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Episode #Clip #Clip Description
26Close on Pink unholstering Bladeblaster from hip.
27Zoom out as Pink whips out Bladeblaster in sword mode, poses with it beside the writhing Red, then leaps up.
28Close upward shot of Pink flipping over camera.
29Pink Ranger, jumping toward us, slashes Blade at the screen as shot zooms in.
210Slight zoom out as Fighting Flea blocks Pink’s Blade, then sparkily punches her in the chest.
211[Red rash effect added] Pink is flung away from Fighting Flea, kicking her legs and arms in the air as she goes backward the way she came.
212[Red rash effect added. Red’s fit sped up a little.] Zoom out as Pink lands on the ground, Red gets up and comes to her side, she sits up a little, nod-talks, then he suddenly goes into another chest-clutching spree, spinning around, staggering away from Pink, then flipping over onto his back, bounding back up, before backflipping over and rolling around on the ground a little.
214Fighting Flea, back to us, continues to taunt Pink Ranger in distance, who finally gets up off the ground and aims Blade his way.
217Pink gets knocked off her feet by a pair of explosions which burst around her.
32Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Red Rangers flip over the camera under blue sky with Bladeblasters in sword mode in their hands.
34Yellow & Black leap up and strike at zooming in camera with Blades.
35Blue & Pink leap up and strike at camera with Blades.
36Red leaps up and strikes at camera with Blade.
37Blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, & Black all connect their Blades in a circle over the upward angled camera, and press in on it as a team.
38At the center of the Ranger circle, Jellyfish crouches down, then pushes up and out, knocking the team and their weapons away.
39The Rangers roll across the lawn, onto a paved pathway, regrouping to face their enemy.
311The Rangers stand up, with Black moving in between and front of Yellow & Red as he talks, motioning arm.
316Repeat from a side angle of the five Rangers getting struck in the chest by spark bursts, as more spark-based explosions pop up on the ground around them. The five Rangers get knocked off their feet, as the sparks subside and leave a lingering mass of smoke over them.
317Pan left across the grounded Rangers, Red, Black, Yellow, Pink, then Blue, all writhing amid the smoke.
318Jellyfish casually strolls forth, as Black & Yellow struggle to get up as much as they can, defensive against his approach.
319[Fades to black] Red staggers over to the middle of his team, clutching his chest, he looks to them all as they rise, and all five soon quickly retreat to the right.
737Side angle on five Rangers lined up, whipping out their Bladeblasters in saber mode, then raising them over their heads.
738The Rangers pose with their Bladeblasters, then rush forth as a team with them held outward during zoom in.
739Two-Headed Parrot smacks Red aside, dodges Yellow, then smack-blocks both Pink & Blue’s Blades, before sparkily slashing Blue, then Pink before turning and blocking Yellow’s hit, then her kick, before sparkily slashing her away. He then sparkily slashes Black off, before turning and ducking under Red’s kick, before blocking his Blade, grabbing his arm.
741Red falls and rolls into a weary crouch, as his teammates regroup defensively around him.
742The Rangers all drop their guard and step forth, Red rising up to join them in standing.
743Two-Headed Parrot fires pink lasers from all four of his eyes into a series of beams, pan left as they explosively strike the five Rangers.
744Close side angle repeat on the Rangers getting knocked off their feet by the spark burst explosion.
745Pan right along the Rangers, lying in a writhing spread, eventually reaching Red, who gets up into a crouch, only to have Black grab his arm, shaking his head.
746Between Red & Black in the near distance, Two-Headed Parrot gestures arms while talking, then wagging his right index finger.
748Red makes a fist then jumps, despite Pink & Yellow’s protest.
749Red leaps up, bends left leg, slashes Blade downward and forth, zoom in sharply.
750Two-Headed Parrot blocks Red’s Blade, he does a reverse roundhouse, Parrot ducks, Red thrusts, Parrot blocks, kicks him in the chest, then sparkily slashes him away.
751Red falls and rolls across the grass, barely able to raise his head to look forward.
881Close-up of Black unholstering Bladeblaster.
882Close-up of Bladeblaster being shifted around into blaster mode by Black.
883Zoom out as Black fires pinkish beams from his Bladeblaster to our slight left.
916Red whips out Bladeblaster in sword mode and holds it outward while rushing forth.
918Red leaps onto and off of the hood of the car, slashing at Lizzinator with Blade, but he ducks. Red then roundhouses, it’s avoided,
919Zoom out as Red is thrown against the car, bracing against it as he nearly falls down, but pulls himself back up and holds Blade ready.
921Red remains against the car, as Lizzinator slaps his chest then raises hands fiercely, prompting the Ranger to raise his weapon.
922Red graps his right shoulder for a moment, then raises his Blade overhead and rushes to our right with it held outward.
923Red strikes at Lizzinator, he blocks his arm, grabs it, then bends down and grabs the Ranger’s right inner thigh with the other hand, and lifts him over his shoulders.
924Lizzinator gives Red a helicopter ride, spinning around before throwing him off.
