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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Dragon Dagger”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
532Zoom out as Green rolls to the right, gets up in a crouch to look to our upper left, then stands and motions arms around to grab his holster.
533Close up of Green unsheathing Dragon Dagger from side holster.
534Green holds Dragon Dagger up in the air, then holds it to his face, and begins to play the flute.
778Close-up of Dragon Dagger, held out in front of sky, turned to show us the side of it, then pulled away.
779Green Ranger leaps up, facing our right, and holds out Dragon Dagger as it fires off a green energy beam, zoom in.
790Green Ranger looks to our upper right, whips out Dragon Dagger, and plays it like a flute.
7103Green Ranger, looking to our upper right, is playing Dragon Dagger like a flute, then lowers it, raises his left fist, then whips Dragon Dagger back around and plays it like a flute again.
999Close on Green’s unsheathing Dragon Dagger from holster.
9100Green raises Dragon Dagger up, forth, then against helmet, playing it like a flute.
1068[Fades in from white.] Side angle on Green Ranger leaping up and flipping over.
1069Green leaps up, bends knee, and slashes Dragon Dagger forth as shot zooms in.
1072Green lands, then holds dagger forth defensively, as his teammates cast off their vine-binds and rush to his side.
1074Side angle on the Rangers, as Green glances from side to side, nod-talking. They nod in response, Red raising fist, as Green then dashes to our left.
1076Green races at us with his dagger held outward, as rapid spark bursts explode behind him.
1078Green leaps up, knee bent, then slashes Dragon Dagger forth again.
1079Pumpkin Rapper gets sparkily slashed by Green, who lands, does a reverse roundhouse, then grabs the monster’s arms and holds him in a lock, leading him around as camera tracks left. Green nod-talks to the five Rangers in the near distance, as he forces Pumpkin’s back to them.
1088Green Ranger steps forth, looking upward, then turns to our upper right, whips out Dragon Dagger, and slight zoom in as he plays it like a flute.
1193Green whips up Dragon Dagger, and plays its flute while looking to our upper right.
1263Red & Green flip up at a slight angle, as they strike Power Sword and Dragon Dagger forth, respectively.
1264[Partially recycled, but unaltered.] Soccadillo gets sparkily slashed by dagger & sword, zoom out as he spins back, falls, and rolls. He gets up, staggers, falls down again, then gets up up off his butt, and jumps up & down, frustratedly.
1265Zoom out sharply as Red & Green land amid their team, and pose with weapons.
1269Close on Green, looking upward our left, playing Dragon Dagger as flute.
1342Close on Green, looking up, whipping out Dragon Dagger, then holding it to mouthpiece and playing it like a flute.
1365Green rolls into a crouch, and looks at Dragon Dagger, nodding, causing it to glow so brightly green it flares the screen to a flash. Then he stands and flings the gleaming green Dagger skyward.
1387Dragon Dagger spins as it descends from the sky.
1388Zoom out as Green Ranger catches the Dragon Dagger, holds it close and nods to it.
1394Zoom out from Green as he stands amid the smoking rubble, looks to our upper left, raises the Dragon Dagger up, then plays it like a flute.
1441Zoom out as Green Ranger whips out Dragon Dagger and holds it outward, rushing forth while Red reaches out in protest.
1443Green Mutant clashes Sword of Darkness against Green Ranger’s Dragon Dagger twice, they lock together, then break off, the Ranger doing a reverse roundhouse, blocked by the sword, then they clash weapons again, but this time, the Mutant sparkily slashes the Ranger. Green Mutant kicks, Green Ranger dodges, the Mutant kicks, he dodges again then backhands him, next dodges the Mutant’s sword thrust, smacks the sword upward with the dagger, then sparkily slashes the Mutant away with the dagger.
1445Zoom out as Green Ranger points forth, nod-talks, gestures to chest, while his teammates regroup behind him.
1447The six Power Rangers shift about nervously, Red & Green exchanging glances.
1456Green Ranger gets sparkily slashed by Green Mutant’s Sword of Darkness, but blocks his second slash with his Dragon Dagger, then breaks off their blade lock, kicks the Mutant, then sparkily slashes him as he passes by, both turning to face one another.
1483Zoom in on Green as he turns from looking at our upper left, to looking at the upper right, whipping out Dragon Dagger and playing its flute.
1529Green Ranger leaps up into the sky, leg bent, slashing Dragon Dagger downward.
1530Oysterizer gets sparkily slashed back by Green’s dagger-slice.
1532Green lands, gives a slight pose, before rushing back to Black, crouching beside him and gripping his arm.
