• Red Ranger sparkily slashes down a pair of Putties with his Power Sword, then turns and leaps upward.
    Appears In:
  • Red Ranger poises Power Sword forth while leaping through the white sky.
    [Fades in from white.]
    Appears In:
  • As Red Ranger is flipping over him, Goo Fish sparkily slashes across his chest with rod tip.
    Appears In:
  • Reverse angle as Red Ranger finishes flipping over behind Goo Fish.
    Appears In:
  • Sharp zoom out as Red Ranger lands on his back, getting up as Yellow & Black regroup around him, all then posing.
    Appears In:
  • Camera shakes from left to right on Yellow, Red & Black’s legs as thin stream of blue goo shoots about.
    Appears In:
  • Pan right, showing Yellow, Red & Black Ranger’s feet glued to the ground via wads of goo, then pan up to show Red struggling in place.
    Appears In:
  • Red & Black Rangers struggle in the foreground, as crouching Blue reaches out to them in the background. Zoom in on Blue as he spots the monster to our left and resumes clutching his helmet and sticking his head between his knees.
    Appears In:
  • Sharp zoom out as Pink lands in front of glue-footed teammates, then poses defensively in front of them.
    Appears In:
  • Pink Ranger erupts into an explosion of sparks, and is soon joined in this by Yellow, Red, and Black, leaving them grounded amid a sea of smoke.
    Appears In:
  • Black, Red, Pink, and Yellow Rangers writhe about in foreground, as Goo Fish steps closer in the distance.
    Appears In:
  • Zoom in on Pink Ranger as she and her three teammates writhe on the ground.
    Appears In:
  • Zoom out as Blue lands, his Lances split, all four teammates, each with Power Weapons, regroup around him. Red nod-talks to him, he replies and moves, letting Red take the center.
    Appears In:
  • Red Ranger poses with Power Sword, a Bladehand Putty dodges, so he sparkily slashes a second, before doing the same to the first, then kick-blocks a third’s bladehand, before slashing at it.
  • Close on Bladehand Putty getting sparkily slashed, causing it to flail about and fall.
  • Red Ranger turns his attention our way as a pair of explosions burst around him, taking out the three Putties behind him, as he dives to our left.
  • Zoom out as Red Ranger rolls over as his four teammates regroup around him to face the monster.
  • Fighting Flea releases arms down, firing a pair of energy beams from his antennae at the five Rangers, causing them to become engulfed in an explosion, then scurries away to his left.
  • Red Ranger leaps out of the smoke, dives, rolls, then leaps up with sword in hand the whole time.
  • Red Ranger jumps into the air, poised with Power Sword in hand as shot zooms in.
  • Red Ranger leaps up at us, raising Power Sword back over head, then gripping it with both hands.
  • Red Ranger sparkily slashes Power Sword into Fighting Flea, then spins around and does it again, freezing as the monster stumbles about.
  • Back to us, Red Ranger unfreezes, before turning swiftly and raising sword over head and slashing down at the screen.
  • Close side shot of Fighting Flea getting sparkily slashed by Red Ranger.
  • Close on Red Ranger whipping out Power Sword, posing with it, then rushing forth.
  • Close on Red Ranger coming up to the screen and raising Power Sword.
  • Red Ranger is about to slash Jellyfish, when he teleports far behind him. Red stops, looks around, spots him goes to slash him again, and once more, he teleports far behind him. Red turns and thrusts at him, but the monster again teleports, and despite Red being quicker this time, he’s left open for a sparkily umbrella smash.
    [Teleportation effect added.]
  • Red Ranger falls and rolls along pathway, as his teammates regroup defensively around him.
  • The Rangers face Jellyfish, zoom in as he twirls umbrella top at them.
  • The five Rangers, standing in black background, mist-floored dimension, look around, with Red standing up and stepping forth to do so. The five Rangers suddenly notice Jellyfish’s legs come into the frame, all posing to face him.
    [Spinning umbrella superimposed at start.]
  • Transparent, Jellyfish casually walks through the five Rangers, their attempts to hit him pass right through. He sparkily strikes Yellow, then Pink, then Red, finally blocking Blue & Black’s double kick and sparkily slashing both down.
  • Zoom out as Jellyfish falls in front of the fountain in our dimension, getting up and prancing in place as the Rangers rush up and face him defensively.
  • Zoom out as Black Ranger is joined by his teammates, nod-talking to Red, who takes center position, and all five raise their Power Weapons to pose.
