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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Black Ranger With Shield”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
1535Zoom out as Green takes Black’s hand, pulls it from his chest. Green’s golden shield gleams with a green energy, as an outline of it appears over Black’s chest. A bright white flash later, and Black Ranger is wearing the golden shield, armbands included, which he inspects.
1536Close on the golden-shielded Black as he nod-talks to Green.
1537Reverse angle close on the non-shielded Green as he nods to Black, then suddenly looks to our right.
1540As the pink goo shower sprays their way, Green gets up and shields the gold-shielded Black, getting his chest spark-bursted as a result.
1541Repeat, closer, on Green spark bursting, with an added ground-explosion knocking him off his feet.
1543Black rushes over, bends down and expresses concerned to his downed teammate, then gets back up, poses at the monster, and jumps.
1544Black leaps into the sky and punches both fists forth.
1545Oysterizer gets punched back by both of Black’s fists.
1548The golden-shielded Black Ranger steps into frame, looking downward right, punches right fist into left palm, nodding in frustration.


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