925Red falls onto the hood of the car, rolls off, rolls on the debris-covered ground, then rolls onto his back.
926Lizzinator does his fierce arm motions, then stomps forth, grabbing the crouched Red Ranger by his shoulders and dragging him up roughly into a standing position.
929With the Ranger up high enough, Lizzinator uses his free hand to punch into Red’s stomach.
930Red is flung into a wall of rusty barrels and cardboard boxes.
932Lizzinator waves hand like something stinks, spreads arms, pats chest, then raises arms a few more times, before teleporting away.
1011Close on Pink unsheathing Bladeblaster from her holster.
1012Pink raises Bladeblaster in sword mode over her head and strikes at Red’s pumpkin-head.
1046Red whips out Bladeblaster in sword mode, and uses it to smack away Pumpkinhead, then one passing, before sparkily slashing a third, roundhouse kicking and sparkily slashing the second, before sparkily slashing the first.
1047Black blocks two Bladehand Pumpkinheads’ blades at once with his, then smacks them up, before sparkily slashing the pair. He turns, blocks another Pumpkinhead’s kick, bops it, then sparkily slashes it down.
1048Blue kicks Pumpkinhead, then smacks a passing one away, blocking and kicking another, before sparkily slashing a third, then ducking under the first’s kick.
1049Yellow dodges Pumpkinhead, then ducks and rolls under a second one’s strike, then gets up, ducks, before sparkily slashing it, backflipping away from Bladehand, knocks it away, turns and sparkily slashes one behind her, before Bladehand again, blocking then sparkily slashing it.
1050Pink readies Blade, then rushes forth, knocks away two Bladehand Pumpkinheads, then punches Ballhand, spins, hits Bladehand again, before sparkily slashing Ballhand, flips over, turns, sparkily slashes first Bladehand, then turns again and does the same to the second.
1051Close on Pink sparkily slashing the final Bladehand Pumpkinhead Putty, causing it to burst, fall, and roll.
1052Zoom out from Pumpkin Rapper as the Blade-armed Rangers rush up and face him as a team.
1053Side angle on the Rangers as they raise their Blades up over their heads.
1055Close on vine rope snapping Yellow & Black’s hands, causing them to drop Blades.
1057Close on vine rope snapping Blue & Pink’s hands, causing them to drop Blades.
1059Close on vine rope snapping Red’s hand, causing him to drop Bladeblaster.
1114Red holds out his Bladeblaster and fires several pinkish energy bolts to our left, camera pans that way, showing Shark’s fin as the bolts burst to sparks all around.
1116Red stands up and backs up as the fin pulls to a stop in front of him.
1117Red flips over onto his back as Shark’s fin passes to our right.
1120Close on Red as he turns, nods, then rushes to our slight left to follow.
1174[Fades in from white.] Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Rangers, each with Bladeblasters in sword mode in hand, flip over the camera beside a tree.
1175Black leaps up and slashes Blade at camera during zoom in.
1176Slippery Shark blocks Black’s strike, then Blue’s, then both Pink & Yellow’s at once, turns, sparkily slashes Black, ducks under Blue’s kick and sparkily slashes him, blocks Yellow’s Blade, blocks Pink’s kick, Yellow’s Blade again, then sparkily slashes both Pink, then Yellow down, and poses fiercely.
1180Red & Green rush up to the spot he submerged, glancing around as their other teammates join in their search.
1183Shark’s fin races to our right, knocking over all six of the Rangers as it passes under them.
125Zoom out as the Rangers pose with their Bladeblasters in sword mode.
127Side angle on the five Rangers raising their Blade holding hands, then rushing forth.
128Zoom in and track right as the Rangers charge at Soccadillo, who blocks each of their passing attacks, finally reaching Black, ducking under his kick then sparkily slashing him down. Blue & Pink slash their Blades at the monster at once, but grabs both weapons and leads the pair back quite a few feet, before releasing and sparkily slashing them off. He turns, ducks under Red’s kick, blocks Yellow’s strike, sparkily slashes Yellow, blocks both of Red’s hits, eventually getting him into position.
1210Red falls and rolls across the quarry, his teammates regroup defensively around him in a crouch.
1212A pair of spark bursts erupt on the ground around the Rangers, knocking them all off their feet at once.
1213As the Rangers lie writhing amid the smoke, sharp zoom in on Blue, who nod-talks and gestures Blade in hand.
1215Side angle on Red, who gets up, raises a fist, then crosses arms, Blade in hand.
1216Blue & Yellow nod and raise Blades.
1217Pink & Black nod and raise Blades.
1218The male Rangers stand there, as Yellow & Pink swap positions on either side of Red, before all five reposition their Blades.
1220Pink & Yellow backflip upward into standing positions over camera.
1221Close on Pink’s legs landing on Blue & Red’s shoulders.
1222Close on Yellow’s legs landing on Red & Black’s shoulders.
1223Zoom out as the five Rangers stand in Tower Formation, pointing weapons forth.
1225Close on just above Red’s head, as all five Rangers point their Bladeblasters in sword mode at the same spot.