1533Close angle, as Green crouches beside Black, gripping his arm concernedly and nod-talking.
1534Reverse angle, as Black shoves Green away, gesturing to his smoking chest and looking pained as he doubles over, his teammate consoling him.
1535Zoom out as Green takes Black’s hand, pulls it from his chest. Green’s golden shield gleams with a green energy, as an outline of it appears over Black’s chest. A bright white flash later, and Black Ranger is wearing the golden shield, armbands included, which he inspects.
1540As the pink goo shower sprays their way, Green gets up and shields the gold-shielded Black, getting his chest spark-bursted as a result.
1541Repeat, closer, on Green spark bursting, with an added ground-explosion knocking him off his feet.
1542Green falls onto his back, writhing about, with pink ooze on pretty much the same spots Black had them earlier.
1543Black rushes over, bends down and expresses concerned to his downed teammate, then gets back up, poses at the monster, and jumps.
1574Zoom out as Green unsheathes Dragon Dagger and holds it up, playing it like a flute.
1610Green Ranger flips over camera in alleyway.
1611Zoom out as Green lands among his teammates, who all finally stand up amid the rubble, and look upward. Red & Green switch positions, Green turns and nod-talks to Black, who responds vigorously, pointing and motioning to chest, before all look upward again.
1612Upward angle, close on Green Ranger, as he nod-talks for a moment, then whips Dragon Dagger up, then to mouth and begins to play it like a flute.
1629Zoom out as Green ceases playing Dragon Dagger, reaches up, nod-talks, and joins his teammates in stepping back nervously.
1631Dragonzord’s tail swings across the alleyway, knocking the six Rangers into the air.
1632The six Rangers fall to the ground, Green rolls away, as the Rangers get up in a crouch, all looking upward over us, nearly helplessly.
1635Downward angle on the six Rangers as they get up from their crouching positions, looking upward at us. Zoom in on Red, in front of Black & Yellow, solemnly watching.
1696Far shot of Green, holding Dragon Dagger as he shifts ahead a step or so, looking to our slight upper left, anxious. Sharp zoom in as he holds Dragon Dagger up to mouth and plays it like a flute.
17123Close-up on the blade of the Dragon Dagger as it is swung into the shot, turns ninety degrees to show the details of the blade, and then pulled out of the shot.
17124Red & Green leap up and swing their weapons left to right, as energy beams are shot forth.
17128Zoom out as Red & Green land, with Power Sword and Dragon Dagger in hands, respectively. Green shuffles to the background as the other Rangers regroup around Red, each with their Power Weapons, all posing, ready to bring them together.
17136Slow zoom in as Green Ranger plays Dragon Dagger’s flute while looking to our upper slight right.
19119Green unsheathes Dragon Dagger from side holster, holds it out in front, then holds it to his face as camera zooms in, and begins to play the flute.
2214Side angle on Dragon Dagger in Green Ranger’s hand, then turns ninety degrees, before being retracted off-screen.
2215Yellow and Green pose with weapons before jumping into the air.
2216Yellow & Green leap up and slash their daggers forth during zoom in on Green.
2217Invenusable Flytrap smacks Yellow & Green’s dagger slashing arms away, then sparkily punches both in the chest.
2218Yellow & Green are thrown through the air away from Invenusable Flytrap, as she punches forward.
2219Zoom out as Yellow & Green crash to the ground, their teammates regrouping defensively in front of them.
2221Facing our right, Invenusable Flytrap steps forth, causing her exposed chest to glow and release a yellow wave of energy, pan right to show the wave creating a cage of green electricity that captures Red, Pink, Blue and Black Rangers, converting them to energy as Yellow & Green watch helplessly, before panning left back to the monster, retracting the wave and closing chest.
2223Yellow & Green step forth and reach out to our left in protest, but remaining in defensive posing.
2225Yellow & Green react to the monster’s departure by throwing their fists and arms down at their sides.
2283Zoom out as all six Rangers pull out their Power Weapons.
2286Pink, Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, and Green flip over the camera with their Power Weapons in hand.
2291Zoom in as Green & Red leap up to our slight left and slash down their Dragon Dagger & Power Sword, respectively.
2294Zoom out as Red leads the team in a defiant pose with their Power Weapons.
22102Green Ranger, with Dragon Dagger in hand, holds it out in front, then holds it to his face as camera zooms in, and begins to play the flute.
2320Green whips out Dragon Dagger dramatically, then holds it forth and rushes into battle.
