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Episode #Clip #Clip Description
535Close on Dragonzord’s head as it rises up above the treeline of a forest, roaring as a burst of dust shoots up to our right.
536Dragonzord finishes rising up behind forest, raising arms and roaring as second dust cloud bursts up to our left.
549Megazord & Dragonzord step forth, side by side, Dragon raising out arms and roaring for a moment, Megazord posing battle ready.
553Megazord & Dragonzord look up and around at the sky, surprised by the sudden nightfall over the battlefield.
555Megazord & Dragonzord do a quick pose, before marching forth to our slight left in a zoom in.
556Dragonzord whips tail around, Dramole ducks, rushes over to Megazord, kicks, it’s blocked, but then sparkily slashes Mega. He turns, Dragonzord tail whips again, misses, then Dramole & Dragon get into a lock, switching positions, before Dramole breaks free and sparkily slashes it away.
557Dragonzord staggers back, chest smoking. Megazord touches him concernedly, then steps forth and poses battle ready before him.
559Dragonzord & Megazord burst with sparks, which leads to the ground near them exploding brightly.
560Close side angle repeat as Dragonzord & Megazord burst with sparks, which leads to the ground near them exploding brightly.
561Megazord & Dragonzord fall onto their sides, prompting Dramole to clap in glee.
562Megazord lies, dazed, on the ground, pan left to Dragonzord in a similar state, turning on its left side, slight zoom in on his chest.
563Close on Dragonzord’s chest plate, as each of the six red lights blink, one at a time.
565[Darkened from source.] Dragonzord walks up, spreads arms up and out while roaring, then turns to his right and zoom in as he whips around tail.
566[Darkened from source.] Dramole gets sparkily slashed by Dragonzord’s passing tail.
567[Darkened from source.] Dragonzord turns to his left and zoom in as he whips around tail.
568[Darkened from source.] Dramole gets sparkily smacked on the other side of his face by Dragonzord’s tail.
569[Darkened from source.] Dragonzord whips tail around, Dramole ducks under, then tries to hit the Zord, he blocks, smacks the monster’s arm away, then sparkily slaps him in the chest.
570[Partially darkened from source.] Close on Dramole as he falls and rolls, getting up in a daze, as Dragonzord & Megazord step into the foreground, facing him.
571[Darkened from source.] Megazord steps ahead of Dragonzord, which roars and arm gestures briefly, and after shot zooms in, Megazord poses battle ready.
791Dragonzord & Megazord pose battle ready, then slowly march forth, side by side.
795Two-Headed Parrot lands against Dragonzord & Megazord, sparkily slashing both away.
796Dragonzord & Megazord stagger back, chests smoking, they then pose battle ready.
798Two-Headed Parrot prances over, ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, blocks Megazord’s kick, gets his kicked blocked by Megazord, ducks under Dragon’s tail again, then sparkily slashes him, then faces Mega again.
7104Dragonzord starts to walk forth, then pauses, spreads out arms, then turns to his left, bending down and whipping up tail.
7105Zoom out as Dragonzord sparkily slashes Two-Headed Parrot with his tail, tries to do it again but the monster rolls under. Parrot and Dragon get in an arm lock, but eventually break off. Parrot kicks, Dragon blocks, Parrot kicks other leg, Dragon blocks, Parrot punches, Dragon blocks then preemptively slaps first.
7106Close on Dragonzord sparkily slapping Two-Headed Parrot away.
7108Dragonzord spreads arms and roars as Megazord joins his side and poses battle ready.
7111Camera tracks left as green electricity crackles about, and Dragonzord lowers onto the Titanus-based Megazord to make the MegaDragonzord, forming the completed Ultrazord.
9101Slow zoom in on Dragonzord as it lumbers forth, one step at a time.
9103Dragonzord throws his arms up and roars, before turning to his right and whipping back his tail.
9104Lizzinator ducks under the tail, then kicks, Dragonzord blocks, Lizz slaps at him, he dodges, but the second one makes sparking contact.
