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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Fighting Flea”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
23As Pink supports the crouching, clutching Red in the foreground, Fighting Flea walks up a little in distance, and spreads out arms.
24Fighting Flea bounces up and down twice, then does a bunch of taunting arm gestures.
210Slight zoom out as Fighting Flea blocks Pink’s Blade, then sparkily punches her in the chest.
211[Red rash effect added] Pink is flung away from Fighting Flea, kicking her legs and arms in the air as she goes backward the way she came.
213Fighting Flea bounces, excitedly drumming his arms in the air, pointing, then motioning arms tauntingly some more.
214Fighting Flea, back to us, continues to taunt Pink Ranger in distance, who finally gets up off the ground and aims Blade his way.
215Fighting Flea does a few more hand gestures, before clasping both hands over proboscis, zoom in on his face as he releases hands.
216Close side angle on Fighting Flea’s proboscis, as it fires about six little darts to our right.
218As Pink writhes on the ground, Fighting Flea bounces excitedly in the near distance, zoom in as he does his arm gestures some more.
221Fighting Flea does another arm gesturing, then begins to walk forth, when a pair of spark bursts halt his progress.
224Yellow kicks over Fighting Flea, who ducks, then blocks Black’s kick, then kicks back successfully, before blocking Yellow’s hit and flipping her over. She rolls away as Black has his kick into Fighting Flea blocked, leaving him open to get punches back. Black & Yellow recover, but keep their distance from the monster.
227Fighting Flea blocks both Yellow & Black’s kicks, then sparkily slashes Black down, ducks under Yellow’s next kick, kicks her in the chest, then sparkily slashes her away.
229Fighting Flea does some more pointing and arm gesturing.
231The antagonized Fighting Flea starts bouncing up and down more vigorously.
234[Standard Putty teleport effect added.] Fighting Flea angrily spreads his arms out, zoom out as a gang of seven Putties appear before him, then rush into action upon his cue.
243Close side angle on Fighting Flea’s proboscis as it shoots three small darts to our left.
246Fighting Flea walks over, points, then raises arms over head.
247Fighting Flea releases arms down, firing a pair of energy beams from his antennae at the five Rangers, causing them to become engulfed in an explosion.
250Fighting Flea looks upward at us, staggering back nervously jerking arms as shot zooms in.
252Now in a different location than before, Fighting Flea continues looking upward at us staggering back nervously jerking arms as shot zooms in.
253Red sparkily slashes sword into Fighting Flea, then spins around and does it again, freezing as the monster stumbles about.
255Close side shot of Fighting Flea getting sparkily slashed by Red.
256Fighting Flea is thrown into the air, falls, and rolls into quarry.
257Fighting Flea grows gigantic amid updraft of smoke.
258As giant Fighting Flea looms over them in foreground, the five Rangers rush into quarry, then start scrambling about, back and forth.
260Giant Fighting Flea tromps forward with wide steps in upward angle in quarry.
261Megazord tromps forth with wide steps in upward angle in quarry, until reaching Fighting Flea, they lock in a hold, before turning to the side and breaking free. Fighting Flea kicks, Megazord blocks, then punches, but it’s blocked. They grab each other in another hold, only to break off once more, each pushing back away and posing battle ready.
262Fighting Flea gestures arms, then begins to rush forth as shot zooms in.
264Fighting Flea kicks at Megazord, which blocks, then sparkily punches back. Megazord smacks at Fighting Flea, who dodges and rolls to our right, gets up and strikes to lunge, but Megazord sparkily strikes Fighting Flea again, knocking him off.
265Fighting Flea falls and rolls back up, poses, then prepares for a leap.
266Close up of Fighting Flea’s fighting feet, as they come together as he jumps up.
267Fighting Flea slashes past Megazord, sparkily, as he leaps to our right in front of it.
268Fighting Flea slashes past Megazord, sparkily, as he leaps to our left behind it.
269Zoom out as Fighting Flea lands and turns around, motions arms against head, releasing a pair of crackling orange beams from his antennae to our lower left.
270As Fighting Flea’s legs loom in foreground left, Megazord spark bursts, which grows to a more pronounced explosion engulfing it.
273Fighting Flea bounces up and down twice, motions arms, then rushes forth as shot zooms in.
274Close on Fighting Flea as he ceases rushing forth, and is taken aback in quivering fear.
275Close on Fighting Flea as he gets slashed by downward diagonal energy beam, zoom out as he’s thrown up, explodes with sparks and ring pulsing, red electricity erupting as he falls. Upon hitting the ground, he flares with a blue light, that releases a massive explosion.


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Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).