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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Blue Mutant Ranger”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
1410Zoom out from Black as the four Mutant Rangers pose with Commander Crayfish.
1412Close on Blue Mutant Ranger, posing.
1416Commander Crayfish and the four Mutant Rangers do their group pose.
1418Zoom out from Commander Crayfish as he motions claws, then does a pose, causing the four Mutants to raise fists.
1419Close side angle on Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers bringing their feet together and jumping up.
1420Commander Crayfish, Black, Blue, Yellow, and Pink Mutant Rangers flip over the camera under a blue, sunny sky.
1423As Commander Crayfish & Red Ranger clash swords in foreground, each Ranger fights their Mutant double all over the battlefield in the back.
1432Blue Ranger backhands Blue Mutant, who blocks, grabs his arm, they switch positions, they break off, and the Ranger gut punches him.
1433Skyward angle, of Blue Ranger’s punch being blocked, Blue Mutant’s punch being blocked, the Ranger’s kneeing is blocked, the Mutant’s kneeing is blocked, then the Ranger thrusts both arms out, blocking the Mutant’s similar strike, before the Ranger suddenly jabs both fists into his gut, knocking him off.
1434Pan up from the falling and rolling Blue Mutant, as the two Pinks handspring past each other, Pink Mutant kicking, Pink Ranger blocks, spinning punches, the Mutant ducks, the Ranger does a reverse roundhouse, the Mutant dives and rolls, then rises and blocks the Ranger’s chop as shot zooms in.
1444Green Mutant falls and rolls, getting up as Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers regroup in front of him, weapons in hand.
1446Zoom out as Commander Crayfish motions claw, then he and all the Mutant Rangers pose with their weapons.
1448Zoom out from the combined Mutant Blaster, as the Mutant Rangers stand in position, raising arms as it fires a yellow beam to our right.
1450Zoom out as Commander Crayfish steps in front of Mutant Rangers, raising his claws and shaking them victoriously.
1459Close on Blue Mutant twirling Mutant Lance from side to side, then raising it for action.
1460The two Blues clash lances, then spin, then do it twice more, before the Ranger kicks, it’s dodged, the Mutant thrusts lance at the Ranger’s waist, and though he keeps from getting stabbed, he is flipped over by it. Sudden pan right, to Yellow Mutant cartwheeling over Yellow Ranger’s footsweep, who then gets up and handsprings after the backflipping Mutant.
1468Zoom out as the Pink Mutant gets up, and joins her teammates as Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers regroup around her.
1470Commander Crayfish crosses claws, then poses with sword, the Mutant Rangers also posing with their Mutant weapons.
1473The combined Mutant Blaster is lowered, zoom out as the four Mutants, with Green in the back for support, stand together, helping Crayfish to brace it.
1474Distant side angle shot of the two teams of Rangers facing off across from one another in the quarry area.
1475Upward angle on Commander Crayfish and the Mutant Rangers, holding Mutant Blaster, motioning arms forth.
1477The Mutant Blaster fires its orange beam, as the Power Blaster fires its purple beam, both colliding between the two Ranger teams, until the superior firepower of the Power Blaster overtakes the Mutants’, pushing back against them and erupting into a massive explosion.
1479Commander Crayfish and the three male Mutant Rangers fall to the ground amid the smoke, the monster the only one to fully rise back up.
1481Blue, Green, and Black Mutant Rangers grows gigantic amid fading updraft of smoke.
1485Zoom out as Commander Crayfish and the three Mutant Rangers spread out and pose with weapons, the monster makes a gesture and they all charge forth.
1486Zoom out as Commander Crayfish & Megazord lock arm in arm, while Dragonzord blocks Black Mutant’s passing axe swipe, whips tail back to block Green Mutant’s Sword of Darkness jab, then blocks Blue Mutant’s split-lance side slicing by spreading arms, spinning and tail-smacking him away, dodging Black’s next pass, then posing.
1489As Black Mutant backs up, Green Mutant slashes Dragonzord sparkily, then tries to repeat the strike, but gets his sword arm grabbed, allowing the Zord to fling him away.
1490Green Mutant falls and rolls, as Black & Blue regroup, pose side by side, then jump up.
1491Black & Blue Mutants leap up into the sky, zoom in as they kick forth.
1492Close on Dragonzord’s chestplate spark bursting when kicked by both Black & Blue’s feet.
1497Close on Blue Mutant getting sparkily smacked by Dragonzord’s tail.
1498Zoom out as Blue falls and rolls, his teammates regrouping around him. Commander Crayfish motions claw then spreads arms, Green Mutant steps in front of him and does some hand movements, before crouching down and putting arms back and downward. Zoom in as Black & Blue join Green in this position, grabbing an arm each and bracing against his shoulders, as Crayfish steps forth to them.
1499Zoom in as Crayfish puts his left foot on the connected left hand of Green and right of Blue.
14101Zoom out as Commander Crayfish is lifted up by the three Mutant Rangers, before the dumbfounded Dragonzord & Megazord.
14102Slow zoom in as Commander Crayfish gestures sword, causing the Mutant trio he’s hoisted upon to charge forth.
14103Megazord & Dragonzord are marching forth, when they run right into the Mutant chariot, knocking them both back. They press forth once again, both shoving the Mutant trio back a few steps, before the Mutants regain the ground and shove the Zords back even farther.
14106Close on Green & Blue Mutants’ legs as they step forth then kick their left and right legs forth, respectively.
14107Close on Megazord’s waist getting kicked back by Green & Blue Mutants’ feet.
14108Close on Black & Green Mutants’ legs as they kick their right legs forth.
14110Zoom out as Commander Crayfish uncrosses and spreads arms, causing Green Mutant to do the same beneath him, unleashing green electricity bolts from his chest.
14114Commander Crayfish whips his sword in the air, then points it forth, causing his Mutant chariot to charge ahead once more.
14117Close on Crayfish as he suddenly spreads arms and gestures for his Mutant chariot to back up.
14118Close on Commander Crayfish as he gets a fireball burst superimposed over him and the Mutant chariot, flaring out.
14119Ground level angle, as Commander Crayfish, and the Green, Blue, and Black Mutant Rangers collapse, before suddenly exploding massively, leaving nothing behind but a couple of raging wildfires.


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