9105Pan up Dragonzord as he stumbles back, raises arms, then turns around to his left, whipping up tail.
9106Lizzinator snags Dragonzord’s tail between both of his arms.
9107Dragonzord expresses discomfort via his hands as he’s led around by his tail by Lizzinator, who switches positions with him.
9108Lizzinator gets a better grip on the tail, then hoists it up higher.
9109Dragonzord just limply slums over and lets Lizzinator lift him up by his tail and slowly being to swing him around overhead.
9111Lizzinator swings Dragonzord around one more revolution before releasing his tail.
9112Dragonzord falls and flops onto his left side, rolling onto his back while flapping his hands, then rolling onto his left side again.
9113Megazord marches in from the right, cheering up Dragonzord, who gets up and faces front, spreading arms and roaring as Megazord poses battle ready.
9115[Transitions in via turning panel effect.] Dragonzord & Megazord pose again, then start slowly marching forth together, zoom in on Mega.
9116Lizzinator sparkily bashes both Dragonzord & Megazord in the chests at once, they stagger back. Dragon whips up tail, Lizz rolls under, sparkily slashes Mega away,
9117Dragonzord staggers back until it reaches Megazord’s side, both then posing battle ready.
9120Lizzinator stands to the foreground side spewing his breath at Dragonzord & Megazord, it ceases just as they spark burst, followed by a massive blast directly in front of them.
9121Dragonzord & Megazord stagger backwards, side by side, before finally stopping.
9123Megazord raises its left arm up, then poses battle ready. Dragonzord, watching it, then nods and does his own battle pose.
9126Camera tracks left as green electricity crackles about, and Dragonzord lowers onto the Titanus-based Megazord to make the MegaDragonzord, forming the completed Ultrazord.
1194Megazord and Dragonzord each step into frame from opposite sides, and face Slipper Shark, who gets in a defensive stance.
1195Reverse angle on Dragonzord & Megazord standing side by side.
1197Slippery Shark races around Megazord, passing between it and Dragonzord, then returns to his original spot, before sparkily slashing Megazord. He ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, runs around, does it again, then sparkily slashes Mega again, taunts the pair, then ducks under Dragon’s hand, runs behind him, sparkily slashes him, then ducks under Megazord’s punch, runs off, taunts, then rushes over, kicks it, then runs off again.
11102Dragonzord gets the message, and turns to his right, whipping up tail.
11103Slippery Shark gets sparkily struck by Dragonzord’s tail, causing him to stagger away from Megazord, which releases his fin blade.
1270Megazord & Dragonzord walk into frame, facing each other. They pause, look our way, then raise arms and pose battle ready at us.
1272Megazord holds its right arm up, as it and Dragonzord slowly march forth and to our left as shot zooms in.
1273Dragonzord goes to whip back tail, and Soccadillo slams his armored back into him. Megazord tries to punch but the monster dodges, then ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, before sparkily bashing back into Mega, before readying hands at the approaching Dragon.
1275Close on Soccadillo sparkily slashing Dragonzord, then rolling under his tail, getting up and taunting.
1276Dragonzord throws arms up, roars, then turns to his right, whipping back tail completely.
1277Dragonzord’s tail sparkily smashes Soccadillo in the face, knocking him away.
1279Dragonzord throws arms up, then holds them forth, sharp zoom in on his left hand.
1281Dragonzord steps forth, gesturing arms in surprise, as Megazord watches on from the back.
1284Soccadillo in Ball Mode swoops between Dragonzord & Megazord, spark bursting both as it passes to our right.
1285Soccadillo in Ball Mode swoops between Dragonzord & Megazord, spark bursting both as it passes to our left.
1287Dragonzord steps forth, gesturing arms in surprise, then starts marching forth, with Megazord following right behind him.
1289Reverse angle as Soccadillo stands in foreground, while Dragonzord & Megazord are bombarded by spark bursts.
1290Repeat, closer side angle, as Dragonzord & Megazord spark burst and stagger back as explosion erupts.
