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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Bladehand Putty”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
13Slight zoom out from Pink & Blue Rangers on rocky beach, as they dive away from Putty’s strike, pan left to follow Pink as she rolls back up, spins around and kicks away Bladehand, then smacks back another before backhanding it to the face, then blocks an approaching regular Putty, hits it in the gut and flips it over, before kicking away Ballhand, then posing defensively and watching the surrounding grunts running about.
14Blue has just finished kicking down a regular Putty, when a Bladehand strikes, he hits the blade, then smacks it down, and when the Putty goes to strike again, he gut punches it, and is about to kick it.
122Goo Fish gestures out staff, causing his seven Putties to race into battle, slow zoom in on the monster as he stands patiently.
123All of the Rangers are equally spread out, as they fight the Putties. Blue takes on a Ballhand and Bladehand at the same time, closest to us.
124Red sparkily slashes down a pair of Putties with his Power Sword.
126Blue just finishes kicking down Bladehand Putty, when he turns around and tangles with a Ballhand, as others rush about.
130Close on Putty as it raises its bladehand and slashes into camera.
132Blue just finishes kicking down Bladehand Putty, when he turns around and tangles with a Ballhand, as others rush about. He suddenly stops and faces us as Goo Fish’s staff tip enters the frame, Blue posing defensively against it.
135Red sparkily slashes down a pair of Putties with his Power Sword, then turns and leaps upward.
236Yellow flips over a Putty’s strike, lands, footsweeps an approaching Putty’s legs out, then dodges a Bladehand’s slash, getting up and smacking blade aside.
237Bladehand Putty tries to hit Blue, but he blocks and elbows him away, before turning to face another Putty.
238Yellow backflips away from Bladehand as it slashes at her, she ends up with both calves over the shoulders of a second Bladehand Putty.
239Closer on Yellow’s legs over Bladehand’s shoulders, clenching around neck before yanking him over, camera panning over to show Pink flipping over while facing a trio of Putties.
241Red poses with Power Sword, a Bladehand Putty dodges, so he sparkily slashes a second, before doing the same to the first, then kick-blocks a third’s bladehand, before slashing at it.
242Close on Bladehand Putty getting sparkily slashed, causing it to flail about and fall.
244Red turns his attention our way as a pair of explosions burst around him, taking out the three Putties behind him, as he dives to our left.
327Pan right as Red is barely seen, Yellow twirls around from one Putty to another, and Pink tangles with a Bladehand.
328Pink ducks and rolls under Ballhand’s strike, then gets up, grabs its arm, gut punches, then flips it over.
330As a Putty falls, rolls and runs away, Black lands in the middle of a bunch of them. He footsweeps a Bladehand over, kicks and punches another away, then grabs a third Putty’s arm and flips it over.
440Yellow Ranger finds herself surrounded by Seven Putties, who then begin to race around her in a circle.
442[Fades to black.] The circle of Putties suddenly closes in on Yellow all at once, trapping her beneath them.
658As Putties scramble about, Red dodges one, then blocks Bladehand’s strike with his forearm and prepares to hit back.
666Pair of Bladehand Putties ready their bladed hands, and slash at the screen together.
667Zoom out as Yellow backflips away from Bladehands’ striking, then dodges one’s lunge at her, before flipping over at the second.
668Close on Bladehand getting its blade pinned under Yellow’s outstretched leg.
670Putty grabs Pink’s foot, allowing her to backflip off of it then handspring-kicks over into that Putty, spinning and kicking over passing Bladehand, then turning to face another.
671Close on Pink blocking Bladehand then chopping into its arm.
672Bladehand flips over by Pink, and writhes on the ground.
731While the other Rangers battle Putties in the distance, Pink is closest to the camera, cartwheeling past Putty, turns around and kicks it, then ducks under Bladehand.
732Yellow flips backwards off a tree, avoiding a Putty’s strike, then rolls under Bladehand, footsweeping it down, before kicking at a second one.
82[Fades in from white.] Black rushes into debris & smoke strewn alley, as a gang of Putties approaches from the other end. He ducks under Bladehand, kicks into a regular, then smacks down Ballhand before smacking it back.
83Close on Black as he ducks under Putty’s jump kick, kicks a second one, turns and smacks away Bladehand before kicking it, then punches Ballhand, grabs its arm and flips it over.
825Zoom out as the four Rangers are knocked off their feet, suddenly surrounded by a scrambling gang of Putties
830Pink roundhouses Ballhand away, then blocks Bladehand’s strike, knocks blade up, then gut punches it. Sudden pan right to Yellow, doing backflips between two lines of Putties, dazing them in the process.
833Zoom out as Blue gut punches Putty, blocks Bladehand, then readies fist to punch back.
942Zoom out as Black does a cyclone kick into a Putty, to Blue rolling in, elbowing Putty, kicking another, then dodging another’s hit before punching then kicking it off. Pan right and zoom in to Pink, who flips over, blocking Bladehand, turning to double chop away Putty, before ducking under Ballhand then spin kicking it over.
943Zoom out as Yellow does some backwards handsprings amid a bunch of Putties, then lands and ducks under a Putty’s attempted slap.
