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43Side angle on Yellow, as holds out fist, lowering it when noticing Mantis stepping out of the shadows to her right.
45Mantis talks, motioning right foreleg-arm while doing so, then doing the same with his left, finally spreading both out in a pose.
47Mantis sees this, and thusly reaches right raportial arm around nearby tree.
48Close up of the thin tree trunk getting sparkily slashed in half by Mantis, causing the top half to fall.
410Mantis readies raptorial arms then rushes forth through the downed tree.
411Yellow dives and rolls under Mantis’s arm, turns and spins kicks arm away but then flips over it when the arm slashes at her. Yellow spins away from another slash, then ducks and rolls when Mantis sparkily slashes into another tree, before turning and sparkly slashing into Yellow, knocking her away.
413Sharp zoom in on Mantis, motioning arms up and down.
415[Teleportation effect added.] Close on Mantis, who then leaps up, teleports to the near distance our right, poses, then jumps and teleports across the grassy field to the left, poses, then jumps and teleports to the far center, poses, then jumps and teleports away.
417In quarry, Yellow Ranger faces Mantis, who’s off in the distance. Slowly, both in a fighting stance, each switches a few steps to their left, remaining focused on one another.
418Reverse angle, over Mantis’ left shoulder, as Yellow in distance points, gestures to chest, spreads arms, then resumes posing. Both then take a wide step to their left.
419Mantis throws arms up, then charges forth during zoom in.
421Close on Mantis’ feet as they race across the quarry.
423Zoom in as Mantis and Yellow race at one another, the Ranger cyclone kicking the monster, who ducks. She then dives and handsprings over away from Mantis’ attempt to strike, only to get kicked by him. Mantis then swipes at her, she dives and rolls, gets into a crouch, and both pose at each other.
424Close on Mantis, crossing arms in quarry, then walks forth with a slash of the right arm.
425Mantis slashes Yellow sparkily in the chest, then tries to kick into her, but she dives and rolls, getting up and cyclone kicking his arm away, dodging another strike, but getting sparkily slashed by the other arm in return. Yellow spins back around, and finds Mantis charging with both arms grabbing at her from each side, barely grabbing them and holding their sharp edges back away from her.
427Mantis raises arms, then crosses them while pushing into the screen.
429Just as Mantis brings arms together, Yellow flips onto them.
430Close-up of Yellow’s feet landing atop Mantis’ crossed arms.
431With her knees almost in his face, Mantis is flabbergasted upon seeing Yellow standing atop his crossed blade-arms, unable to break free.
432Yellow does the mantis-style hand gestures, and scratch-smacks the heck out of Mantis’ face.
433Close-up of Yellow’s feet as she flips up off Mantis’ crossed arms.
434Yellow kicks Mantis’ face as she backflips off his arms.
435Second take, on Yellow kicking Mantis’ face as she backflips off his arms.
436Third different take, as Yellow kicks Mantis’ face as she backflips off his arms.
437Zoom out from Yellow as she lands and poses, while Mantis falls onto his back, then gets back up.
438Mantis rises up, then spreads out arms.
439Five Putties rush up behind and flip over Mantis’ outstretched arms.
445Close on Mantis, waving arms up and down while laughing.
447Close on Mantis, motioning right arm forth, then spreading both out and up.
450Yellow jumps past Mantis, kicking down into his shoulder as she passes, causing him to turn in a daze.
451Zoom out as Yellow lands in a crouch, Mantis comes close, so she spins around and kicks behind his knee, he spins, so she kicks behind his other knee.
452Close-up of Mantis’ gut as Yellow rapidly strikes it with her mantis-style gestured hands.
453Zoom out from Power Dagger as Yellow prepares it, then uncrouches as she strikes the Mantis’ way.
454Zoom out as Yellow leaps up, sparkily slashes Mantis with Power Dagger, then spins around and poses as he falls and rolls.
456Close on Mantis as he suddenly jerks back to face our right.
458Mantis swats the arrow out of the air with left arm.
460Mantis sparkily slashes through Pink’s chest as she flips over him.
462Mantis ducks under Red’s kick, blocks Black’s kick before sparkily slashing him off, turns, blocks Blue’s kick then sparkily slashes him off, then smacks Red’s kicking leg away.
463Closer as Mantis blocks Red’s punch, then sparkily slashes him down, causing the Ranger to roll away.
464Mantis grows gigantic amid fading updraft of smoke.
466As dust blows in near his feet, Mantis stands poised, motioning arms up, then down, menacingly.
467Facing each other across the battlefield, Mantis and Megazord stand frozen, as dust blows past them, from our right to left.
468Zoom out from Mantis’ feet as he slowly moves to our right, one leg over the other, arms up, while the Megazord looms in the foreground in place.
469Reverse angle, as Mantis poses in place, while Megazord steps forth, gets in a battle ready stance, and the dust blows in.
470Close on Mantis’ feet, as he finally scrapes right foot across the dirt in a half circle, before bringing his feet together and leaping.
471Mantis leaps up into the sky, gets poised and slashes right arm forth.
472Mantis lands both sharp arms into Megazord’s chest sparkily, then clenching arms around Mega’s sides, only to have it defend with its own arms, locking the pair. After a shift to the side, they break off. Mantis then kicks, its blocked, Megazord dodges the monster’s next hit, until he twists around and sparkily slashes it away.
475Mantis rushes up, he and Megazord lock arm & sword, before breaking off, turning around, they clash weapon to arm again, before Mantis sparkily slashes Megazord in the chest. During all this, the camera is tracking around to the left. Mantis raises both arms and slices downward, prompting Megazord to lift the sword horizontally to block. They struggle, shift positions, and finally break off, just so the monster can sparkily slash the Megazord in the chest again.
476Close on Mantis, readying arms up, then leaping with them poised.
477Mantis lands both arms downward into Megazord’s horizontally held sword, until it uses the leverage to toss him away.
478Megazord flips Mantis completely over.
479Zoom out as Mantis falls, rolls, and gets back up in a daze.
481Megazord sparkily slashes into Mantis, then does it again as it passes by him, before turning and stopping, facing us.
482Close on Mantis, as he nervously says his prayers.
483Zoom out as a pinkish energy slash cuts across Mantis, causing him to blue sparkle and yellow pulse ring, before spinning about as pinkish electricity crackles. He falls, a blue flare erupts, and he explodes massively.


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All footage ©1993-2018 Power Rangers LLC or Saban Capital Group or Toei, ltd., et. al.

Footage identification and some clip descriptions courtesy of SirStack’s Morphylogeny (off-site link).