  • Red Ranger pulls out Power Sword, then jumps up.
    Appears In:
  • Red Ranger leaps up in the air, poised with sword in zoom in.
    Appears In:
  • Red Ranger leaps up, backflips, and slashes sword into screen during zoom in.
    Appears In:
  • Close on Grumble Bee getting sparkily struck by Power Sword, knocking him back.
    Appears In:
  • Pumpkin Rapper gets sparkily slashed by Green Ranger, who lands, does a roundhouse, then grabs the monster’s arms and holds him in a lock, leading him around as camera tracks left. Green nod-talks to the five Rangers in the near distance, as he forces Pumpkin’s back to them.
    Appears In:
  • As Red Ranger raises his fist, the five Rangers, each with their Power Weapon in hand, pose, ready to form the Power Blaster.
    Appears In:
  • Zoom out as Black Ranger gets up and joins his teammates’ side, as they all hold their Power Weapons, readied.
  • Red & Green Rangers flip up at a slight angle, as they strike Power Sword and Dragon Dagger forth, respectively.
    Appears In:
  • Zoom out sharply as Red & Green Rangers land amid their team, and pose with weapons.
    Appears In:
  • As Commander Crayfish & Red Ranger clash swords in foreground, each Ranger fights their Mutant Ranger double all over the battlefield in the back.
  • Zoom out as Green Ranger lands in front of Red, posing defensively between him and Commander Crayfish.
  • Zoom out as Green Ranger whips out Dragon Dagger and holds it outward, rushing forth while Red reaches out in protest.
  • Red Ranger leaps up and at camera during zoom in, holding out Power Sword.
  • Commander Crayfish & Red Ranger sparkily slash each other as they pass in mid-air.
  • Zoom out as they land facing away, they turn, clash swords, Red thrusts, Crayfish dodges, Red roundhouse kicks, it’s blocked, they lock swords against each other’s shoulder, Red pushes him back a few feet, then both sparkily slice one another, breaking off, smoking, facing each other again.
  • Zoom out as the Pink Ranger gets up, and joins her teammates as the other five Rangers regroup around her.
  • Red Ranger raise a fist, nods, then raises sword, the other Rangers then posing with their Power Weapons.
  • The six Rangers take a step back after seeing what’s to our upper left, then turn, all except Green, raising hands to upper right and summoning.
  • Close on Power Sword being drawn and held outward into the air.
    Total Frames: 38
    Used Frames: 26
    Percentage Used: 68.4%
  • Zoom out as the five Rangers pose with Power Weapons, while Green holds signal blocker device.
    Total Frames: 89
    Used Frames: 78
    Percentage Used: 87.6%
  • Zoom out as the Rangers pose with Power Weapons, Red then looking over to Blue, nod-talking, prompting a similar response before Blue rushes back to Green with the signal blocker device, the others remaining posed defensively in front.
    Total Frames: 127
    Used Frames: 118
    Percentage Used: 92.9%
  • Zoom out as Red Ranger unsheathes Power Sword from his holster, facing our left, then rushing forward.
    Total Frames: 63
    Used Frames: 59
    Percentage Used: 93.7%
  • Zoom out as lance and sword clash twice, before Red Ranger throws a kick over Primator, who ducks under, then raises weapon.
    Total Frames: 60
    Used Frames: 55
    Percentage Used: 91.7%
  • Upward shot of sword clashing against lance, before Red Ranger slashes up against it, releasing sparks.
    Total Frames: 30
    Used Frames: 26
    Percentage Used: 86.7%
  • Zoom out from Red Ranger as he poses with Power Sword, while his teammates regroup around him.
    Total Frames: 66
    Used Frames: 61
    Percentage Used: 92.4%
  • POV of Primator charging through the six Rangers, knocking them aside as he goes.
    Total Frames: 71
    Used Frames: 67
    Percentage Used: 94.4%
  • Close-up on the blade of the Power Sword as it is swung into the shot, turns it to show the details of the blade, and then pulled out of the shot.
    Appears In:
    No Episodes
    Total Frames: 32
    Used Frames: 0
    Percentage Used: n/a
  • Red & Green Ranger leap up and swing their weapons left to right, as the shot freezes and energy beams are shot forth.
    Appears In:
    No Episodes
    Total Frames: 48
    Used Frames: 0
    Percentage Used: n/a
  • Zoom out as Red & Green land, with Power Sword and Dragon Dagger in hands, respectively. Green shuffles to the background as the other Rangers regroup around Red, each with their Power Weapons, all posing, ready to bring them together.
