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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Football Putties”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
139Close on Rhinoblaster, as he gestures right arm up, then to sides, before covering face with both hands. Zoom out as he spreads arms, causing five Putty Patrollers in white American football uniforms to teleport in on both of his sides.
1310Side angle on line of five Football Putties as each one steps forth on left leg, bent, bracing left forearms outward.
1311Zoom out as Rhinoblaster raises right arm, causing the Football Putties to cease their stance, slap the ground with their hand, then rush forth as a team.
1313Zoom out as the wall of five Football Putties collides with the wall of Rangers, each pressing against one another, but the Putties advancing to the right.
1314Zoom out from behind the Rangers as they continue to hold on as a human wall, all their heads pressed in between the Football Putties’ sides, feet sliding as the Rangers are pushed back by the advancing formation of Putties.
1315Panning up beneath the Football Putties & Rangers, we see at an upward angle Black, Yellow, Red, Pink, and Blue getting their holds broken and punched by their enemies.
1317Zoom out as the Football Putties gesture arms to chest, then charge forth in formation, once more.
1318Side angle on the Rangers, as the Football Putties dash through them, causing all five to flip over onto their backs.
1319Zoom out as the Football Putties stand in a line and whip out their right-armed Bladehands (one has a Ballhand), raise them, then charge to our left.
1320Side angle again of the Rangers, as they’ve just recovered from the first advance, the Bladehanded Football Putties dash back through them, sparkily slashing all five Rangers down as they pass.
1322Rhinoblaster steps in front of his line of Football Putties, raises arm, snaps fingers, sharp zoom in as he motions hands to face then outward.
1326Close on Green punching two Football Putties in the chest at the same time.
1327Close on Green kicking Ballhand Football Putty in chest with right leg.
1328Close on Green kicking Football Putty in chest with left leg.
1330Close on Green punching away final Football Putty in the shoulder.


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