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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Goo Fish”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
15Zoom in as Goo Fish leaps into the ocean.
16Really close against Goo Fish as he leaps up into the air and over the camera, rising his right leg as he does.
17Pink falls and rolls into a defensive crouch as Goo Fish lands to our right, partially in frame, as pair of Putties prance about in back.
18Close-up on the left side of Goo Fish’s face.
19Extreme close-up of Goo Fish’s tri-fanged mouth.
110Extreme close-up of Goo Fish’s right hand, as he flips it over to show off his seaweedish fingers.
111Goo Fish stands on the rocky shore, twitching and grinding heels as he raises arms and motions arms.
113Quick zoom in on Goo Fish, standing on the rocky shores and gesturing his arms a lot.
114Zoom in past Goo Fish’s arm on right, onto Blue as he crouches beside a confused Pink, and clutches helmet with both hands, shaking in denial.
115Pink lies on the ground, struggling to crawl away as Goo Fish approaches, holding his staff weapon, and motioning left hand at her.
116[Fades in from white] Red Ranger leaps up and fires Bladeblaster at Goo Fish, sparking him until he drops his staff and falls away, saving Pink.
117Goo Fish falls, rolls back up, zoom in on him as he motions hand, then turns and leaps away.
118Goo Fish flips over and performs a perfect feet-first dive into the ocean.
120[Fades in from white] Zoom out from Goo Fish as he turns around, standing atop rocky beach cliff along with several Putties, the five Rangers coming into frame to face them.
122Goo Fish gestures out staff, causing his seven Putties to race into battle, slow zoom in on the monster as he stands patiently.
128Goo Fish has just finished turning to face our slight right, points with left hand that way during slow zoom in as he steps forth a little, raising his golden fish stick and motioning hand some more, before suddenly turning to face our upper right.
132Blue just finishes kicking down Bladehand Putty, when he turns around and tangles with a Ballhand, as others rush about. He suddenly stops and faces us as Goo Fish’s staff tip enters the frame, Blue posing defensively against it.
133Goo Fish raises his staff back to a vertical position, then starts walking forth as the camera slowly pushes in on his face.
137As Red is flipping over him, Goo Fish sparkily slashes across his chest with rod tip.
138Reverse angle as Red finishes flipping over behind Goo Fish.
140Close on Goo Fish as he crosses arm and staff in front of face, then when he releases, begins to spray stream of blue goo to our slight left.
145Goo Fish smacks aside arrow with his golden fish stick.
146Pink flips over Goo Fish, avoiding an encounter with his golden fish stick.
148Close up of Goo Fish’s left hand as he holds out a handful of starfish, shells, and other projectiles.
149Goo Fish flings the handful of weapons to our left.
152Goo Fish laughs, then holds out another handful of fish related explosives, before chucking them to our left.
154Black, Red, Pink, and Yellow writhe about in foreground, as Goo Fish steps closer in the distance.
159Real close on Goo Fish as he lumbers forth up into the lens.
162Slight zoom out as Blue flips over Goo Fish from our left to right.
163Blue flips back from right to left past Goo Fish, who follows his enemy’s movement.
164Blue backflips right to left right beside Goo Fish, who tries and fails to hit him.
165Blue flips left to right behind Goo Fish, finally causing the monster to spin around and throw a tantrum.
167Goo Fish shoots a thin stream of blue goo directly upward into the blue sky.
169Goo Fish fires a few more shorter squirts of blue goo into the air.
171Close on Goo Fish as he continues looking upward, while his toxic goo splashes down upon him, causing him to smoke and writhe about.
172Sharp zoom out as Blue lands behind Goo Fish, as he agonizes over his self-inflicted injury.
173Reverse angle as Goo Fish spins around, dropping his golden fish stick, grasping at his welt and burn-covered face.
175Close on Goo Fish getting stabbed with Lance in the chest, causing him to burst and topple.
176Goo Fish falls, rolls, but gets back up, staggering and smoking from the attack.
178Goo Fish, still smoking, trembles in fear of what’s to come.
179Goo Fish grows gigantic amid updraft of smoke, jutting forth golden fish stick as the mist subsides.
180Goo Fish begins to rush at the camera, whipping golden fish stick around over head while heading to our slight right.
182Goo Fish approaches Megazord, stabbing golden fish stick, which gets blocked, but the second attempt strikes with spark results. Goo Fish passes by while swiping weapon, but misses Megazord, which then blocks another strike, knocks the monster’s weapon back, only to get sparkily slashed when Goo Fish rushes off to our left, leaving Megazord staggering, then posing.
183Goo Fish whips about golden fish stick, zoom in as he juts it forth.
184Goo Fish stabs at Megazord, but it blocks. Goo Fish then kicks, Megazord blocks. Goo Fish spins and slashes weapon, sparkily striking Mega. But the next slash gets blocked, as Megazord grabs golden fish stick and leads Goo Fish around, the tug of war ending as Megazord finally smacks right fist down at the staff.
185Close up of Megazord’s right fist sparkily breaking golden fish stick in half.
186Golden fish stick falls in pieces on the ground, pan up to Goo Fish, staggering back, smoking, before covering mouth with both hands.
187Close side angle on Goo Fish as he releases his hands from his mouth, and begins to spray thin stream of blue goo into the air.
189Close side angle on Goo Fish as he continues to spray blue goo to our right.
191Goo Fish excitedly waggles arms, then crosses hands in front of eye, before firing energy beam from it to our lower right.
192Megazord bursts with sparks, then explodes, as Goo Fish stands, back to us, in foreground.
194Megazord falls onto its stomach, then rolls to its right side, as Goo Fish excitedly flaps arms about in distance.
197Close on Goo Fish as he flaps his arms about, jerking body as he does.
198Goo Fish slaps hands and stomps leg in a laughing fit, then rushes forth, flapping hands about limply as he charges into the camera.
199Close on Goo Fish gets slashed by energy beam, sparks and pulses of energy are released, causing him to become thrown back.
1100Continued from farther angle, Goo Fish surges with reddish electricity, and falls, exploding massively as Megazord stands in foreground, frozen victoriously.


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