2323Sharp zoom out from Sword of Power as Green & Robogoat pass each other, then turn to face, striking Dagger to Baton twice, before Green kicks, it’s blocked, and dodges two of the monster’s baton thrusts.
2324Green deflects three thrusts of Robogoat’s baton, roundhouse kicks Robogoat, then counters with two deflected Dragon Dagger thrusts of his own.
2325After clashing weapons again, Green pushes in on Robogoat and locks his Dagger with the monster’s baton.
2326Upside down upward shot of Robogoat breaking out of the lock, punching Green’s gut, then sparkily butting his baton to his chest.
2327Green falls and rolls, getting up in a weary, smoking crouch.
2330Green leaps over Robogoat, who thrusts into the air as he flips over him.
2331Zoom out as Green lands on the mound beside the sword, as Robogoat looks on.
2332Green switches Dragon Dagger to left hand, grabs Sword of Power, pulls it out and holds it up, battle ready.
2334Green grips Sword of Power with both hands and nods, then turns to face Sword.
2335The Sword of Power has suddenly turned into a tall stick as Green looks at it, prompting him to lower it and look forth.
2337Arms spread out, Green is sparkily struck in the chest by the approaching baton, knocking him back.
2338Zoom out as Green backflips over and slides down the side of the dirt mound.
2340Green stands up, and points briefly, appearing a bit fearful in his body language.
2346Freefalling off the side of a steep cliff, Green waves arms and flips over onto his back.
23114Green Ranger notices battle above and to his right, turns to his left and raises Dragon Dagger to his mouth and plays like a flute.
2445Close-up of Green unsheathing Dragon Dagger.
2446Zoom in sharply on Green as he gestures dagger then leaps up.
2447Green jumps up and slashes dagger forth.
2448Green lands on stage, Guitardo dodging him, blocking his dagger with his guitar, then blocking kick, then lunging at Green, who rolls to a crouch and is just about to get up when the monster shoves his guitar into him.
2449Reverse angle, as Green holds off guitar, finally shoving it back, only for the monster to jab, smack, and slap him with the guitar, knocking him off the stage.
2450Zoom in past Green, to Guitardo on stage, lowering guitar and motioning claw about.
2451Green gets up and poses defensively.
2453Green gets struck by five waves of green energy notes, causing him to flash with blue light as he flails about.
2455Green begins to rise up into the air, but quickly plays Dragon Dagger’s flute, causing him to drop.
2456Falling and rolling on the pavement, Green recovers, with dagger held ahead.
2458Green stands up, looks at Dragon Dagger, then holds it forth.
2460Green gestures arm then leaps up.
2461Green flips over the camera under the auditorium.
2463While leaping through the air, Green is struck by the wave of green energy notes, causing him to fall.
2464Falling flat on his chest, Green raises head weakly.
2466Green stands with his arms held down and out, visibly fighting to try to lift them, but slowly begins to sink.
2470Green reaches left hand down, and pulls his right hand up, trying to get Dragon Dagger to mouthplate, only to have it slip out of his fingers and fall.
2471Dragon Dagger drops onto the concrete, just beside Green’s crater, out of reach.
2486Green picks up Dragon Dagger as Pink runs to his side.
2487Pink nod-talks to Green, he replies, she grips his right arm and begins to help him rise up.
2489Zoom out as Guitardo comes into partial view, as Pink & Green pose.
2492Guitardo hops up and sparkily slashes Green, Pink dodges his next strike, Green kicks but gets knocked back, Pink blocks his kick, kicks back, misses, he sparkily claws her away, turns to grab Green’s arm, then leads him around to the other side.
2494Green falls and rolls, getting up in a crouch as Pink comforts him, both then posing.
2496Green & Pink each spark burst multiple times, knocking them off their feet.
2497Dropping to the ground, Green & Pink remain next to each other, chests smoking, wearily keeping on the defense.
2498Zoom out as Guitardo slowly approaches the pair, making intimidating motions with his claws.
2499The two Rangers rise up, Green turns to Pink, flips his Dragon Dagger around and hands her the handle, she takes it, nods, then rushes forth, placing it against her Power Bow and aiming forward.
24100As Green poses, Pink prepares Power Bow, pulling back on Dragon Dagger, causing it to glow green, firing it like an arrow. Pan right as the glowing dagger strikes Guitardo, causing him to repeatedly burst with sparks, fall over, then explode brightly, leaving only a few fading, floating sparkles behind.
2510Slow zoom in, upward onto Green Ranger, playing his Dragon Dagger flute.
25115Zoom out as Green unsheathes Dragon Dagger from side holster, then raises to mouth and plays like a flute.


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