945Red finishes taking down a Putty, looks forth, then jumps up.
1030Yellow ducks under Pumpkinhead’s punch, then footsweeps it over, before backflipping away from Bladehand Pumpkinhead, before kicking the blade, then it, away.
1031Bladehanded Pumpkinhead Putty falls, rolls onto its back, then reverts to a basic pumpkin in a flash of orange energy.
1032Pumpkinhead dodges Pink’s handspring, she then ducks under one’s flying kick, then punches another, spins, blocks another’s arm then gut punches before flipping it over, then kicks at a punching one.
1045Pumpkin Rapper slaps his knee, points, raises fists, then reaches back and waves arms forth, causing the Pumpkinhead Putties to scramble to battle.
1047Black blocks two Bladehand Pumpkinheads’ blades at once with his, then smacks them up, before sparkily slashing the pair. He turns, blocks another Pumpkinhead’s kick, bops it, then sparkily slashes it down.
1048Blue kicks Pumpkinhead, then smacks a passing one away, blocking and kicking another, before sparkily slashing a third, then ducking under the first’s kick.
1049Yellow dodges Pumpkinhead, then ducks and rolls under a second one’s strike, then gets up, ducks, before sparkily slashing it, backflipping away from Bladehand, knocks it away, turns and sparkily slashes one behind her, before Bladehand again, blocking then sparkily slashing it.
1050Pink readies Blade, then rushes forth, knocks away two Bladehand Pumpkinheads, then punches Ballhand, spins, hits Bladehand again, before sparkily slashing Ballhand, flips over, turns, sparkily slashes first Bladehand, then turns again and does the same to the second.
1051Close on Pink sparkily slashing the final Bladehand Pumpkinhead Putty, causing it to burst, fall, and roll.
1319Zoom out as the Football Putties stand in a line and whip out their right-armed Bladehands (one has a Ballhand), raise them, then charge to our left.
1320Side angle again of the Rangers, as they’ve just recovered from the first advance, the Bladehanded Football Putties dash back through them, sparkily slashing all five Rangers down as they pass.
1322Rhinoblaster steps in front of his line of Football Putties, raises arm, snaps fingers, sharp zoom in as he motions hands to face then outward.
1326Close on Green punching two Football Putties in the chest at the same time.
1328Close on Green kicking Football Putty in chest with left leg.
1330Close on Green punching away final Football Putty in the shoulder.
1914Close-up of Bloom of Doom uncrossing tentacles as camera zooms out, causing Putties to materialize in mid-air. The Putties land, move around a little, then rush forth when Bloom of Doom snaps her tentacle-arm like a whip.
1918Blue Ranger blocks the attack of a Bladehand Putty, then spin kicks it away, before turning and performing a series of four tornado kicks, taking out four Putties, before posing.
2069Wide angle shot on the the Rangers on top of the cliff. Putties run into view and surround them as the camera zooms out to show Red Ranger running toward them.
2071Black Ranger nod-talks toward the camera, as a Bladehand Putty raises his blade to Black’s throat.
2072A Bladehand Putty raises his blade to Yellow’s throat as she nod-talks toward the camera.
2073With a Bladehand Putty’s blade to her throat, Pink nod-talks toward the camera.
2088With Red Ranger still down, zoom out to show the view from over Black Ranger’s shoulder, as Octophantom approaches Red.
2089Side angle as the Rangers nod-talk to Red - first Pink, then Black, then Yellow.
20122Blue Ranger lands in front of Black Ranger, blocks a Bladehand strike, punches a Putty, deflects another Bladehand strike and punches the Putty in the gut, spin kicks another before kicking another in the head.
20123Angled shot in front of Pink Ranger, Blue Ranger kicks a Putty in the head, camera spins around to view the others, Blue spin kicks two Putties, dodges a Putty strike. Pan and zoom past Blue atop the cliffside, as Octophantom approaches the downed Red in the distance.
2244Invenusable Flytrap raises arms, then pats gut with hand, points forth, nods and crosses arm down, then spreads then wide, causing Putties to appear, who move about and then pose.
2245Side angle on Invenusable Flytrap and Putties. Flytrap raises her right hand, then points forward, with Putties running off-screen to our right as camera zooms in on the monster as she nods.
2249Green Ranger kicks a Putty away to our left, spin kicks another, blocks a Bladehand’s attack before punching the blade down and then punching the Putty in the face, ducking a flying spinning Putty kick and countering with a high kick.
2250Green Ranger kicks a Putty in the face, then spin kicks it away, then backhands a Ballhand away, before blocking a Putty punch and countering with a punch to the gut.
2251Close on a Putty being punched in the gut by Green, then multiple times more.
2252Shot of the back of a Bladehand Putty as Green spin kicks it, causing him to spin and fall in front of us, as Green poses.
2253Yellow flips in from the left, side-flips, then back-flips three times, kicking away Putties in the process.
2254Yellow finishes a backflip, trips a Putty, blocks a Putty and grips its arms and falls to flip it away, then backflips kicking away two Bladehands.
2255Alternative view of Yellow backflipping and kicking away two Bladehands then lands and poses.


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