• Zoom out as Blue lands, his Lances split, all four teammates, each with Power Weapons, regroup around him. Red nod-talks to him, he replies and moves, letting Red take the center.
    Appears In:
  • Real close on Power Dagger as Yellow Ranger flips it around.
  • Pink & Yellow Rangers leap toward our left, firing Power Arrow and tossing pair of Power Daggers.
  • Jellyfish raises a pink, veiny umbrella, causing the arrow and daggers to bounce off harmlessly.
    [Partially slowed.]
  • Close on arrow & dagger falling at the feet of the Jellyfish.
  • Zoom out as Black Ranger is joined by his teammates, nod-talking to Red, who takes center position, and all five raise their Power Weapons to pose.
  • Zoom out from Power Dagger as Yellow Ranger prepares it, then uncrouches as she strikes in a Mantis-style way.
  • Zoom out as Yellow Ranger leaps up, sparkily slashes Mantis with Power Dagger, then spins around and poses as he falls and rolls.
  • As her teammates rush up and get in formation behind her, Yellow Ranger spreads arms out, then poses with Power Dagger.
    [Fades in from white.]
  • Pumpkin Rapper gets sparkily slashed by Green Ranger, who lands, does a roundhouse, then grabs the monster’s arms and holds him in a lock, leading him around as camera tracks left. Green nod-talks to the five Rangers in the near distance, as he forces Pumpkin’s back to them.
    Appears In:
  • As Red Ranger raises his fist, the five Rangers, each with their Power Weapon in hand, pose, ready to form the Power Blaster.
    Appears In:
  • Zoom out as Black Ranger gets up and joins his teammates’ side, as they all hold their Power Weapons, readied.
  • Pink & Yellow Rangers leap up at a slight angle as they fire Power Bow and toss Power Daggers, respectively.
    Appears In:
  • Close on Soccadillo as arrow and Power Daggers strike him, spark bursting seperately for each, zoom out as he falls back.
    Appears In:
  • Zoom out sharply as Red & Green Rangers land amid their team, and pose with weapons.
    Appears In:
  • Close on Yellow Ranger, pan up as she lands, spins around, and slashes Power Daggers at the screen.
  • Zoom out, as Yellow Ranger spins at the approaching Yellow Mutant, sparkily slashing her in the chest, then blocking the mutant’s own dagger slash, knocking away her hand, only to have the Mutant Ranger twirl and sparkily slash her over into a flip when her guard is down.
  • Zoom out as the Pink Ranger gets up, and joins her teammates as the other five Rangers regroup around her.
  • Red Ranger raise a fist, nods, then raises sword, the other Rangers then posing with their Power Weapons.
  • The six Rangers take a step back after seeing what’s to our upper left, then turn, all except Green, raising hands to upper right and summoning.
  • Zoom out as the five Rangers pose with Power Weapons, while Green holds signal blocker device.
    Total Frames: 89
    Used Frames: 78
    Percentage Used: 87.6%
  • Zoom out as the Rangers pose with Power Weapons, Red then looking over to Blue, nod-talking, prompting a similar response before Blue rushes back to Green with the signal blocker device, the others remaining posed defensively in front.
    Total Frames: 127
    Used Frames: 118
    Percentage Used: 92.9%
  • Zoom out as Red & Green land, with Power Sword and Dragon Dagger in hands, respectively. Green shuffles to the background as the other Rangers regroup around Red, each with their Power Weapons, all posing, ready to bring them together.
    Total Frames: 150
    Used Frames: 147
    Percentage Used: 98.0%
  • Zoom out as the five Rangers pose with their Power Weapons.
  • Pair of Power Daggers shoot through the void, repeating a second time at a different level of closeness to the camera.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 16
    Used Frames: 12
    Percentage Used: 75.0%
  • Power Daggers strike into Bloom of Doom, causing her to spark burst and be thrown aside.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 37
    Used Frames: 33
    Percentage Used: 89.2%
  • Zoom out as all five Rangers pose with their Power Weapons.
    Total Frames: 91
    Used Frames: 86
    Percentage Used: 94.5%
  • Zoom out as Red Ranger draws his Power Sword and the other Rangers pose with their Power Weapons.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 134
    Used Frames: 115
    Percentage Used: 85.8%
  • Yellow and Green Rangers pose with weapons, thrust them forth, then jump into the air.
    Appears In:
    No Episodes
    Total Frames: 49
    Used Frames: 0
    Percentage Used: n/a
  • Yellow & Green Rangers leap up and slash their daggers forth, zoom in on Green.
    Total Frames: 39
    Used Frames: 36
    Percentage Used: 92.3%
  • Invenusable Flytrap smacks Yellow & Green’s dagger slashing arms away, then sparkily punches both in the chest.
    Total Frames: 45
    Used Frames: 42
    Percentage Used: 93.3%
  • Yellow & Green Rangers are thrown through the air away from Invenusable Flytrap, as she punches forward.
    Total Frames: 29
    Used Frames: 25
    Percentage Used: 86.2%
  • Zoom out as Yellow & Green Rangers crash to the ground, their teammates regrouping defensively in front of them.
    Total Frames: 84
    Used Frames: 82
    Percentage Used: 97.6%
  • Facing our right, Invenusable Flytrap steps forth, causing her exposed chest to glow and release a yellow wave of energy, pan right to show the wave creating a cage of green electricity that captures Red, Pink, Blue and Black Rangers, converting them to energy as Yellow & Green watch helplessly, before panning left back to the monster, retracting the wave and closing chest.
    Total Frames: 213
    Used Frames: 210
    Percentage Used: 98.6%
  • Yellow & Green Rangers step forth and reach out to our left in protest, but remaining in defensive posing.
    Total Frames: 66
    Used Frames: 63
    Percentage Used: 95.5%
  • Yellow & Green Rangers react to the monster’s departure by throwing their fists and arms down at their sides.
    Total Frames: 96
    Used Frames: 93
    Percentage Used: 96.9%
  • Zoom out from Red Ranger drawing Power Sword as all six Rangers pose with their weapons.
    Total Frames: 61
    Used Frames: 55
    Percentage Used: 90.2%
  • Pink, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, and Green flip over the camera with their weapons in hand.
    Total Frames: 115
    Used Frames: 111
    Percentage Used: 96.5%
  • Zoom in as Pink & Yellow Rangers leap up to our slight left and fire Power Bow and toss Power Daggers, respectively.
    Total Frames: 28
    Used Frames: 22
    Percentage Used: 78.6%
  • Struck by both Power Daggers and the arrow, Invenusable Flytrap spark bursts and is knocked back.
    Total Frames: 31
    Used Frames: 25
    Percentage Used: 80.6%
  • Zoom out as Red Ranger leads the team in a defiant pose with their Power Weapons.
    Total Frames: 96
    Used Frames: 88
    Percentage Used: 91.7%

Single frames marked “Unused Footage” are frames which were not used on Power Rangers.
Single frames marked “Original Footage” are frames that were only used in a modified form on Power Rangers.

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