1343Slow zoom out as Dragonzord walks into the city, faces Rhinoblaster, raises arms and roars.
1345Dragonzord gestures arms, then turns to his right, whipping back his tail.
1346Repeat, a little farther away, as Dragonzord whips tail into the screen.
1347Sparkily slashed by the tail, Rhinoblaster is unfazed, then lunges forth, locking hand in hand with Dragonzord, before breaking free, then sparkily butting him in the chest with his horn. Dragon tries to hit as he passes, but the monster dodges, then kicks back, it’s blocked, punches, but misses. Dragon whips tail around, Rhino ducks, then rushes up and sparkily butts into him again.
1348Close pan up from Dragonzord’s stumbling-back feet, as he regains his bearings.
1350Rhinoblaster sparkily punches Dragonzord in the chest, causing him to stagger back.
1352Rhinoblaster sparkily punches Dragonzord in the chest again, causing him to stagger back.
1356Zoom out as Rhinoblaster pulls out a sword, thrusts it at Dragonzord’s passing tail, then slices it sparkily against him.
1357Close pan up from Dragonzord’s stumbling-back feet, again, to his upper torso, lingering on him as he kind of jerks about in a daze.
1369Close on Dragonzord as he spreads arms out and roars, before releasing pose.
1371Zoom out as Rhinoblaster sparkily slashes Dragonzord with sword, then tries it again, but this time, Dragon grabs his arm, holding it at bay. Rhino leads him around, then they break off, allowing the monster to sparkily slash as he passes Dragonzord, then ducking under his tail, before thrusting at him, but the Zord dodges. Rhinoblaster turns, raises sword and slashes at him once more.
1372Close on Rhinoblaster sparkily slicing into Dragonzord, causing him to stagger back.
1373Pan up as Dragonzord staggers back
1375Dragonzord gets pelted with a pair of spark bursts, before a third, larger explosion erupts on the ground around him.
1376As Rhinoblaster is barely visible in distance, Dragonzord writhes on its stomach beneath an already-in-progress explosion of sparks, which wafts into a huge cloud of smoke.
1389Sharp zoom in on Dragonzord, lying on its side and writhing amid the smoking ruins of a building.
1390Extreme close-up on Dragonzord’s chest plate as all five lights blink red.
1391Dragonzord springs to an upright position
1393Dragonzord walks over to Megazord, who looks at him, nods, then both face front, posing battle ready.
1484Megazord & Dragonzord walk into frame from opposite sides of the screen, then turn forward and pose battle ready, then slowly march to our slight left as shot zooms in.
1486Zoom out as Commander Crayfish & Megazord lock arm in arm, while Dragonzord blocks Black Mutant’s passing axe swipe, whips tail back to block Green Mutant’s Sword of Darkness jab, then blocks Blue Mutant’s split-lance side slicing by spreading arms, spinning and tail-smacking him away, dodging Black’s next pass, then posing.
1489As Black Mutant backs up, Green Mutant slashes Dragonzord sparkily, then tries to repeat the strike, but gets his sword arm grabbed, allowing the Zord to fling him away.
1492Close on Dragonzord’s chestplate spark bursting when kicked by both Black & Blue’s feet.
1493Pan up from his staggering-back feet, as Dragonzord jerks arms about.
1494Continued from prior shot, Dragonzord sharply turns to his right and whips tail around.
1495Close on Black Mutant getting sparkily struck by Dragonzord’s tail, sending him falling and rolling.
1496Dragonzord turns to his left, whipping tail across the screen.
1497Close on Blue Mutant getting sparkily smacked by Dragonzord’s tail.
14101Zoom out as Commander Crayfish is lifted up by the three Mutant Rangers, before the dumbfounded Dragonzord & Megazord.
14103Megazord & Dragonzord are marching forth, when they run right into the Mutant chariot, knocking them both back. They press forth once again, both shoving the Mutant trio back a few steps, before the Mutants regain the ground and shove the Zords back even farther.
