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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Bloom Of Doom”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
191Zoom out from one of Bloom of Doom’s flowers.
192Zoom out from Bloom of Doom’s foot as one of her tentacles passes into view.
193Zoom out from the flower on the top of Bloom of Doom’s head.
194Bloom of Doom steps forward, crossing and then uncrossing tentacle-arms.
195Close on Bloom of Doom’s head as she starts to shake it back and forth, causing loads of confetti to spew from the top.
196As confetti continues to fly everywhere, Bloom of Doom bobs upper body and waves tentacle-arms.
198As confetti continues to fly everywhere, Bloom of Doom suddenly sparks three times and flies off-screen to our right.
1910Bloom of Doom rolls into view, stands up, then looks back and forth.
1911Quick zoom out from Red Ranger’s feet as all six Rangers land, turn around, and pose, all while Bloom of Doom comes into view in the foreground.
1912Slightly upward close-up of Bloom of Doom, who waves tentacle, right-to-left, in front of the camera.
1914Close-up of Bloom of Doom uncrossing tentacles as camera zooms out, causing Putties to materialize in mid-air. The Putties land, move around a little, then rush forth when Bloom of Doom snaps her tentacle-arm like a whip.
1924Zoom out from Bloom of Doom as the six Rangers rush onto the scene, facing her.
1936Sharp zoom out as Bloom of Doom becomes ensnared in the pink ribbon, wrapped entirely around her upper area.
1938Pink sends bluish electricity surging through the ribbon, frying the tangled Bloom of Doom.
1941Bloom of Doom gets sparkily slashed, right on her ribbon binds.
1943Pan up from her feet as Bloom of Doom shakes off the broken ribbon binds, free and unharmed.
1945Yellow stabs Blade into Bloom of Doom, but the monster teleports away, causing the Yellow to miss and glance about in confusion.
1949The pink ribbon wraps around Bloom of Doom again, but this time she grips it with her tentacle arms and yanks down.
1950Upward angle of Pink Ranger getting thrown through the air past Bloom of Doom thanks to her ribbon yanking.
1951Repeat, regular angle of Pink getting thrown through the air past Bloom of Doom thanks to her ribbon yanking.
1952Zoom out as Pink hits the pavement, and Bloom of Doom sheds another set of broken ribbon binds.
1953Close on Bloom of Doom, as she motions her tentacle arms about, then crosses them as shot zooms in on her eye.
1954Close on Bloom of Doom’s eye, then zoom out amid a rotating hexagonal prism effect.
1957Zoom out as Bloom of Doom appears in red cactus dimension, motioning tentacles around, then slapping once against the misty floor.
1959Close on Bloom of Doom, who whips tentacle-arms about, then starts shaking loose some sparkily confetti.
1963Zoom in on Bloom of Doom, as she whips tentacle-arms about, motioning them triumphantly.
1965Zoom in as Bloom of Doom throws right tentacle-arm forth.
1966Tentacle-arm flings through the void.
1967Zoom out as Pink finds herself ensnared by the extended tentacle-arm, struggling futilely to break free.
1968Bloom of Doom yanks her tentacle-arm from side to side, causing Pink to be pulled against her will to each side.
1969Close on Pink, clutching at the tentacle wrapped around her, looking generally overwhelmed and helpless.
1970Bloom pulls tentacle-arm tautly, then slaps other tentacle-arm against it.
1971Bloom unleashes a yellow energy beam through her tentacle-arm, causing Pink to burst with bright sparks and smoke at the end of it.
1972Repeat, closer, as Pink bursts and sparks, until she’s flung into the air, tentacle still tied around her.
1973Pink falls to the smoky floor again, zoom in as she wearily catches her breath.
1975Sharp zoom out as Pink remains lying on the misty ground, touching the tentacle bound around her fearfully.
1976Quick zoom in on Bloom of Doom, as she pulls her tentacle-arm in tighter, and seems to be laughing as he approaches.
1978Power Daggers strike into Bloom of Doom, causing him to spark burst and be thrown aside.
1979Knocked out of the other dimension, Bloom of Doom falls and rolls onto the cement, but gets up, dazed.
1980Bloom of Doom stands up, looking to our right, then turns to our left.
1981Sharp zoom in past Bloom of Doom, onto Yellow Ranger standing in the far distance atop a wall.
1993The Rangers’ clutched hands defocus, as Bloom of Doom makes her opinion known in the background.
1997Bloom of Doom is kicked up close by both of Yellow’s feet.
19105Bloom of Doom gets sparkily struck by arrow, take one.
19106Bloom of Doom gets sparkily struck by arrow, take two.
19107Bloom of Doom gets sparkily struck by arrow, take three, with added fall over.
19108Bloom of Doom falls and rolls, getting up in a crouch while smoking.
19110Bloom of Doom, still smoking, stands up, and jerks tentacle-arm about.
19113Bloom of Doom is taken aback by the firepower brandished against her.
19115Zoom out from Bloom of Doom, who sparks twice before a superimposed explosion bursts brightly upon monster as she falls to the ground.
19116Bloom of Doom grows gigantic amid updraft of smoke, waving tentacles about, and then looking down.
19121Megazord and Dragonzord stand battle ready as the camera zooms out to show Bloom of Doom, front left.
19122Bloom of Doom slaps right tentacle against the ground, then holds both outward at sides, before rushing forth.
19124Side angle on Bloom of Doom, slight zoom out as she strikes Megazord with a tentacle, then ducks a Dragonzord tail whip, locks up with Megazord, releases then sparkily strikes Dragonzord with a tentacle, then Megazord, who stumbles to our right.
19126Bloom of Doom is sparkily struck with Dragonzord’s tail, and flies off to the right.
19127Bloom of Doom lands and rolls over before standing up slowly.
19128Close on Bloom of Doom’s head as she leans back briefly, crosses tentacles, then uncrosses and begins spinning both tentacles in front, triggering the confetti pollen.
19134Bloom of Doom whips tentacles to ground and bends over briefly as the remaining pollen falls out, then back upright before rushing forward at the camera.
19136Megazord strikes Bloom of Doom with an upward, sparkily slash of the Power Sword, and then strikes downward, then left to right as Bloom of Doom tries to get by. Zoom in on Megazord in background as he turns to again face the monster.
19137Pan up from Bloom of Doom’s feet as she staggers backwards, smoking.
19139Bloom of Doom steps backwards in fear.
19141Bloom of Doom gets slashed by energy beam, sparks and pulses of energy are released, causing her to spin around once before falling forward and exploding.


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Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).