1226Rangers in Tower Formation fire Blades at one another, unleashing a spinning blue triangle with red center in yellow circle that shoots at us.
1228Pink & Yellow hop down from the guys’ shoulders, as the Rangers hold Blades defensively and look shocked at the monster’s change.
1230The Rangers step back, but keep Blades held up, as Ball Mode Soccadillo approaches them.
1232Ball Mode Soccadillo slams through Yellow, flipping her over, causing her to writhe about in agony.
1233Ball Mode Soccadillo turns sharply and plows through Pink and Blue, knocking them off their feet.
1725Upward shot of Bladeblaster in Saber Mode being readied in front of sky.
1726False Yellow leaps at the camera with Bladeblaster Saber prepared to strike.
1727Close-up of Black holding outward his Bladeblaster then raising it.
1728Pink, Blue, and Black Rangers aim their Bladeblasters skyward and fire several energy beams.
1939Yellow whips out her Bladeblaster in saber mode, then jumps up.
1940Yellow leaps up and slashes Blade into camera during zoom in.
1941Bloom of Doom gets sparkily slashed, right on her ribbon binds.
1944Close on Yellow readying Blade and thrusting it forth.
1945Yellow stabs Blade into Bloom of Doom, but the monster teleports away, causing the Yellow to miss and glance about in confusion.
2038Zoom out, Yellow strikes with Bladeblaster in saber mode, Octophantom blocks, Pink rushes up, uses her Blade, its blocked, she’s sparkily slashed away. Yellow strikes again, blocked, kicks, blocked, finally the monster sparkily slashes her into a fall and roll.
20140Rolling to our left, Red grips his Bladeblaster, then fires several bolts from it.
219Zoom out as the five Rangers, facing our left, hold out their Bladeblasters in saber mode, then dash forth.
2110Stag Beetle deflects Black, then Red, then Yellow, sparkily slashing her, blocking Blue & Yellow’s strikes, ducks under Blue’s kick, sparkily slashes Pink, then the same to Blue, ducks under Red’s kick, then blocks his hit and sparkily slashes back, finally blocks Black’s strike, flips him over, but he rolls back up to confront him.
2111Close on Black getting sparkily slashed in the chest by Stag Beetle.
2112Black falls and rolls to a crouch as his teammates regroup defensively behind him.
2114As his teammates remain defensively behind him, Black stands, motions arm, then zoom in as he jumps.
2115Zoom in as Black leaps up and slashes Blade at the screen.
2116Black dives over the camera, passing by Stag Beetle who sparkily slashes him on the way by.
2117As seen between Stag’s legs, Black falls in the distance, then gets up in a defensive crouch.
2119Stag Beetle dashes past Black, who ducks and rolls under his arm, turns, kicks high, misses, gets closer, kicks again, it’s blocked, strikes Blade, Stag Beetle blocks it and grabs his hands, flipping him over. Black gets up, only to have the monster grab him and toss him.
2120Upward shot of Black being thrown through the air by Stag Beetle.
2121Side angle repeat of Black getting thrown through the air by Stag Beetle.
2122Zoom out as Black lands roughly, his four teammates rallying around him, defensively.
2124The five Rangers are thrown back by a combination of their chests and the ground spark bursting in succession.
2125The Rangers fall, then roll down the side of a small hill slope.
2126The Rangers finish rolling down the small hill slope, wearily recover, Red leading the charge to rise back to their feet, then leading them all to retreat to our left.
2128The five Rangers, with Bladeblasters in hand, flip over the camera under blue skies.
2129Pink & Black leap up and strike at screen with Blades.
2130Blue & Yellow leap up and strike at screen with Blades.
2131Red leaps up, flips over, and slashes Blade at the screen.
2132The five Rangers all slash down at the crouching Stag Beetle at once, in a circle.
2133POV straight upward angle of the circle of five Rangers connecting Blades and pressing down, only to suddenly jerk up and release.
2134The five Rangers are thrown away from the camera, falling and rolling, before getting up in weary crouches.
2136The five Rangers are standing together when a massive dust burst erupts behind them, followed by a second one right in front of them.
2137Repeat, closer, on the Rangers being surrounded by a pair of massive dust burst eruptions.
2138The five Rangers lie there on the ground, amid the fading smoke, unable to get up, trying and failing miserably.
2140Zoom out as Red gets back up, staggers back, clutching shoulder. Black rises, touches his arm and nod-talks determinedly, Yellow gets on Red’s other side, touching his bad shoulder while nod-talking, then turning forward and making a fist, prompting Red to turn to her and grab her shoulder.
2141Red touches Yellow’s shoulder, nod-talks to her, then turns completely around and runs off to our left. Blue & Black reach out for him in protest, Black pounding fist into palm, raising a fist then reluctantly rushes off after him, followed by Pink, Blue, and Yellow, who keep an eye behind them.
2142Red runs up a hill, turns, waves arm urging his team on, then continues on, followed by the other Rangers, running away from the battle.


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