14104Close on Dragonzord’s feet as they stagger back.
14109Close on Dragonzord’s chestplate getting kicked back by Green & Black Mutants’ feet.
14111Megazord & Dragonzord get chest-bursted by sparks, leading to a bright flash explosion in front of them.
14112As flash fades, side angle on staggering-back Megazord & Dragonzord, amid the smoke.
14113Direct, close angle on Megazord & Dragonzord finishing their stumble back.
14115Dragonzords steps forth, jerkings arms as Megazord looks at him.
1575Under the sea, Dragonzord slowly stirs from its oceanic slumber, leaning back, stretching and roaring.
1576Under the sea, close-up of Dragonzord’s chest-plate as the five red lights blink, one after the other.
1577Under the sea, Dragonzord stretches and roars, then turns to our left and slowly lumbers that way.
1578Under the sea, Dragonzord strolls to our left.
1579Under the sea, closer on Dragonzord as it strolls to our left.
1580Under the sea, Oysterizer’s lording over Megazord comes to an end when Dragonzord’s tail sparkily knocks him off.
1582Oysterizer emerges on the surface, falling and rolling onto the shore, camera tracks right as he gets up and prepares to battle as Dragonzord approaches.
1583Dragonzord raises arms and roars, then turns to his right, whipping tail back.
1584Oysterizer ducks under Dragonzord’s tail, then goes up and sparkily slams his shoulder into him, knocking him back. Dragonzord swings its tail in the other direction, Oysterizer again ducks, blocks a punch, gets a punch blocked, then sparkily punches Dragonzord’s chest. Oysterizer kicks at Dragonzord, the two lock up, separate, and Oysterizer sparkily smacks Dragonzord again in the chest, causing Dragonzord to stumble backwards.
1585Pan up close on Dragonzord as he stumbles back, then regains his bearings.
1588Dragonzord spark bursts and stumbles back when struck by the pearl mace.
1590Dragonzord spark bursts and stumbles back when struck by the pearl mace again.
1594Dragonzord finds the pearl mace’s chain wrapped around his neck, struggling as the Oysterizer corrals him from side to side.
1596Dragonzord, with the chain wrapped around his neck and shoulder region, is slowly pulled forth against his will, despite his struggling.
1599Still chain-bound, Dragonzord is helpless against the shower of pink ooze.
15100Zoom out as Dragonzord appears to now be covered with a thick layer of pink goop.
15102Dragonzord, still chained and dripping with pink goo, spark bursts repeatedly.
15103Dragonzord falls onto his left side, still chained, still covered with pink sludge.
15105POV shot of Oysterizer closing in on what lies at the end of his chain, the downed and defeated Dragonzord, lying there helpless.
15108Remaining in the position it slashed the chain in, zoom out as Megazord turns and straightens up, Power Sword in hand, in front of the fallen Dragonzord, before turning head.
15110Over the shoulder angle, as Megazord lowers arm, unleashing a yellow beam upon Dragonzord, charging his body with the power until it flares, a moment later he sits up, completely goo free, causing Megazord to turn head back to its right.
15111Zoom out as Dragonzord stands up, spreads arms and roars, behind the battle ready posed Megazord, both facing Oysterizer.
15113Dragonzord steps out from behind Megazord, and stands beside it, zoom in as he readies his hands.
1613Medium on Dragonzord walking to our left, then zoom out to reveal the Saber-Toothed Tiger and Triceratops Dinozords in the foreground.
1615Dragonzord spark bursts and stumbles backwards.
1616Dragonzord continues to stumble backwards as Tyrannosaurus steps into the foreground from the left, tail whipping slightly near the camera.
1618Dragonzord stands in unusually smokey city, poses battle ready, zoom in as he then walks forth.
1619Zoom out as Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and Dragonzord collide, catching each other in a hold for a moment, before breaking off. Tyranno sparkily butts head into Dragon, who then swings tail around, which gets ducked under, before Tyrannosaurus does the same, sparkily tail-smashing Dragonzord, zoom in on him as he staggers back.
