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Zyu2 Clips Tagged
“Grumble Bee”

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
61[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Grumble Bee staggers backward in fear.
63Zoom out from Grumble Bee as Blue & Yellow appear to confront him.
65Grumble Bee points, raises arms, steps forth, and seems to talk a little.
66Grumble Bee stands, back to us, in foreground, as Yellow nods, shifts legs, raises arm, while Blue touches helmet with hand.
68Grumble Bee raises right hand, zoom in on his stinger-tipped fingers.
69Close-up, side angle, on Grumble Bee’s hand as it fires off white stingers from fingertips.
620Close shot of Grumble Bee getting kicked off in the gut by both of Yellow’s feet at once.
621Grumble Bee is thrown up into the air, and plummets back down.
622Sharp zoom out from Grumble Bee as he falls on pavement and gets back up, while Yellow lands into foreground, arms up, then turns around and nod-talks.
624POV of Blue rushing at Yellow, who spreads out arms then brings them together tightly against her gut, as Grumble Bee looms in distance.
630Closer as Yellow slaps Blue’s chest, then pulls on his shoulder some more, helping him to get up, just as Grumble Bee appears behind them, gaining their attention.
631Chest-up shot of Grumble Bee, gesturing hands about while talking and stepping forth a few steps, finally motioning hands to eyes and out again.
632Grumble Bee fires off yellow sonic waves of energy at Yellow & Blue, striking them as they grasp their helmets, until a series of explosions knock them off their feet.
634Grumble Bee leans back and raises arms for a moment, then walks forth, wiggling excitedly as he closes in for the kill.
636[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Close side angle on Grumble Bee’s hands, as they unclench from fists.
637[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Slightly upward close on Grumble Bee, as he gets into a visible laughing fit.
639Grumble Bee gets punched by all four of Blue & Yellow’s fists at once, knocking him away.
640Once more, Grumble Bee is thrown up into the air, and falls.
641Zoom out as Grumble Bee crashes to the ground, and gets up in a stagger, as Blue & Yellow land in foreground, facing him, posed.
643Grumble Bee shifts arms, then in zoom in, rushes forth from distance, gesturing arms menacingly.
644Grumble Bee runs down the hill, Yellow rolls under his hand, Blue tries to knee him, but it’s blocked, Yellow tries to kick, but missed, then Blue kicks, it’s blocked, and he’s sparkily slashed aside as a result. As Blue rolls off, Yellow grabs Grumble’s arms in a lock, until the monster breaks free and sparkily slashes her away. He then targets Blue, who’s slowly trying to get back up.
645Grumble Bee gestures arms a lot as he talks, while Blue manages to get himself up into a defensive crouch.
646Close on Grumble Bee as he vomits a yellow liquid from his mouth in twin streams.
649Yellow reaches out and rushes over to Blue’s side, helping him up as he remains pinned under a pile of smoking silly string, while Grumble Bee laughs nearby.
652Close on Grumble Bee, excitedly pressing forth, when he’s suddenly kicked back by Black & Red’s legs.
654Zoom out as Grumble Bee summons a horde of six Putty Patrollers, who rush in and scramble back and forth.
656Zoom in on Grumble Bee as the Putties charge into and past the camera.
673Zoom out as Grumble Bee yaks, while four Rangers appear and face him.
675Close on Grumble Bee covering eyes with hands then raising them.
676Grumble Bee fires off yellow sonic waves of energy at four Rangers, striking them as they grasp their helmets, until a series of explosions knock them off their feet.
679Close on Grumble Bee, motioning arms as she gets quite a chuckle at the team’s predicament.
681Grumble Bee talks, stepping forward, then stepping back, and doing arm gestures, seeming a little nervous.
684Grumble Bee staggers back as he’s engulfed by the sticky white spray, coating him from head to toe in foam.
686Close on Grumble Bee, covered in, not just foam, but also a blue goo, agonized.
690Downward on blue-coated Grumble Bee, staggering back.
692Close on Grumble Bee getting sparkily struck by Power Sword, knocking him back.
693Grumble Bee falls, rolls, blue goo coming off all over the lawn, as he gets back up in a smoking daze.
694Grumble Bee grows gigantic amid fading updraft of smoke.
697Grumble Bee raises arms, then rushes forth, shaking hands to his side during zoom in.
699Megazord punches, Grumble Bee slips away, tries to hit back, but Mega blocks then sparkily hits him in return. The monster stumbles back, Megazord kicks, it’s blocked, Mega punches, Grumble skitters away, they face each other again, and once more, Megazord sparkily punches Grumble Bee.
6100Grumble Bee falls and rolls across the battlefield, then gets up, squats down and thrusts right arm forth.
6101Close-up, side angle, on Grumble Bee’s hand as it fires off white stingers from fingertips.
6103Zoom out as Grumble Bee shivvers and backs up, before jumping.
6104Close on Grumble Bee bringing his feet together and jumping.
6105Grumble Bee leaps up into the air, curls up, then kicks both feet forth during zoom in.
6106Grumble Bee kicks both feet sparkily into Megazord’s chest. Megazord staggers back to our right, chest smoking.
6107Zoom out as Grumble Bee lands.
6108Close on Grumble Bee as he gestures hands to eyes, then out to sides.
6109Grumble Bee fires off yellow sonic waves of energy at Megazord, striking it as it raises its arms, until a series of explosions bursts brightly around it.
6112Grumble Bee walks forth, stopping briefly to pose out hands, before resuming.
6114Close on Grumble Bee as he stops walking and poses menacingly, raising hands up and shaking them about.
6115Megazord POV as the Power Sword approaches Grumble Bee, who backs away, nervously holding out arms.
6117Megazord sparkily slashed Grumble Bee with sword, then does it again as it passes by him.
6118Grumble Bee falls, rolls, and gets back up in a staggering daze.
6119Zoom out as a pinkish energy slash cuts across Grumble Bee, causing him to blue sparkle and yellow pulse ring, before spinning about as pinkish electricity crackles. He falls, a blue flare erupts, and he explodes massively.


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