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Zyu2 Clips Tagged

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
53Close zoom out on Dramole as he stands engulfed in updraft of mist, gesturing arms up and down.
54Close on Dramole’s feet.
55Close on Dramole’s hands.
56Close on Dramole’s face.
57The Rangers scramble into formation, as they face Dramole.
58Close on Dramole as he raises his arms, releasing mist spray from his sides, camera panning left, right, and up wobbily.
512[Energy swirl effect added.] Zoom in on Dramole as he raises arms and seems to be laughing. He then starts firing energy swirls from his nose.
517Pink is held between Black & Blue, as Yellow & Red pose beside Dramole, who steps up and motions hands.
520Pink energy beams shine down from the upper right onto the dark battlefield, causing the ground near Dramole to explode sparkily.
521Repeat from a direct angle, as Dramole and the zombified Yellow & Red get sparkily blasted back by the multipliy bursting ground.
522Dramole falls and rolls onto his back.
523[Bright flashes of light added.] Dramole rises up, head smoking, covering beady little eyes with oversized hands as bright light flashes.
529Dramole uncurls into a standing position, still covering his eyes with his hands, though.
530Dramole grows gigantic amid continuing updraft of smoke.
531Dramole’s giant foot stomps down in quarry, causing the small Rangers to dive away in various directions.
543Dramole spreads arms at sides and brings hands together for a pair of quick claps.
547Dramole raises arms up.
548Zoom in on Dramole as he rushes forth, scratching at the air.
550Dramole spreads out arms, then taps hands to gut twice, before grasping at chest with both hands closely.
551Real close on Dramole’s right side, as he uncurls arms up, and begins spraying mist from his rib exhaust ports.
552Close on Dramole as he continues to spray mist from side to side.
554Dramole emerges from the haze and dashes forth, scurrying claws.
556Dragonzord whips tail around, Dramole ducks, rushes over to Megazord, kicks, it’s blocked, but then sparkily slashes Mega. He turns, Dragonzord tail whips again, misses, then Dramole & Dragon get into a lock, switching positions, before Dramole breaks free and sparkily slashes it away.
558Dramole raises arms, then steps forth, firing red & yellow pair of electricity bolts from his eyes to our right.
561Megazord & Dragonzord fall onto their sides, prompting Dramole to clap in glee.
564[Darkened from source.] Dramole turns to the side, then readies arms for a fight.
566[Darkened from source.] Dramole gets sparkily slashed by Dragonzord’s passing tail.
568[Darkened from source.] Dramole gets sparkily smacked on the other side of his face by Dragonzord’s tail.
569[Darkened from source.] Dragonzord whips tail around, Dramole ducks under, then tries to hit the Zord, he blocks, smacks the monster’s arm away, then sparkily slaps him in the chest.
570[Partially darkened from source.] Close on Dramole as he falls and rolls, getting up in a daze, as Dragonzord & Megazord step into the foreground, facing him.
572Zoom out as Dramole is thrown back to his left, falling and rolling.
573[Darkened from source.] Dramole uncurls, clutching chest, then looks forth and gets in a battle ready pose.
574Dramole gets struck by a diagonal energy slash, causing him to blue sparkle and yellow pulse ring, flipping over and spinning as he surges with yellow electricity. Zoom out as Dramole hits the ground, a blue flare erupts, and he explodes massively.


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All footage ©1993-2019 Power Rangers LLC or Saban Capital Group or Toei, ltd., et. al.

Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).