    Total Frames: 150
    Used Frames: 147
    Percentage Used: 98.0%
  • Zoom out as the five Rangers pose with their Power Weapons.
  • Zoom out as all five Rangers pose with their Power Weapons.
    Total Frames: 91
    Used Frames: 86
    Percentage Used: 94.5%
  • Zoom out as Red Ranger draws his Power Sword and the other Rangers pose with their Power Weapons.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 134
    Used Frames: 115
    Percentage Used: 85.8%
  • Zoom out from Red Ranger drawing Power Sword as all six Rangers pose with their weapons.
    Total Frames: 61
    Used Frames: 55
    Percentage Used: 90.2%
  • Pink, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, and Green flip over the camera with their weapons in hand.
    Total Frames: 115
    Used Frames: 111
    Percentage Used: 96.5%
  • Zoom in as Green & Red Rangers leap up to our slight left and slash down their Dragon Dagger & Power Sword, respectively.
    Total Frames: 18
    Used Frames: 13
    Percentage Used: 72.2%
  • Struck by both Dragon Dagger & Power Sword, Invenusable Flytrap spark bursts and is knocked back.
    Total Frames: 28
    Used Frames: 22
    Percentage Used: 78.6%
  • Zoom out as Red Ranger leads the team in a defiant pose with their Power Weapons.
    Total Frames: 96
    Used Frames: 88
    Percentage Used: 91.7%
  • Zoom out as Red Ranger pulls out Power Sword, holds it steady, then rushes to our left.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 68
    Used Frames: 64
    Percentage Used: 94.1%
  • Red Ranger charges forth, holding Power Sword with two hands, then one.
    Appears In:
    No Episodes
    Total Frames: 101
    Used Frames: 0
    Percentage Used: n/a
  • Passing by each other, Robogoat & Red Ranger sparkily slash each other, clashing swords twice, Red kicks him, then they clash swords some more.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 184
    Used Frames: 180
    Percentage Used: 97.8%
  • Red Ranger thrusts and slashes Power Sword at the monster, but every single one is blocked by Robogoat’s Sword of Power, the lead soon changing to Robogoat doing the same with the same results.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 133
    Used Frames: 128
    Percentage Used: 96.2%
  • Red Ranger continues to block every sword strike with his own sword, until Robogoat suddenly butts his head into his chest, causing a spark burst as he falls and rolls.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 120
    Used Frames: 116
    Percentage Used: 96.7%
  • Red Ranger, in a crouch, clashes sword-to-sword again, this time holding his blade to Robogoat’s as he rises up and presses in close on the monster as the camera circles around dramatically.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 128
    Used Frames: 124
    Percentage Used: 96.9%
  • Red Ranger finally gets the control of the lock, shifting Robogoat’s sword horizontally, so he can slice his blade along the Sword of Power, causing it to smoke in a brief slow-motion sequence, before upper slashing, causing sword to fly out of his hands.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 85
    Used Frames: 80
    Percentage Used: 94.1%
  • Camera slowly pushes in on Red Ranger as he lowers his sword, steps forth, points ahead, nod-talks, motions hand to chest, then makes a fist, before slashing sword then posing with it.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 264
    Used Frames: 260
    Percentage Used: 98.5%
  • Robogoat strikes baton at Red Ranger, who blocks it with his sword, twice, before Red does a jump kick into the monster.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 81
    Used Frames: 77
    Percentage Used: 95.1%
  • Once more, Red Ranger doing a jump kick into Robogoat, knocking him back.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 47
    Used Frames: 39
    Percentage Used: 83.0%
  • Close on Red Ranger raising and readying Power Sword, before slashing it at us.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 31
    Used Frames: 28
    Percentage Used: 90.3%
  • Red Ranger sparkily slashes into Robogoat twice, causing the monster to spin around.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 67
    Used Frames: 63
    Percentage Used: 94.0%
  • Red Ranger reaches out and rushes to our left, nod-talking to his team as he regroups with them, then faces front, posing with sword while they also pose.
    Appears In:
    Total Frames: 150
    Used Frames: 147
    Percentage Used: 98.0%

Single frames marked “Unused Footage” are frames which were not used on Power Rangers.
Single frames marked “Original Footage” are frames that were only used in a modified form on Power Rangers.

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