1621Dragonzord gets sparkily slashed by Tyrannosaurus’s tail.
1622Dragonzord staggers back, throws out arms and roars, before turning to his right and whipping up tail.
1623Close-up of Dragonzord’s tail swing across the screen.
1624Tyrannosaurus gets sparkily slashed by Dragonzord’s tail.
1626Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord approach each other and get in another lock hold, each trying to shake the other off, but unable to do so.
1628Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord suddenly break off their scuffle. Zoom in on Dragonzord as he steps away from Tyranno, steps forth, and poses intently as camera zooms in.
1630Dragonzord spreads arms out, then turns to his right and whips tail around.
1631Dragonzord’s tail swings across the alleyway, knocking the six Rangers into the air.
1634Tyrannosaurus and Dragonzord raise arms, before turning to their right and walking out of view.
1644Tyrannosaurus Dinozord and Dragonzord, facing our left in quarry, resume motion, heading over a few steps as shot zooms out slightly, stopping to face front and posing battle ready.
1645Dragonzord & Tyrannosaurus loom menacingly in front of us, as the tiny four Rangers rush about in the quarry in the distance.
1653The six Rangers look upward at Tyrannosaurus & Dragonzord as they approach the ridge in front of them, causing the team to step back.
1655Tyrannosaurus Dinozord & Dragonzord, begin to march forth together, slow zoom in on Tyrannosaurus as it jerks about.
1660Tyrannosaurus & Dragonzord pause briefly, then jerk about and march forth.
1664Upward angle on Tyrannosaurus & Dragonzord lumbering forth under partly cloudy sky.
1674Upward angle on Tyrannosaurus & Dragonzord as they loom over us, then each lift up a leg and raise a foot over the screen.
1676The Zords’ feet are just about to squash the six crouching Rangers when they suddenly pause, then rise away.
1677Upward angle on Tyrannosaurus & Dragonzord, as they pull their feet back off of the camera and slump docilely.
1684Close on Dragonzord as it roars and motions arms. Zoom out to reveal Megazord, which turns to look at Dragonzord. Camera continues to zoom out to show Pirantishead dancing as he plays fish-chuck like a flute as Megazord looks back-and-forth while posing battle ready.
1686Dragonzord throws out arms and roars before turning to his right and whipping up tail.
1687Close-up of Dragonzord’s tail swing across the screen.
1688Zoom out as Megazord is sparkily struck with Dragonzord’s tail, then struck by Pirantishead’s fish-chuck before he resumes playing it like a flute in the background, dancing about. Megazord is able to block another Dragonzord tail whip before trying to get out of the middle as camera zooms in.
1693Zoom out from Megazord with fish-chuck chain wrapped around neck to reveal Pirantishead and Dragonzord switching spots in the foreground.
1694Close-up of Dragonzord’s tail swing across the screen.
1695Megazord, with fish-chuck chain wrapped around neck, is sparkily struck with Dragonzord’s tail.
1697With a chained Megazord partially visible in the foreground, Dragonzord takes a step forward preparing to strike before pausing, then raising arms and roaring, then stepping forward, only to then pause again.
16102Close on Pirantishead and Dragonzord, the latter motioning arms and roaring, as Pirantishead slowly steps forward, taking up the slack of the chain.
16104With Megazord down in the foreground, Pirantishead begins to spark burst and stumble backwards as Dragonzord moves arms about and takes a step away from the blasts.
16105With Dragonzord slightly visible to our right, close on Pirantishead, as the top of his head bursts with sparks, his fish-chuck chain dangling.
16107Close on Dragonzord, arms raised, who then slumps docilely. Righting itself, Dragonzord turns to look to our left, then quickly to our right, then marches forward as camera zooms out to reveal Megazord getting back to its feet. The two exchange a head nod, then turn to our left and pose battle ready.
17138Both Megazord and Dragonzord pose battle-ready and begin to advance toward the camera, zoom-in on Megazord.
