears In:
    No Episodes
    Total Frames: 72
    Used Frames: 0
    Percentage Used: n/a
  • Saliguana runs at us in dramatic slow-motion, gets struck by the combined beam, crackles with red electricity and begins to fall over forward.
  • Zoom out from Bloom of Doom, who sparks twice before a superimposed explosion bursts brightly upon monster as she falls to the ground.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 98
    Used Frames: 68
    Percentage Used: 69.4%
  • Shot of Octophantom as a superimposed explosion bursts out brighter as camera zooms out, engulfing the screen with sparks.
    Total Frames: 78
    Used Frames: 46
    Percentage Used: 59.0%
  • Stag Beetle is struck with the combined beam, causing him to flare with yellow light, zoom out as he crackles with orange electricity, falls over, and explodes brightly.
    Total Frames: 176
    Used Frames: 120
    Percentage Used: 68.2%
  • A super-imposed fireball strikes Invenusable Flytrap in the open chest, knocking her down, as the camera zooms out.
    Total Frames: 80
    Used Frames: 78
    Percentage Used: 97.5%

Single frames marked “Unused Footage” are frames which were not used on Power Rangers.
Single frames marked “Original Footage” are frames that were only used in a modified form on Power Rangers.

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