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Zyu2 Clips Tagged

Episode #Clip #Clip Description
31[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Slight pan down to Jellyfish as he approaches silver metal pole, whipping his tentacle arm about.
33Close upward on Jellyfish, flailing arms while looking up, then leaning down.
38At the center of the Ranger circle, Jellyfish crouches down, then pushes up and out, knocking the team and their weapons away.
310Zoom in on Jellyfish as he walks up, stops, gestures hand to chest, spreads arms up and out, then visibly laughs.
312Close upward on Jellyfish, leaning back and gesturing arms into the air, waving them from side to side, tauntingly.
314[Shooting effect added.] Jellyfish gestures hand to chest, then zoom in as he points hand forth, firing three energy shots from his palm.
318Jellyfish casually strolls forth, as Black & Yellow struggle to get up as much as they can, defensive against his approach.
320[Altered to fit in Viewing Globe.] Jellyfish dances about in place, as four or five Putties make their usual movements scattered around him, all facing an outdoor water fountain in foreground.
321Pan around Jellyfish as he faces the water fountain, when the Rangers rush up in the distance, getting his and the Putties’ attention.
323As the Putties scramble back and forth, Jellyfish points forth, and the Putties dash ahead, zoom in as they do.
332Jellyfish throws his arms about, as Black faces him, and his Ranger teammates regroup in confronting the monster.
333Close on Jellyfish, pointing then spreading arm right and up for a moment, then pointing tentacled-hand forth.
334Jellyfish’s tentacle hand sprays mist at the Rangers, who dive out of the way after a few seconds.
341Jellyfish raises a pink, veiny umbrella, causing the arrow and daggers to bounce off harmlessly.
342Close on arrow & dagger falling into a heap at the feet of the Jellyfish.
344Zoom in as Jellyfish points hand forth and up, firing shots from his palm gun.
346Blue & Black fall onto the pathway, as Red hops in, sees them, then turns to face the laughing Jellyfish.
348Push in POV of Jellyfish dancing in place with his umbrella.
349Close on Red coming up to the screen and raising sword.
350[Teleport warping effects added.] Red is about to slash Jellyfish, when he teleports far behind him. Red stops, looks around, spots him goes to slash him again, and once more, he teleports far behind him. Red turns and thrusts at him, but the monster again teleports, and despite Red being quicker this time, he’s left open for a sparkily umbrella smash.
352The Rangers face Jellyfish, zoom in as he twirls umbrella top at them.
353[Given added faster crossfade twirl in center.] Close-up on Jellyfish’s umbrella top, spinning hypnotically.
354The five Rangers, standing in black background, mist-floored dimension, look around, with Red standing up and stepping forth to do so. The five Rangers suddenly notice Jellyfish’s legs come into the frame, all posing to face him.
355Jellyfish motions out folded-up umbrella, gestures it around in the air, then charges forth with it pointed ahead as shot zooms in.
356Transparent, Jellyfish casually walks through the five Rangers, their attempts to hit him pass right through him. He sparkily strikes Yellow, then Pink, then Red, finally blocking Blue & Black’s double kick and sparkily slashing both down.
359Zoom out as Jellyfish falls in front of the fountain in our dimension, getting up and prancing in place as the Rangers rush up and face him defensively.
362Sharp zoom in as Black slashes Power Axe downward while leaping up above Jellyfish.
363Jellyfish gets sparkily slashed by Axe, knocking him to our left in a zoom in.
364Jellyfish is thrown through the air to our left some more.
365Zoom out as Jellyfish crashes onto the ground in a quarry, getting up and doing his usual movements.
367Jellyfish grows gigantic amid fading updraft of smoke.
369Jellyfish quickly opens umbrella, blocking yellow energy beam, sending it sparking the ground around him.
370Jellyfish keeps hiding behind umbrella, as icy breeze blows in, zoom in as it eventually overwhelms him and knocks him off to the left.
371Jellyfish falls and rolls, getting back up and standing a bit wobbily.
372Jellyfish begins to step forth, when Megazord walks into the foreground, causing the monster to stand back nervously.
373Megazord poses battle ready, then marches forth. Jellyfish rushes up, kicks, it’s blocked, leading to the monster leaning down and sparkily striking Megazord with his sharp head. They let off each other for a second, then Jellyfish dashes past, trying to tentacle swipe, but misses, Megazord kicks, it’s blocked. Jellyfish rushes past, sparkily slashing Megazord with his tentacles.
375Close on Jellyfish, blocking Megazord’s fist, only to have its other fist suddenly swing in and sparkily punches.
377Close on Jellyfish getting sparkily punched in whatever passes for a face, staggering back and preparing arms.
379[Teleport warp effect added.] Megazord tries to punch Jellyfish, but he teleports off behind it. Megazord turns, rushes at the taunting monster, and he teleports off to the middle of the screen. Megazord turns and charges at Jelly, but again, he teleports behind it, prompting the Megazord to try again, this time getting sparkily struck by the monster, causing it to stagger aside.
381Jellyfish spreads arms out, then rushes forth swinging tentacles like a whip, as shot zooms in.
383Megazord stabs sword into Jellyfish, who snags the blade between both hands, keeping it from striking him. So the Megazord guides Jellyfish around to the other side, then using the sword as leverage, lifts him up.
384Megazord flips Jellyfish completely over with a little help from the sword, which he finally releases.
385Jellyfish falls and rolls a whole lot, then wobbily stands, tilted to his right the whole time, dazed.
386Pink diagonal energy slash cuts through Jellyfish, causing him to blue sparkle and yellow pulse ring, before spinning about as pinkish electricity crackles.
387Continued from a farther point, Jellyfish spins while crackling with pink energy, finally falling and after a blue flare, he bursts into a massive explosion as Megazord’s leg and sword remain still and poised, just barely in frame.


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All footage ©1993-2019 Power Rangers LLC or Saban Capital Group or Toei, ltd., et. al.

Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).