17140Megazord swings a right punch at Primator, who sidesteps it and approaches Dragonzord, who backs up slightly to avoid Primator’s lance as he turns around to face the Megazord again. Megazord is struck by Primator’s lance in the mid-section, before stumbling off-camera to the right. Dragonzord whips tail over Primator, who ducks under and sparkily stabs it with his lance.
17141Close on Dragonzord, chest smoking, as it steadies, then zoom out as it turns left and whips tail around.
17142Close-up on Dragonzord’s tail as it is whipped toward the camera and then off-screen to the right.
17143Dragonzord’s tail sparkily swipes into Primator’s lance.
17145As Primator faces them, Dragonzord and Megazord walk toward Primator and then are engulfed in sparks and smoke.
17146Continued, Dragonzord and Megazord remain amid lingering smoke and sparks.
19121Megazord and Dragonzord stand battle ready as the camera zooms out to show Bloom of Doom, front left.
19123Megazord and Dragonzord begin to move forward, as camera zooms in on Dragonzord.
19124Side angle on Bloom of Doom, slight zoom out as she strikes Megazord with a tentacle, then ducks a Dragonzord tail whip, locks up with Megazord, releases then sparkily strikes Dragonzord with a tentacle, then Megazord, who stumbles to our right.
19125Zoom out from close on Dragonzord with right hand extended, who then spins around, whipping tail at camera.
19126Bloom of Doom is sparkily struck with Dragonzord’s tail, and flies off to the right.
19129Megazord and Dragonzord react to the confetti, with Megazord stumbling backwards, then both spark and smoke.
19130Shot of Megazord as he sparks and smokes.
19131Shot of Dragonzord’s feet, pan left to Megazord’s feet, as they continue to step backwards, then pan up as both pose battle ready.
19133Zoom out from Megazord’s right hand as he catches the Power Sword and poses with Dragonzord doing the same in the right background.
19135Megazord poses briefly with Power Sword and then begins to walk forward as camera zooms in.
22104Giant Invenusable Flytrap holds his sword out to the side, then waves it around in a circle, then poses as the camera zooms out to reveal Megazord and Dragonzord approaching.
22105Dragonzord and Megazord pose battle ready, then march forward as camera zooms in on Dragonzord.
22107Zoom out from Invenusable Flytrap standing to our left, readying sword, as Dragonzord swings and misses with a tail whip. Then Flytrap blocks and deflects a Megazord punch with his weapon, spins around and sparkily strikes Dragonzord, then runs forward and sparkily slashes Megazord, who turns and stumbles off to the right as camera zooms in on Dragonzord, who blocks at attack, before being sparkily slashed and stumbling off-screen as Flytrap strikes a pose.
22108Pan up as Dragonzord staggers back, throws arms up, then with a smoking chest, readies hands.
22111Shot of Dragonzord standing and Megazord walking up, zoom in on Megazord as they pose.
23115Dragonzord walks into view from our right as camera zooms out to reveal Megazord, they face each other, then pose facing forward.
2514Close on Dragonzord, having just fired missiles, pan left to show Megazord posing battle ready, then zoom out to show Turbanshell to our close left.
2516Megazord and Dragonzord walk forward, zoom in on Dragonzord.
2517Amid the smoky city, Megazord punches at Turbanshell, who sidesteps and then ducks a Dragonzord tail whip, then blocks another Megazord punch and sparkily slaps it in the chest. Turbanshell and Dragonzord grab each other in an arm lock, but the monster breaks free and sparkily slashes the Zord away. Pan over to Megazord, who kicks and is blocked before getting sparkily slapped again. Slight zoom in as Turbanshell is facing our left, looking prepared for anything.
2522Megazord stumbles backwards as Dragonzord enters frame on right. Both pose.
2526Megazord and Dragonzord are struck with explosions.


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All footage ©1993-2019 Power Rangers LLC or Saban Capital Group or Toei, ltd., et. al.

Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).